Best Cross Bow Scope on the Market

Best Crossbow Scopes for a Great Hunting Experience

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Crossbow hunting is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and if you want to get into crossbow hunting or target practice, then you want to start with one of the best crossbow scopes.

Hunting with crossbows is not just all about the crossbow itself but also has a lot to do with the scope you use. If you get a low-quality scope, you will have a bad experience, and your shots will be off. The best scopes are more reliable and will help with your accuracy while you’re out on the field.

There are many different crossbow scopes, and they all have different features and designs. You can find them available in a number of colors, styles, and levels of intensity. Whether you have the best crossbow or a beginner-level model, you should pair it with a top-of-the-line scope.

So, what makes the best scope? Let’s find out together as we will provide you with the basics of choosing a scope as well as introduce you to three scope models.

How to Choose the Best Crossbow Scope

The primary purpose of a scope is to add to the effective range of your crossbow, which means it will make it easier for you to see your target. That definitely becomes advantageous, especially if you’re out hunting.

However, before you go out and purchase a scope, you should check regulations for the area where you intend to hunt since there are still a number of restrictions about the equipment that you can use on your crossbows in some places.

Moving on, the biggest hurdle when looking for the best crossbow scope on the market is that high-end optics are not going to be cheap. Hence, before you start looking at scopes, you must know what your priorities will be.

The best crossbow scope will always be the one that has exceptional magnification. Newer models will have BDC reticles, which provide a specific way of aiming and sighting your target. If you are a long-range hunter, you will want a scope with the BDC reticles.

What to Look for in a Good Crossbow Scope

A good crossbow scope will ensure that you get the best aim and shots. Choosing a scope doesn’t have to be hard once you know what you should be looking for.

That said, you want to consider the following:

1. Range

Find a scope that will improve your range easily as this is advantageous since you will be able to see your target without getting too close. If you are hunting smaller game animals, you can choose a short to mid-range scope. If you do mixed shooting activities, you will want a variable scope, or the one that can be adjusted to meet the different shooting conditions.

2. Size

When you start shopping, you will find scopes in a range of sizes, and they each have different applications. For instance, a variable scope provides variable range, but it tends to be a heavier option.

3. Reticle vs. Red Dot Sight

This factor is a matter of preference. The red dot scope is the one you see in movies, while the reticle model has crosshairs that provide you with a quartered lens view.

4. Mounts

Your scope is useless without a mount. The most common types of mounts are Picatinny rails, weavers, and the Dovetail. Some scopes may have specific mounts which they work with, so you need to consider this as well.

5. Quality of Optics

Do you only hunt in the day or also at night? Multi-coated optics are ideal for low light conditions. You may also want to consider fog proof optics depending on the conditions that you will be shooting in.

6. Magnification

Definitely, you only want the best magnification, so this is one of the highest priorities to consider when choosing a scope.

7. Field of View and Eye Relief

These are also two of the most important things to look into when trying to find the best scope on the market.

Best Crossbow Scopes Reviews

1. UTG 4X32 Crossbow Scope

This crossbow scope is a wide angle-scope with a five-step RGB reticle that comes at an affordable price. It offers a choice of green and red illumination as well as the chance to dial up the brightness as necessary. It is built on a TS platform and has a one-inch tube.

The wide angle view of 50 yards offered by this scope coupled with parallax provides you with the best possible view of your target, while the field of view allows you to trace apparent movement. Also, if you get out of focus, you would know that because the scope will have a weak or erratic sighting.

The scope also comes with a flip-open lens cover, broadband lens coating, rings, zero reset, adjustment knobs, and RGB side wheel illumination.


  • Easy to adjust and sight in
  • Great illumination
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with instructions


  • Requires frequent parallax adjustment
  • Replacement battery is hard to find
  • Focus settings cannot be locked


2. Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

This crossbow offers 3x magnification and has a range of 60 yards. It comes with a BDC 60 reticle which provides you with precise aiming points. This scope offers a clear and crisp sight of your target and is weatherproof and fog proof.

Although there are no illuminated reticles, this scope will transmit up to 92% of available light to provide proper amounts of brightness and contrast. This scope is only ideal though for hunting in normal hours and before dusk.


  • Great illumination and magnification
  • Can be used during rainy season
  • Easy to focus
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Precise adjustments


  • Not suited for low-light or night hunting


3. Sightmark Core SX Scope Review

This is a nice scope that is well made. It features a +/-3 diopter adjustment that provides clear and sharp focusing of the reticle. It has turrets and can be reset to zero when you are done using it. It also comes equipped with red illumination, which makes it easy to use and won’t cause any internal reflections and visual anomalies.

The scope features 11 illumination settings, making it an excellent choice for both daytime and nighttime use. There is also a set screw to adjust the speed ring. The setting also moves quite smoothly when compared to other scopes. Additionally, it is made with nice, clear glass and its light gathering capabilities are quite good.


  • Multiple brightness settings
  • Accurate and precise aim
  • Weatherproof


  • Hard to zero in
  • Problems with clarity when used in low-light conditions



Remember, you need a good scope just as you need a good crossbow that is why you need to ensure that you get a top-quality scope, especially when out on the field. From the three choices above, the UTG model is suited for practice hunting, while the Sightmark model is suited for those who do night hunting activities.

That being said, for us, amongst the three, the best crossbow scope, especially for daylight hunting will be the Nikon model, not just because of the brand itself, but also because of its risk-free purchase offer.

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