Crossbows are fun to use, they are also powerful, fast and can be accurate if you are experienced and have the right bolts. The Best bolts for Armadyl crossbows are not hard to find. They will provide you with a more accurate shot whether you are doing target practice or when hunting.

It is quite easy to find the right bolts for your armadyl crossbow – just check with the manufacturer and they can guide you. If you don’t have your product guide with you anymore you can simply call in the manufacturer.

It is better to take the time and get the recommended bolts than to purchase the wrong bolts and then damage your crossbow and void your warranty.

How to Choose the Best Bolts For Armadyl Crossbow

You may hear that picking crossbow bolts for your bow is hard, but this is not so. You always want to choose a bolt that is compatible with your crossbow – compatibility is the key to ensuring that your bows work well and are the best for an Armadyl crossbow.

To figure out which bolt is right for your crossbow you have to look at the draw weight of the weapon along with its brand and the power stroke. The manufacturer will also give an indication of what type of arrow should be used with their crossbows.

When you use an arrow that is not compatible with your crossbow you run the risk of damaging the bow or even lose an arrow. So you want to first look at the manufacturer’s recommendations before you choose information from anywhere else.

When it comes to the materials that make arrows, you will find either carbon arrows or aluminum arrows. Carbon arrows will be the more durable option no matter what the brand or length.

What to Look For In a Good Bolt for Armadyl Crossbow

Finding the best bolts doesn’t have to be hard if you know what you are looking for. What you should choose will depend on a number of variables such as your broad head and your level of hunting expertise.

You want to ensure that your broad heads and your field points are the same weight. These should be the same weight as the heads that came with your crossbow at the time of purchase. It is ok to use heavier ones but never ok to use ones that are lighter as they can lead to dry firing and can be dangerous to your health and cause your crossbow to malfunction. This will also void your warranty!

When you purchase your cross bow you will find bolts in most of them. These tend to have field points designed for target practice so you will have to purchase broad heads for hunting separately. Bear in mind that using heavier arrows though is safe will still have some negative effects.

Heavier arrows will reduce the velocity of your crossbow. Check out the below bolts for armadyl crossbows, we have included three of the best bolts for armadyl crossbow.

ANTSIR 20″ Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow Crossbow Bolts Review

These crossbow bolts from ANTSIR are a great choice for your armadyl crossbow. These bows are made from carbon so they are extremely durable and accurate. Their shafts are made with thick composite carbon.

The arrow nock has a half-moon shape which helps to provide maximum penetration, durability and accuracy. These are ideal for both practice and actual hunting and the set includes 4 inch vanes.

The vanes feature aluminum inserts for screwing in your arrow tips and the set comes with 12 arrows which can be matched with a 125 grain broad head. You will find these affordable crossbow bolts to be a good purchase if they meet the specifications of your crossbow.

M.A.K® Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow 20″ Crossbow Bolts Reviews

These crossbow bolts from M.A.K are made with an all carbon shaft and a half moon shaped arrow nock. There are 4 vanes and the crossbow is useful for both archery and hunting. The tips are removable so that you can take them off and place other precision blade tips on if you so wish.

The arrows feature an aluminum insert where you will screw in the arrow tips and this set includes a total of 12 arrows. The arrows have a 125 grain broad head and have a 20 inch shaft. The items in this package are affordably priced while they function like any high end bolts and that is why they have been nominated as one of the best bolts for armadyl crossbow.

Viare Carbon Crossbow Bolt Review

You will find the Viare carbon crossbow available in packs of varying sizes. These arrow sets are affordable and they are highly rated.

The arrows feature 125 grain broad head matched with 13.78 grains per inch on the arrows. They offer the highest level of penetration and accuracy. They are made with strong yet lightweight carbon shafts to provide the best bolts for armadyl crossbow.

The shafts also feature improved wall thickness to add to the arrow’s durability. The tips are removable so you can attach broad heads to them.

The set comes with 4 inch standard vanes as well as moon shaped nocks. They come with great reviews so you can tell that these are indeed high quality crossbows that are defnatley worth it as they provide extreme value for money.


It is not hard to find the best bolts for armadyl crossbow for your needs. If you have the first set of arrows that came with your crossbows then you can use those as a guide. Your crossbow manufacturer will provide you with recommendations that are suitable for your specific crossbow.

You will do well to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as not doing this will void your warranty. Choose any of the above crossbow sets when looking to find the best bolts for armadyl crossbow.

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