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Best Pistol Crossbow of 2020: Top 5 Recommendations

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Crossbows have been a pioneer of tactical craft for long ages. Having survived the disputes of feudal lords, it advanced to become the basis for modern firearms.

Today, with far better construction, it has survived as the hunter’s prime choice. The pistol crossbow is the latest in the crossbow archives and hall of fame. It is a proud invention that is evidence of how far man has come.

Indulge leisurely as we show you some of the finest pistol crossbows you can own. Whether for pride, hunting, or tactical and rescue work, there is something for everyone. Let's take a look.

Best Pistol Crossbow Reviews

Spartan Products Ltd Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow

Spartan Products Ltd manufactures one of the most popular crossbows on the market. Based in the UK, the company invests only in the best to produce its fine products. The Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow is based on the design of the Barnett Commando. The Barnett Commando was an innovative product that was popular in the late eighties and early nineties.


Designed to be as effective as its predecessor, the Red Back is an ideal small game hunting crossbow. It is specifically made to teach beginners, without being too complicated or too hard to handle. It is impressively powerful and can reach long distances. Quite clearly, this is not a toy.

The Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow is designed and built with durable but light materials. This makes it an ideal option for industrious hunting conditions. It is built with a comfortable, soft, ambidextrous front and back grip that is easy to handle. This makes it very suitable for beginners and practicing enthusiasts. 

It features a company patented safety system installed on top of the crossbow instead of on the side next to the cable, as with other designs. This improves handling and makes it both safer and easier to use. It also features anti-dry fire protection, and with an improved bowstring design, it is easier to assemble and cock. 

Designed with an extra-long Picatinny rail, you can mount accessories to the bottom of the front end, making it more convenient for the operator. It has a rated draw weight of 80lbs and can shoot bolts at 235 feet per second, making it easy and powerful. Plus, it comes in an all-inclusive package, which includes three complimentary bolts, a red dot scope, an arm quiver, and, of course, the bowstring. Unfortunately, the Red Back does not feature a self-cocking design.


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    Durable and lightweight design
  • Powerful shot with impressive range
  • Features improved safety features and design
  • Easy and convenient bowstring system
  • Convenient design with improved mounting ability


  • Does not feature self-cocking ability

Cobra Bows Tactical Pistol Crossbow

Cobra Bows have been in business since 1974, creating and designing top of the line archery equipment and gear. They are a recognized brand that is adored all over and is synonymous with quality. From Pennsylvania, in the US, they bring global consumers some of the finest products.

This crossbow is made by an archer for every other enthusiastic archer. Even if used in hunting, Cobra Bows are a prime choice. Innovative and a pioneer in the business, Cobra Bows are among the paragons of archery.


The Cobra Bows Tactical Pistol Crossbow is the original self-cocking crossbow that started the hype of modern mini-crossbows. It features the latest innovative mechanical advancements that have grown popular. It loads and cocks bolts or darts by automation, allowing rapid fire. The body is made with a full-metal construction and is designed to be indestructible.

The stylish finish has even been in repeat with imitation models, appearing likely to be attractive to eyes of all intentions. It is made with the craftsmanship of veteran archers and mechanical engineers, explicitly aimed to answer the needs of modern archers.

The mechanisms, and completed design of the Cobra Bows Tactical Pistol Crossbow, are of high standard and quality. It is suitable for varied purposes, and three darts are added complimentary. The bowstring is made from high-grade polyester and does not consume easily.

Overall, like any other Cobra Bow, it is a good choice. Again though, if looking for something lighter than 80 pounds, steer clear.


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    Full-metal full-endurance construction
  • Quick cocking self-cocking mechanism
  • Stylishly appealing design
  • Complimentary ammunition included
  • Innovative, original design


  • Weighs 80lbs making it unsuitable for light carry

SAS 80lbs Pistol Crossbow

Southland Archery Supply, also known as SAS, is an American archery accessories and equipment manufacturer. They produce very fine and exquisite products ranging among the many variable practices in concern with archery. Their hunting bows are of premium quality, and SAS pride themselves on the pedigree of their hand made products.

It is of exclusive quality and made with the best intentions. ThePistol Crossbow available from SAS is an excellent example of its many rich products. The best thing about SAS is that its high-grade quality is affordable.


The SAS Pistol Crossbow is no toy to be messing with. It has plenty of power and is designed to be sturdy and durable. It is made with self-cocking mechanisms to conveniently aid the archer. With this feature, it is possible to fire darts as a semi-automatic pistol would.

It is constructed with a full-metal body for durability to provide you with a sturdy hunting or tactical weapon. Included with the design is an adjustable rear sight with bead front sight, an extra bowstring, and 27 bolts come complimentary.

