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Best Crossbow Bolts of 2020: Top Five Picks

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Here you are, you just got a crossbow, and you need to get the bolts that are meant to shoot with. Or, perhaps, you are an experienced crossbow user, but you ran out of bolts and now you need a new set.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the bolts you will need to use your crossbow. We have five different options to allow you to select the perfect ones for you.

Without further delay, let us jump in and see what is available on the crossbow bolt market so you can make your final decision.

Best Crossbow Bolt Reviews

20-Inch Crossbow Bolts from Reegox

With this purchase, you get 12 bolts in the pack that are affordable for everyone and are great for entry-level use or those who want some low-priced practice bolts.


These crossbow bolts are made from decent materials that give them a nice, high level of durability for prolonged use. They are not too heavy and you can achieve a good distance when using these bolts for target practice. These crossbow bolts from Reegox are ideal for the entry-level and complete beginner crossbow users. They are perfect for a great learning experience.

At an affordable price, these bolts are a viable entry-level option that will be in reach of most people. Because of this, more people will be able to start practicing and improving their crossbow shooting skills. That will mean that, because of the affordable Reegox crossbow bolts, more people can learn crossbow shooting at their own pace.

The tips that come with these Crossbow bolts are strong and very durable to handle shooting time after time. These points are great for an increase in the accuracy of the crossbow bolt and for much better target practice. Take these bolts to the shooting range and start practicing your crossbow hunting skills.

A moon nock is included with these crossbow arrows to ensure greater stability for your target shooting at all times. This will also help to make your target practicing sessions a much safer and enjoyable experience every time. Just remember to make sure that your crossbow is compatible with moon nock bolts for safe shooting.

Though great for target practice and very suitable for the entry-level crossbow hunter, they are not suitable for hunting deer. You may use them on very small animals with thin skin and coats.

Another drawback of these crossbow bolts is that they may be too flexible to use when you go hunting. This may influence your accuracy, as well as the penetration ability of the crossbow bolt in a real-life hunting environment.


  • check
    Durable and sturdy for long-term use
  • Low price tag that most can afford
  • Decently strong tips
  • Great for target practice


  • Not suitable for hunting
  • Very flexible

Piledriver 4-Inch Vane Crossbow Bolt from Carbon Express

With the Carbon Express crossbow bolts, you get high-quality and great consistency in every packet of bolts for a better experience.


For those crossbow shooters who want to shoot better and improve their precision and accuracy, this is the bolt to use. While it is thoroughly sorted for a much higher degree of straightness, it allows for a much higher consistency rate. This is possible because they are sorted at a straightness of up to 0.004 inches for repeated performance.

They are manufactured with a high penetration ability for those crossbow hunters who go for heavy game hunting. With these bolts, you have the option to choose the best points for many different hunting applications. This adds to this product's versatility. These bolts are ideal for the advanced hunter who wants the real-life experience of getting the perfect kill.

With these crossbow bolts, you get a set of moon nocks installed in the bolts, as well as a set of flat nocks. This will allow you to use these crossbow bolts on many different types of bows when out on the hunt. This extra set of nocks allows for much greater flexibility in your selection of bows without any extra cost.

These bolts are specially designed for the hunter who wants to achieve high penetration with the bolt. The heavier bolts allow for a much higher kinetic gain to achieve that high penetration power on impact. This will also help give you a strong knock-down power on smaller game, and it will slow down larger game if wounded.

Unfortunately, there are no tips included when you buy these crossbow bolts, and that will cost you extra money. This may seem like a small thing, but it may just hold you back in finding the right tips for the bolts.

For the beginner, as well as the experienced crossbow user, it is always good to have a set of practice bolts. With this purchase, you only get 6 bolts, which will cause you to use the same bolts to practice and hunt with.


  • check
    Reasonably high precision
  • High penetration bolts
  • 6 flat nocks are included
  • Made for high durability


  • No tips are included with the package
  • Only 6 in the pack

GPP 20 Inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts

The GPP carbon crossbow bolts are of great quality and come from a line of strong and high-quality crossbow bolts.


For beginners and even those with more experience with the crossbow, these bolts are great for target practice on a regular basis. These 20-inch crossbow bolts will take the punch of target shooting in stride without fail time after time. The field tips included with these bolts makes them ready to be used on the target range without any extra cost.

With these crossbow bolts, you have 4-inch vanes included to support your target accuracy and increase stability and consistency. The long vanes will allow for better error correction while in flight to help stabilize the bolt. The long vanes will also help when you go hunting to correct your shooting in less favorable environments.

