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Best Tactical Crossbow of 2020: Our Top Picks

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Many people feel that hunting with a crossbow is more exciting and stylish than with a gun. If you are interested in this method of hunting, you will want to find a very good crossbow. Just any old crossbow will not do.

But you’ll have to be quite picky - choosing a cheap and inferior product could be dangerous. Using a bow that isn’t of the highest quality can end in disaster and injury. Choosing the right product can prove to be quite an intimidating task.

We’ve gathered information about the top tactical crossbow brands out there. Let’s take a look at them and what sets them apart from the competition.

Best Tactical Crossbow Reviews

Southland Archery Supply SAS Crusher

If you’re looking for a crossbow that is focused on stealth, you will love the Southland SAS Crusher. It was made to be silent, and it looks really good as well. The stealth technology utilized with this crossbow makes it a favorite with many a hunter. On top of that, it offers enhanced speed and drawing power. The accuracy of this crossbow is also greatly admired.


The arrow speed of this crossbow is truly impressive. You can expect to see speeds of around 325 feet per second. That is something to appreciate, especially for a hunter that needs to take down prey quickly.

Another impressive feat of this crossbow is its draw weight of 150 pounds - it will, for sure, enhance your hunting experience. The accuracy range of this guy is just as pleasing. You will notice that you shoot very accurately when using it - permitted that you are a good shot, of course.

Sometimes, it might be found that the arrows aren’t placed as securely and could catch or fall out when the bow is lowered.

As part of the stealth technology that makes this crossbow so effective, are the string stoppers. They help to ensure a quiet operation to guarantee that your target won’t hear it coming and be able to dodge.

Despite being such an effective and strong crossbow, the Southland is very easy to use. You won’t need to have years and years of experience hunting to make use of all the power it offers. In addition, the assembly instructions are very easy to understand and follow.

The crossbow looks good too, which is never a bad thing, even if you don’t care about aesthetics. It is also surprisingly lightweight - you’d expect a crossbow this strong to be very heavy.

It should be noted though that the crossbow’s shoulder strap is a bit disappointing. It doesn’t feel quite as sturdy and strong as the bow itself. You get a foregrip pre-installed, for better and more convenient use.


  • check
    Very strong and durable design
  • Makes use of stealth technology for quiet operation
  • Impressive arrow speed
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Looks very attractive


  • Arrows could fall out when the crossbow is lowered
  • Shoulder strap does not feel strong or useful

WILLIAM TELL ARCHERY WT4 Tactical Multifunctional Crossbow

For anyone looking for a robust, sturdy, and durable crossbow, they’d find this one quite pleasing. It has a very military-ish feel to it, and it looks incredibly powerful too. And it’s not just appearances; this crossbow is powerful and is made to shoot steel balls with great accuracy. But even with its power, the WILLIAM TELL crossbow is still a lightweight option.


This is a concept crossbow with a lot of power behind its shots. As mentioned, it has been specifically made to be accurate when shooting steel balls. It is made of aluminum and has steel limbs. The military-style tip enhances accuracy even more.

The appearance of this crossbow can be a little intimidating, even for more experienced hunters. However, it won’t prove to be difficult or tricky to use.

You get a convenient red dot sight to help you aim with more accuracy and confidence, making your hunting experience a more fun one. You can use the red dot while looking through the scope if you so desire.

Also, the useful light attachment will light up the area, should you be hunting at night or with bad lighting conditions.

This bow has a reasonable draw weight of 100 pounds, but it weighs only 6 pounds. This means that despite its power, it is still very easy to handle and use. It is equipped with a 180-round magazine that holds 8mm steel ball bearings. These are loaded automatically when you cock the bow.

The accuracy remains true up to 248 feet, which is great if you’re a distance away from your target. If you’re not into the ball bearings, the crossbow does come with 2 featherless arrows. It also has a 2-pronged fishing arrow.

Although this crossbow is a favorite with many, it is not recommended for deer hunting. It is, however, ideal for small game hunting and fishing.


  • check
    Lightweight but durable design
  • Awesome for fishing and small game hunting
  • Easy to handle - even by beginners
  • Comes with a laser sight
  • Able to use more than one kind of ammo


  • Not suited to deer hunting
  • Arrows are not as high-quality as would be expected

Spartan Products Ltd Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow

The Spartan is easily one of the more safer options to choose from. It features a handy anti-dry fire protection system. This means the crossbow won’t just go off and result in possible damage.

It also makes use of a patented ambidextrous safety system, making it even more popular with hunters and crossbow enthusiasts. Of course, a crossbow’s safety depends on who is using it, how they’re handling it, and for what purpose.


In the case of most crossbows, it should be assembled before use, but that’s not true for this one. It comes with a bow stringer, and this makes it easier to set up. However, this might still be rather difficult for smaller people.

