Allen Company Archery Arm Guard Review

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When you’re learning how to shoot a bow or if you’re teaching your children how to use one properly, there’s one piece of protective equipment you need to have, an armguard. The Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is a reliable option as it’s specifically designed to protect the lower arm from injuries as a result of improperly using a bowstring and any other stress injuries that could occur from consistently working the same muscles and tendons. There are plenty of benefits to using an armguard, and the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is a first-rate product to keep your eyes on.

Allen Company Archery Arm Guard

The main purpose of the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is to give you the peace of mind you need when your children are refining their archery skills. There’s nothing more painful and frustrating than overexerting your wrists or accidentally getting snapped with a bowstring when you’re first learning how to shoot. However, these injuries can easily be avoided when you have access to the right protective equipment.

For many children, the idea of learning a new skill that could injure them can take away from the overall experience and distract them every time they are set to release their arrows or crossbolts. Though with the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard, they’ll be able to focus entirely on their progress rather than being distracted by accidental injuries.

Who is this Product for?

The Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is specifically sized for youth archers and hunters; however, if you have smaller wrists and hands that are equivalent to the size of children under the age of 13, you’ll also be able to benefit from this specific armguard.

An armguard can be directly compared to wrist guards or helmets that you would wear while biking or rollerblading, as it’s personal protective equipment that not only prevents you from getting injured but also having any mental blocks after being injured. If you find that your children are a little hesitant about using their crossbows because they’re afraid of getting hurt, the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is a great solution to have at your disposal.

You may also find that a protective arm guard is required for your child to participate in outside classes or extracurricular activities that revolve around archery. The vast majority of instructors do not want to be liable in the event of an injury, and as such, you’ll be required to purchase an armguard if you want to sign your kids up for an extracurricular archery class.

What’s Included?

Due to the fact that the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard isn’t part of an entire package and is a single piece of protective equipment when you place your order all you’ll be buying is the arm guard itself. However, there aren’t any other accessories that you will need as the arm guard is designed to give your kids all of the protection they need.

Overview of Features

Although an armguard certainly does everything it’s advertised to do, there are a few unique features of the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard, including:

  • Adjustable straps: It’s important to remember that not every child has the same sized wrists and hands; therefore, this arm guard is entirely adjustable with the use of two buckled straps. The adjustments can be made just as you would adjust the straps on a backpack, making it a simple task for your children to do on their own or with help.
  • Single-hand adjustments: As mentioned, the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is easy to adjust, especially as it’s specifically designed to be easily adjustable with one hand.
  • Ergonomic design: Once your child puts the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard on for the first time, they’ll start to feel the padded material form to the shape of their arm, which is the ergonomic design doing what it’s supposed to. In an effort to make it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, it conforms to your specific body shape.
  • Cooling mesh back: To help add to the breathability of the arm guard, the mesh backing allows for a little bit of air circulation, so the device doesn’t slip and slide around on your arm as you practice.
  • Soft and wide elastic straps: The buckled straps that touch the skin are very soft and filled with elastic, which helps to eliminate pinching and any discomfort from regular wear.

Tutorial on How to Use the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard

As the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is designed to be simple to use, the process of adjusting and wearing the device is relatively simple with the help of these quick steps.

  • Step 1: Slide the user’s arm into the guard with the padding facing inwards and the buckles on the outside of the arm.
  • Step 2: By using one hand, pull on the top buckle first to either tighten or loosen for optimal comfort and then move onto the bottom buckle for adjustments. Ideally, you’re going to want the arm guard to fit tightly on the arm but not too tight to where your circulation is going to be cut off.
  • Step 3: Move your arm around to ensure the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard isn’t sliding, if it feels too tight then loosen both buckles and vice versa if it slides on the arm.


You can surely guarantee that there are several different types of arm guards on the market, especially as they’re the most popular type of protection equipment for archers and hunters alike. The Bohning Archery Slip-On Arm Guard is a great comparative product to the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard as it offers the same protection but in a different way.

  • Slip-on design: Instead of having to deal with adjustable buckles, the Bohning Archery Slip-On Arm Guard is designed to slide onto your arm over your hand and will automatically compress to the ideal shape.

Aside from that single difference, both products offer the same protection; however, the Bohning Archery guard might be slightly more comfortable for younger children as they won’t have to worry about uncomfortable buckles.

Final Thoughts

For parents and beginner archers that are searching for protective equipment to keep them safe while working with bows, the Allen Company Archery Arm Guard is a top-notch item to take into consideration. With easily adjustable straps, comfortable ergonomic padding, and more than enough protection, you’ll be able to guarantee you won’t get injured from your bowstrings, even with if you’re picking up a bow for the first time.


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