Best Bow Sights to Help You Achieve the Perfect Shot

Best Bow Sights to Help You Achieve the Perfect Shot

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Shooting a bow is easy. However, making sure that it hits the target is a different story. For this, many hunters rely on the best bow sight. A bow sight is a tool mounted on the bow riser that helps you aim better at your target. It provides the hunter an accurate view of the area where the projectile is directing.

As hunting and archery become leisure activities of more and more people, different bow sights have been made available to the public. Among the hundreds of choices out there, finding a good one can be daunting, hence this review.

In here, we aim to introduce to you three of the best-selling bow sights on the market today in hopes that you will find the one that suits your needs and preferences the most.

Best Bow Sight Reviews

Each bow sight has its own features, advantages, and minor drawbacks. Read on further to know which one suits your shooting style.

Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight

Made of 6061-T6 aluminum material and CNC machine process, the Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight is one of the most preferred bow sights today. This technology is definitely worth its affordable price, and this is one of the most useful gadgets you will have.

Initially, we thought that it is best suited for experienced hunters, but its features and ease of use make it suitable for beginner crossbow shooters too.

Key Features

The Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight contains markings to help shooters assess and adjust elevation and windage. It is very easy to use and is designed for both right- and left-handed individuals.

Making adjustments is pretty straightforward too—you loosen it, move it, and tighten it again to lock it in place. The scales are very small, requiring you to make minor yet accurate adjustments to achieve your desired setting.

The colors of Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight are fun and entertaining. It comes in three designs: solid black, forest camo, and pink camo. For its inexpensive budget and user-friendliness, this bow sight is best for beginners. However, because of its fiber optic sight and high-quality material construction, it is also preferred by experienced shooters.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to adjust
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced shooters
  • Made of aluminum and brass materials
  • Scales for windage and elevation
  • Good quality sight

Minor Drawback:

  • Markings are too small


The Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight has markings that guide you in assessing and making adjustments. However, these markings or scales are too small, so you need to make small, accurate movements. It is just a minor drawback among its many features and advantages.

It comes in colors to choose from, but more than that, it can be easily used by both experienced shooters and beginners as well as left-handed and right-hand shooters. Because of these affordability and invaluable qualities, Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight is definitely worth your every penny.


Trophy Ridge React-One 1-Pin Bow Sight

The price says it all: Trophy Ridge React-One 1-Pin Bow Sight is one of the expensive, top-selling bow sights out there. The cost is worth it because it has an all-metal construction that is compatible with many types of bows and lenses. Know more about its features, advantages, and minor flaws below.

Key Features

One of the features of Trophy Ridge React-One 1-Pin Bow Sight is its availability in two styles: left-hand and right-hand. So, there’s no problem with hand compatibility whether you are a leftie or right-handed shooter.

Its pin comes in two sizes: 0.010 and 0.019. It can fit many modern types of bows and standard lenses that can be purchased in the stores as well.

Made in all-metal construction, the Trophy Ridge React-One 1-Pin Bow Sight provides accurate and smooth sight and has a very durable quality that can withstand the test of time. It is made with precise mechanics and trajectory formula that aid in hitting the target at maximum possibility.


  • Left-hand and right-hand compatibility
  • Comes with two pin sizes
  • Fits modern bows and lenses
  • Accurate sight
  • Durable

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Expensive
  • Does not come with a lens


With its hard-wearing construction and accurate sight, this Trophy Ridge React-One 1-Pin Bow Sight is worth the price. It is easy to adjust and comfortable for either left-handed or right-handed shooters.


Field Logic IQ Pro XT Bow Sight

If you are looking for another alternative that has both left-hand and right-hand compatibility, this Field Logic IQ Pro XT Bow Sight is a great choice. Compared to the other two bow sights, though, this one offers a lot more features and advantages, making it one of our favorites.

Key Features

One key feature and the best thing about this bow sight is its Retina Lock Technology, which delivers immediate results in determining the smallest change in torque or anchor point. This technology also allows you to shoot at distant targets.

In addition to that, you can also make quick, easy, and accurate adjustments because of its micro-adjust knob. This is a locking device that secures your elevation and windage in place.

Another key feature of the Field Logic IQ Pro XT Bow Sight is the dual position mount, which lets you mount the sight of your personal shooting style. For left-handed shooters, seven 0.019 fiber optic pins are available. The weight of this bow sight is 7.4 ounces, allowing you to shoot comfortably without feeling too much gravitational pressure.


  • Keeps adjustments in place
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Left-hand and right-hand compatibility
  • Comes in 2 pin sizes
  • Clear optic lighting

Minor Drawbacks:

  • Expensive
  • No provision for magnifier lens


With its intelligent technology and quick feedback on slightest adjustments, plus the freedom to mount in two positions, the Field Logic IQ Pro XT Bow Sight is definitely worth the price.


The Verdict

We have presented you the three of the best bow sights that are taking over the hunting industry today, but which one best suits your shooting style and performance?

Most hunters will find that Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight offers the best sight and construction in an affordable price. It is best compatible for beginners because it offers easy adjustments with small markings for elevation and windage.

However, the two other bow sights are also worth considering because they are made of better technology, accurate mechanics, and trajectory formula. Each technology aids in better and easier shooting accuracy. Both are great investments, but if budget is your main concern and you want an easy-to-use bow sight, the Topoint Archery LLC 3 Pin Bow Sight is your best bet.

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