A Beginners guide to the Crossbow

A beginners guide to Crossbow– Tutorial, The Bow of a Crossbow is much shorter than a bow, the draw weight is a lot higher to achieve the same projectile force, of a bow.

There are three types of a crossbow, the primary difference of the draw weight. The first difference of the crossbow is a lighter draw weight crossbow, are fitted with a stirrup at the stock.

To cock your crossbow, by placing your foot in the stirrup, while hooking the draw cord from the belt to the bow string, straighten your leg, pulls the string back to catch. The Second Difference is Variety has a higher draw weight, meaning you will be required to use a lever to generate sufficient force to the draw back string.

The Third Difference is the variety uses a crank pulley system to draw the string back to cock it into position. Now we are going to talk about the modern uses for the crossbow.

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Hunting With The Crossbow

The Modern use for the crossbow is used for target shooting  and Big game Hunting. Hunting with the Crossbow is regulated by applicable state law. Before hitting the field check with your local state fish and wildlife department for all the information based on crossbow equipment and requirements.

Including the types of a crossbow, to the draw weight and type of bolt, they are only to be used to hunt specific game animals. And, of course, the rules to seasonal regulations. Using the crossbow or any bow for that matter, please take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of everyone around when you are out on a field. Have fun, Play safe.


Here In this tutorial video explains the basic information about the crossbow, the difference between a crossbow and recurve. And If you are a beginner looking to buy a crossbow and would like to find out how to use a Crossbow. In this video, he talks about the basic methods for cocking your Crossbow and also explains the modern rifle Crossbow works.

Like: The site, prod, trigger, talks about how the safety works and explains the difference between the carbon arrow, aluminum bolt arrow.   Very informative for beginners

 Crossbow Basics

All depending on how much money you want to spend, a Crossbow can range between $300 to over $2,000. When choosing your Crossbow you need to factor in noise difference in a less expensive crossbow vs a more expensive one. The more you spend the quieter and faster the crossbow will be. But before purchasing your bow, If you’re new to the sport, you may want to read how to get started in bowhunting basics for beginners before going further.

Now I am not saying go out and buy the most expensive one. Don’t let the Excalibur fool you it may look smaller but it sure packs a punch.

The “recurve hunting bow ”  vs  “compound bow” has fancier features like the  scope, adjustable stalk, also some have a red dot scope. You need to factor in your height, If you are shorter you may want to look at a smaller bow. Like the recurve, the recurve is a little bit noisier but the arrow speeds produce around 285 FPS, 150 pounds of pull, with a short light draw, you can find out more on Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow Review here.

One of the good things about the recurves you can change string in the field vs the compound you will need to go to a pro shop to have it changed. Another good thing about the recurve is less moving parts & the Excalibur recurve crossbow can never go out of tune like the compound crossbow with wheels and pulleys, leaving them always accurate.

 Making the best crossbow purchasing decision

Many prospective customers initially ask for “compound” crossbows, thinking that these are the newest, most technologically advanced and fastest bows. You, as an informed buyer, should consider what are the important factors. EXCALIBUR crossbows already meet the high standards required by shooters seeking a crossbow that is fast, reliable, easy to use and, most importantly, accurate.

Apart from price, after sales service and quality, what are some of the factors that you should think about?
•unlike a “vertical bow” you don’t need the let-off to span the crossbow. The crossbow is spanned by using both arms and the back in a short, sharp action. If this is a problem then there are aids available to make the job easy
•with a compound bow, the peak weight is reached half way through the power stroke when the back is bent
•unlike a “vertical bow”, once spanned, the hands and fingers do not have to hold back the string – the trigger does
•compound limbs are comparatively heavy, less reliable due to their higher complexity, noisier and slower than the rugged technologically advanced paddle-shaped EXCALIBUR recurve limbs
•if you break a steel cable you may be injured
•you cannot easily change a broken cable in the field and that could be the end of your day’s shooting. A recurve string can be changed easily in the field
•a compound system often masks a heavy trigger
•if a simpler recurve system delivers a faster arrow, then why bother with a compound?

The only advantage offered by a compound crossbow system is that there is less force acting on the trigger sears. EXCALIBUR has overcome this by superior trigger design. These triggers do not fail and are warranted for 5 years. [We can honestly say that Ausbow Industries has not needed to touch any triggers on any of the EXCALIBUR crossbows that we have sold].

The discerning customer should be informed that the EXCALIBUR trigger actuation force is 3 lb. maximum – some others can be up to 9 lb.

Simplicity, performance and reliability are the design watchwords at EXCALIBUR. – You don’t need wheels to fly!
So please don’t be conned by the compound marketing hype. Without any doubt the EXCALIBUR sporting crossbow is the best value for money, the high performing, most reliable and most accurate, no-nonsense crossbow available.
Whatever crossbow choice you make, please be a responsible crossbow shooter and good shooting!

Source: Ausbow Industries

 Here is a crossbow examination video


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Whatever crossbow you choose to buy, please be a responsible and play nice!

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