Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package, large, Camo is ideal for a smaller framed or beginners. The Barnett’s features are like other popular bows and speed up to 330 fps of kinetic energy.

Raptor RX is built to hunt and ready for any big game. Raptor FX has an adjustable cheek piece and butt stock to ensure the shooter can grow into the bow making adjustments as he or she grows. As always safety is a priority also remember to keep your fingers down low.

The Raptor is perfect crossbow for the beginning hunter. Raptor FX features are similar to other premium Barnett bows, with a 5-1 system and trigger system.

Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow

Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow

Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package, Large, Camo is lightweight, well balanced and amazing to shoot. Some customers have mentioned that the scope is not the best, but it’s adequate. Also some customers have chosen to replace the scope with a UTG 4×32 Illuminated Multi scope but it’s not necessary. Depending on your own personal choice, if you do decide to purchase the UTG 4×32 Scope you can find it on

The Barnett Raptor FX is very affordable

Making this a great investment for beginners who is just getting started. Raptor FX is an amazing crossbow, high quality built with an affordable price tag. Whether you are a pro or a beginner you will enjoy shooting the Raptor FX during hunting season Or range.

Note: The Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package with Dot Sight, Large, Camo is also available with Red Dot.


Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow Package, Includes:

  • 4×32 Multi-Rectile Scope
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • 3 Arrow Quiver
  • 3 20″ Headhunter Arrows


If you have any question or comments on the Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow Package Or if you have an experience with it you’d like to share, we’d love to hear all about it below. 


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