It weighs in at an 80-pound draw, making it unsuitable for those looking for something lighter to carry on. It is suitable for plenty of purposes, but in hunting and bow fishing, this crossbow has proven its ground. It is an ideal choice and would not disappoint any archer.


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    Sturdy, durable design
  • Sleek and attractive styling
  • Included adjustable rear sight
  • Reliable self-cocking design
  • Bonus string and ammunition included


  • Possesses an 80-pound draw weight

RDJ Life 80lbs Alligator Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow

RDJ Life Products is a manufacturer of tactical and outdoor equipment that produces several interesting products. Among their lineup of goods are hunting crossbows and slingshots, as well as practical backpacks that are ideal for hunting enthusiasts. Their products are made with care and clear intention to answer the needs and requirements of rough outdoor expeditions. 


The Alligator pistol crossbow is one of the latest designs in hunting crossbows and features some of the most advanced innovations. It is constructed from lightweight resin with a fiberglass crossbar to improve the overall handling of the bow. This makes it possible for even weaker hunters to carry it with them on their hunting trips.

Despite its lightweight design, it compromises nothing in durability. It is tough enough to handle even the roughest of expeditions. It features a self-cocking mechanism that is simple to engage and will ensure perfect string alignment with every shot. It also features an automatic safety lever, which will eliminate the possibility of accidental misfires. It is rated at 80 pounds and is suitable for hunting small game. 

Two of the recent upgrades that were added to the Alligator are front sights and an adjustable front grip. The grip can be used two-handed or single-handed, and it can be adjusted to a variety of positions for the operator's convenience. It propels aluminum bolts at an estimated 185 feet per second and has an impressive range. 

Furthermore, it is fitted with an 11mm rail for fitting a scope or laser dot sight. The new and improved military styling and coloring are very appealing, and with three complimentary bolts, it is a brilliant purchase.


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    Stylish military coloring and design
  • Quick self-cocking with precise string alignment
  • Integrated safety features makes it ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight design and build
  • Includes a rail for fitting scope or laser sights


  • Scope not included in the package
  • Not suitable for bigger game

EK Archery Cobra R9 System Pistol Crossbow

This Pistol Crossbow is a much stronger crossbow with a higher draw force than the previous version of this model. It comes with a new innovative design to make cocking it much easier for even the weakest shooter.


An anti-dry fire mechanism is included with this pistol crossbow. Also, this crossbow is very easy and safe to use by even small people who can not normally draw it. This is because of the underlever cocking system that is included with the pistol crossbow to make the cocking super easy.

To further expand on the special feature that makes this pistol crossbow very easy to use, the quick loading is very easy. You just need to pull the lever, and it will cock the crossbow with a minimal amount of effort. Plus, you can just use this easy loading mechanism to unload it very easily.

There is also a removable stock that can be completely removed from the crossbow to make it even lighter and shorter. This stock can be adjusted from a very short stock to quite a long stock to quickly change to carabine. This pistol crossbow is also very light, making it even easier for everyone to use, whether child or adult.

Included with this pistol crossbow from EK Archery is a set of 6 specially designed, very lightweight bolts. It also comes with a red dot for easy and fast targeting. Plus, this pistol crossbow comes with the string pre-assembled for your convenience.

Due to the design of this crossbow, it may be a little bit front heavy with the quick loader included. This may take some time to get used to and may interfere with your target shooting until you get used to it.


  • check
    ​Very easy to use, even for beginners
  • Removable stock
  • Very light and simple to move around
  • Strong and sturdily built


  • A little front heavy, which takes some getting used to
  • No self-loading cartridge included


Crossbows have many purposes. They are ideal for game hunting, bow-fishing, and overall archery practice and target shooting. As fun as all of these hobbies can be, wielding and using a weapon, even a Mini-Crossbow, demands the greatest responsibility. These are not toys and are not suitable for children. If your child is an enthusiastic archer, it is still best to supervise your child’s practicing activities.

These crossbows are dangerous and lethal. Malpractice and irresponsible use could lead to severe injury or even death. Always take care and practice safety rules above all else. It has occurred in many instances that accidental misfires caused ER situations that could have been avoided.

Mini-crossbows are a safer alternative for self-defense than firearms. Sure, they are dangerous, but not as fatal as lead bullets. They are good enough to protect without being inhumane and are easier to use.

A license is not necessary so that the protective benefits can be experienced immediately. If you’re in search of a more effective defense, you could consider stocking tranquilizer darts in place of tipped bolts. The only problem with keeping a mini-crossbow is that it does not conceal easily. A holster or carrying bag could be purchased to provide adequate storing.

Like all mechanisms and working parts, a crossbow requires proper maintenance and care of the product to last as long as the manufacturer would claim. One note about the care of your bow is never to store it cocked. This will, over time, reduce the strength of both the bow and the string, and not to mention, it could self trigger. Practice safe archery, and above all else, have fun.

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