These bolts are strong and durable and able to last quite a long time. They are made from lightweight, strong, high-quality carbon, so the bolts will last and stay accurate for much longer. If you can keep your target practice going for longer, it will improve your shooting skills. This is what is provided with these bolts.

It is always better to buy your crossbow bolts in higher quantities, such as a 12 pack. When buying the GPP crossbow bolts, you get 12 included. This way, you can use half for practice and the other half can be kept for when you are hunting, securing a better bolt consistency.

You only get a set of moon nocks included with this set of crossbow bolts and no universal flat nocks. This means that you will have to make sure your crossbow is compatible with moon nocks and determine whether or not you need flat nocks.

The field tips included with this set of crossbow bolts are great but can only be used for target practice purposes. If you want to hunt larger game, you will need to go get an extra set of broad tips.


  • check
    Great for target practice
  • 4-inch vanes included
  • Strong and durable for strong users
  • 12 bolts included with the package


  • Only one set of moon nocks
  • Only field tips included in the package

20-Inch Crossbow Bolts from Jocoo

These 20-inch crossbow bolts are great for target practice as well as for hunting, and you get strong steel tips included.


With the purchase of these crossbow bolts, you get 12 bolts included to make your crossbow hunting much easier. With the 12 pack, you can split the pack in half and use one set for practicing and the other set for hunting.

These crossbow bolts are great for target practice and will help keep your shooting straight and on-target every time. They are also suitable for hunting all types of game if you add broadhead tips to the bolts. The 4-inch vanes installed in these crossbow bolts will help correct most errors when practicing or hunting.

As mentioned before, these crossbow tips are great for target practice, and you get the steel tips included. These steel tips are great for small animal hunting and are durable to take a punch for a very long time. It will also improve your accuracy on the shooting range, as well as when you are out hunting small game.

These crossbow bolts from Jocoo are made quite durable and will last through a very long time of target shooting abuse. They are constructed from a mixture of high-quality carbon materials to make them strong and durable with longevity in mind. That is the reason you get a 12-month warranty included with these bolts to support the claim of high-quality bolts.

However, they made the decision of only giving you the moon nocks with the bolts. This means that you can not use these bolts on all the crossbows that are available on the market.

It also means these bolts are not versatile enough to be used on crossbows that are not compatible with moon nock bolts. They are quite lightweight, which makes them not usable for all types of hunting applications and environments.


  • check
    12 bolts included in the package
  • Great for target practice
  • 12 field tips included
  • Durable and sturdy for many years of use


  • Only moon nocks included

Tiger Archery 20-Inch Hunting Crossbow Bolt

With these crossbow bolts, you get durability as well as great accuracy included in one package of strong crossbow bolts.


These crossbow bolts are pre-loaded with high-quality, nickel-plated stainless steel to make them well-balanced and quite accurate. These tips are great to be used for target practice, and they provide quite a reasonable consistency. They are also very suitable to use for small gaming animal hunting thanks to the tips included.

The crossbow bolts are made from very strong and durable materials that will last for quite a long time to provide great practice times. These carbon fiber crossbow bolts are, in essence, much stronger than other materials that are used for bolts. You get 12 high-quality crossbow bolts included with the purchase.

Medium weight bolts are very versatile in the fact that they share the speed of lighter crossbow bolts. They also have the benefit of heavier bolts when it comes to a high penetration rate. This means these bolts are equally great for hunting larger and smaller game, provided you have the right tips installed.

The 4-inch vanes that are installed with these bolts will provide much greater stability to the bolts while in flight. It will also help to assist in error correction of the bolt before it reaches the target. That makes the bolts great for indoor practice, as well as for outdoor hunting and practice.

Unfortunately, there are only 4 moon nocks included in the package with these great quality crossbow bolts. This will mean that you will have to fork out extra money to obtain more tips for your bolts.

Another negative aspect of this purchase is that you only have the practice tips included with the bolts from Tiger Archery. For hunting purposes, you will need to go get the right heads that are meant for hunting.


  • check
    Loaded with practice tips
  • Strong and durable
  • Medium weight bolts
  • 4-inch vanes installed


  • Only 4 moon nocks included
  • Only practice tips included


As for the best of these bolts, we would have to go with the Carbon Express piledriver bolts, which are the most versatile. With them, you also get an extra set of nocks to help you fit them on many different crossbows.

An excellent alternative will be the affordable Reegox 12-pack crossbow bolts that come at a low price point but still with great quality.

At the end of the day, you need to make your final decision based on your preferences and your budget. This way, you will find exactly what you want and can enjoy using your crossbow with the ideal bolts for you.

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