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Best Pink Camo Archery Bow Cases: Our Top Picks for Protective Bow Storage

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Matching accessories is something that all kids can take pride in, especially when it comes to their special archery equipment. Having a unique bow paired with eye-catching pink camo archery bow cases is something that every beginner archer dreams of, and with the help of these five products, you’ll be able to give your children equipment they can be proud of.

The following five archery bow cases have plenty of features, benefits, and a few disadvantages that make them all unique and useful in their own ways.

Best Pink Camo Archery Bow Cases: The Options

1. 30-60 Outdoors Girls’ Princess Camo Case

With the perfect combination of exotic camouflage and a brilliant hue of baby pink, the 30-60 Outdoors Girls’ Princess Camo Case surely is a show-stopper. Not only does it look great, it also offers plenty of convenient storage options for everyday use.

Designed for youth and women’s compound bows, you can guarantee that this bag is designed to fit bows up to 34” in length. You won’t have to worry about any excess material that will make it tougher to handle and it’s so compact that it can be stored relatively anywhere in your home.

What also makes the 30-60 Outdoors Girls’ Princess Camo Case so useful is its high-quality padding that is specifically designed to not only protect your bow and arrows but any other smaller components as well. The padding can be found in both the main zipper pocket as well as the second storage compartment on the front of the bag. All in all, you’ll have up to 1810 cubic feet of storage, giving your kids more than enough space for all of their archery equipment.


  • Designed to be lightweight
  • More than enough storage for necessary components
  • Front pocket fits more than a dozen arrows


  • Padding is too thin for rugged protection
  • The softshell case is not waterproof rated


2. PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase

The PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase is another storage solution that doesn’t offer any advanced features that are difficult to use, which makes it another great option for people looking for a simple and ready to use pink camo bow case. Its striking appeal of deep black against bright pink makes it the perfect addition to your archery or hunting gear.

The padding inside of the PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase is exactly what you would expect from a heavy-duty storage solution for expensive equipment. It’s far thicker than other softshell cases on the market, giving you even more peace of mind while transporting your equipment. What also makes the softshell unique is that it’s weather resistant, making it the perfect partner for heading out into the wilderness and getting caught in a rainstorm.

For extra storage, you’ll appreciate the external pocket which nearly spans the entire width of the carrying case itself, giving you access to a convenient place to store even more accessories. It’s also important to note that the front pocket is also weather resistant for added protection.

With the help of the PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase’s double carrying straps and ATV tie-downs, it’s the perfect portable place to safely keep your bow and arrows.


  • Weatherproofing is convenient for outdoor use
  • Large storage pocket holds plenty of arrows
  • The main compartment is large enough for most compound bows


  • Does not have backpack straps
  • Only has one additional storage pocket


3. OMP Compound Bow Case

If you’re in the market for a stylish bow case that looks similar to a traditional overnight bag, the October Mountain Producs Compound Bow Case is the right model for you. It gives you the ability to conveniently transport your bow in high-style while protecting it from harsh outdoor elements.

The entire bag is designed to accommodate different sized bows. However, it’s recommended best for modern ladies and youth bows. You may be able to fit a compact bow in the main storage compartment as long as it falls under 36 inches in length.

The exterior of the OMP Compound Bow Case is constructed from 600-Denier material, making it incredibly durable and rugged. By contrast, the interior is soft and padded for optimal protection. You’ll also prefer the smart heavy-duty zipper pulls in comparison to other zippers, adding even more protection and longevity.


  • Easily fits a compact bow as well as arrows
  • Lightweight yet feels durable
  • Handle length is convenient and comfortable


  • Does not have straps for securing your bow
  • Does not have extra storage pockets


4. Allen Force Compound Bow Case

Allen Company is a top-tier archery brand that offers plenty of unique accessories, including the Allen Force Compound Bow Case. For youth and ladies archers who are looking for a case with a modern pink and purple camo with a sleek black contrast, its appeal is unmatched.

The Allen Force Compound Bow Case is designed for bows that are up to 35” from axle to axle, which makes it the perfect solution for the vast majority of crossbows on the market. You’ll also be able to feel the high-quality dense foam padding that is specifically designed to keep all of your most important equipment safe from fall-damage. Additionally, Endura fabric is used on the exterior of the bag for extra rugged protection and durability.

As an added convenience, the interior lining is 100% snag-resistant, helping to preserve the integrity of the bag over time.


  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Fits all of your equipment easily
  • The bag feels and looks very expensive


  • Does not feature any extra pockets
  • Does not have storage compartments


5. Custom Manufacturing Genesis Hard Bow Case

If you’re not quite interested in softshell pink camo archery bow cases, you’ll love the Custom Manufacturing Genesis Hard Bow Case as it’s a hardshell case that boasts more protection for your expensive archery equipment than the other models on this list.

Not only does it have better protection, but its exterior design has the perfect feminine flair with a unique pink swirl that resembles food coloring being dropped in water. However, the Custom Manufacturing Genesis Hard Bow Case is designed specifically for the Genesis crossbow and to help make it as compact as possible, the case measures in at 14” by 42” by 14”.

To help secure all of your most important gear, the sturdy steel latches ensure that your case won’t accidentally open and you won’t have to worry about broken zippers.


  • Hardshell case protects against fall damage
  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy to carry


  • Measurements are for a specific crossbow
  • Does not feature any additional storage pockets
  • Not as lightweight as softshell cases


Our Final Recommendation

When you start searching for the perfect bow case for your children’s archery equipment or your own personal gear, you want a product that is going to give you everything from high-end protection to convenient storage. Compared to the other bags on this list, the PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase is the best option as it not only offers additional storage but ample protection as well.

Its measurements aren’t for a specific type of bow, which means you can easily fit plenty of different types of crossbows with extra room to spare. The front pocket is also phenomenal for not only storing arrows but any other additional accessories such as a quiver or additional sights.

At first glance, the PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase is fashionable but it is also very functional as it features ATV tie-down straps and two convenient carrying handles that are easy to get a grip on. The PSE X-Tech Lite Bowcase is essentially everything that you would expect from an honest and user-friendly case with a couple of extra features.

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