With the anti-dry fire system, no parts can be damaged by the crossbow firing when no bolt is loaded. The above-mentioned ambidextrous safety system is on the top of the crossbow. This makes the crossbow ideal for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.

Thanks to the foregrip and soft-grip handle, the crossbow is very easy and comfortable to use. This also adds to accuracy, which enhances the hunting experience considerably — nothing like missing the target to ruin your day.

This bow shoots 235 feet per second, which many hunters will appreciate. However, it only has a draw weight of 80 pounds. Still, it’s a powerful crossbow. The draw weight does make it simpler to handle and reload.

You will get 3 plastic bolts and the bow stringer included in your purchase, so you don’t have to go searching for the accessories. The Picatinny rail is extra-long, which is good for mounting accessories underneath. You also get an arm quiver included in the package.


  • check
    Powerful and durable design
  • Equipped with anti-dry fire system
  • Makes use of ambidextrous safety system for ease of use
  • Offers 235 feet per second shooting speed


  • Some people may find the crossbow hard to cock

CenterPoint AXCM175CK Tactical Crossbow

This is a crossbow that was made to be superbly durable as well as impressively lightweight. It is made of high-quality materials and created to be a joy to use.

You won’t find yourself ‘lugging’ this with you when you hunt - it is easy and comfortable to use. On top of that, CenterPoint is a very strong and powerful crossbow that will leave even a skeptic pleased.


Because of its lightweight manufacture and the use of durable materials, you will be investing in a long-term hunting partner with this bow. The high-quality aluminum rail will shoot like a professional.

The draw weight of this crossbow is indeed very impressive - 175 pounds. That makes it stand out against many of the competing bows available on the market. As if that’s not enough, the crossbow also boasts an impressive shooting speed of 370 feet per second. Now that is not to be sneezed at, at all!

This crossbow is considered one of the biggest and strongest options you will find when searching for a tactical option. And it isn’t likely that you would be disappointed by its performance. Although it is very powerful, the crossbow will not drag you down with a bulky design - it’s lightweight, as mentioned.

Another feature that makes this crossbow so popular is its string design - it is vibration-free. This means that it is very quiet. Also, it comes with noise-suppressing string stoppers. A quiet and strong shot is what you can expect from the CenterPoint.

Like all good crossbows, this one has an auto-safety trigger mechanism and an anti-dry fire system. It won’t fire unless it’s meant to. It has been found by some users though that the instructions are a bit vague. They did not think it was easy to follow.


  • check
    Very powerful and durable
  • Fast and impressive shooting speed
  • Lightweight but strong and sturdy
  • Assembly is simple and easy
  • Features anti-dry fire system and auto-safety trigger


  • Instructions can be difficult to understand and follow

National Standard Products Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol

This is considered the ideal crossbow to start your crossbow journey with. It is easy to use, boasts a lightweight design, and is rather compact. It comes with a large number of arrows with which the user can start familiarizing himself. It isn’t the strongest bow out there, but still a good, solid choice.


As an introductory crossbow, you really can’t go wrong with this one. With your purchase, you will get 51 multi-colored arrows that are great for learning. Included are 48 plastic pieces and 3 metallic pieces. This should be just fine for replacements, should some pieces get lost.

This crossbow has a draw weight of 80 pounds - not too strong but not too weak either. This truly is an ideal option for someone who wishes to learn more about using a crossbow. With this draw weight, reloading will be much easier.

Handling the crossbow should be easy as well; it has a compact design that aids ease of use. But don’t be fooled - this is no child’s toy. It is still a capable crossbow.

The crossbow can shoot arrows at speeds of up to 160 feet per second. Again, not the fastest speeds to be found on a crossbow, but since this is best suited for learners, that does not matter. You will not be able to hunt deer or large game with this crossbow. It is more suitable for target practice or small game.

The National Standard self-cocking crossbow is made from very durable and high-quality materials and components. It will last long and withstand rough elements and handling.

Note that users of this crossbow have found that the string can wear out rather quickly. To make sure the string lasts longer, wax it regularly. It comes with an automatic safety cocking feature - this will prevent any accidental shooting.


  • check
    Small, compact and durable design
  • Lightweight for easier handling
  • Ideal for beginners and teenagers
  • Equipped with a safety feature
  • Comes with a large number of arrows


  • Not suited to deer hunting
  • The string can wear out quite quickly


Now you have more knowledge about the kind of tactical crossbows that are available to choose from. With the information shared with you here, you should be able to make a more informed choice when buying a crossbow.

The Spartan is our favorite out of all those mentioned here. It doesn’t have many faults and is a very strong crossbow. If you’re looking for something powerful and good-looking, this is just the crossbow for you.

However, if you’re just starting out and want to learn more before moving on to the big guys, the crossbow by National Standard is perfect. It’s light and durable and is best suited to beginners. It is also a very safe crossbow to start learning with.

In the end, the crossbow you end up choosing depends on you and your unique needs.

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