Best Vanes For Crossbow Bolts

Best Vanes for Crossbow Bolts

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Crossbow bolts with perfect vanes help in steering the arrow to the target because, with right positioning of the vanes, any imperfections in the arrow and bow can be corrected. You can find vanes or fletchers of different materials and sizes, but investing in the best vanes would surely help the shooter stabilize the flight of the arrows.

How to Choose the Best Vanes for Crossbow Bolts?

The projectile of the crossbow depends on the bolt used and the vane or fletching attached to it. You need to select the vanes according to the bolt shaft material, the shaft length, and the type of configuration required. You should also consider the arrowhead and arrow rest type used before selecting the vanes.

The fixed blade broadheads require the use of larger vanes for better spinning and better stabilization, while for more aggressive fletching of bolts, one needs to use the vanes with a helical fletching pattern. On the other hand, vanes with a slight right offset of one degree are better for crossbow bolts.

What to Look for in Good Crossbow Bolt Vanes?

As emphasized earlier, the material of the vane must be given due consideration. It should be lightweight for it to move easily. It should also have the right length and surface area to provide the right amount of stabilization to the bolt.

If you are a bow hunter, look for the accuracy of the fletching, and if you are using fixed blade broadheads, select vanes that have large and high profiles.

Additionally, it would be best to go for vanes that are stealth and do not make any additional noise during flight or do not flutter even when traveling at high speeds. Similarly, look for vanes which offer durability, versatility, and proper adhesion. Lastly, select the color of the vane according to your hunting or shooting needs.

Best Vanes for Crossbow Bolts Reviews

1. Bohning Blazer Vanes: The Best Universal Vane

When you have a good-quality vane, your accuracy will improve by a huge margin and this is what the Bohning Blazer Vanes is all about. It can be used for any broadhead and crossbows as well as in 3D archery. It is two inches in size and suits most crossbows.

Bohning Blazer Vane (Pack of 100), Neon Green


  • Size Dimensions: 1.987 (L) by 0.568 (Height) inches
  • Approximate Weight: Six grains
  • Designed for short and long-range shooting
  • Made using highly durable material
  • Has micro-grooves
  • Comes with a parabolic paddle for increased steerage


  • Optimized for a spin
  • Offers maximum accuracy
  • Very easy to stick
  • Quiet operation
  • One pack contains 100 pieces


  • Getting your favorite color may be difficult
  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • The adhesion surface on the bottom is not uniform
  • The plastic is of cheap quality


The Bohning Blazer Vanes is well known for its speed and quick-spin technology. It moves arrows up to three times faster than the regular vanes. These vanes are made using toughened plastic and are expected to last long.

It comes with a universal fit that will enable you to use them with any arrows without any problems. Even though it is slightly on the expensive side, you can get superior quality performance.


When you compare the Bohning Blazer Vanes to other products, you will notice that they are actually inexpensive as they perform better than the most affordable models. When compared to the two models we are about to review, the major advantage of Bohning Blazer Vanes is that it will fit most crossbows and arrows without any hassles and you can easily get the best performance for long as well as short range shots.


You will be impressed with the performance and the speed of the Bohning Blazer Vanes as it is exclusively designed for high-speed shooting. The microgrooves on the vanes will increase the spinning of the arrows, give arrows an additional speed, and will allow you to get a flatter trajectory. This product will also last for many years, giving you great value for your money.

2. Gold Tip Vane 50CT: Best Vane for Premium Arrows

If you are looking for the best premium quality arrow vanes, you can consider the Gold Tip Vane50CT 2-Inch Raptor Arrows. The product is made from superior carbon materials and has amazing accuracy for long and short-range shots. It is very useful for professional hunters.

Gold Tip Vane 50CT 2-Inch Raptor Arrows, Blue


  • Length: Two inches
  • Manufactured by a reputable company
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most arrows
  • Available in different colors


  • Very inexpensive
  • Can be attached within seconds
  • Made of quality materials
  • Most suited vanes for premium arrows
  • Provides superior arrow accuracy and speed
  • Available in various colors


  • You need to attach them properly to get expected results.
  • The speed of the arrows may vary.
  • The impact is too high for short range targets.


The Gold Tip Vane 50CT offers the best performance needed for professional sports. These vanes are well known for increasing the arrow speed considerably. The carbon construction gives these vanes greater accuracy.


When you compare the Gold Tip Vane 50CT with the Gateway Fletching Feathers below, it is more affordable. Although Gateway is made from natural materials, Gold Tip would still last longer since it is made of toughened plastic.

When compared to the Bohning Blazer Vanes, which is also made of plastic, it has the same length as Gold Tip. However, your color choice is easier to find as Gold Tip is available in various colors, making it a perfect choice for group shooting activities.


You will be completely impressed with the carbon construction of the Gold Tip Vane and this will easily last for a long time and give full value for your money. The vanes standout when it comes to color choices, which will be helpful when you have to segregate your arrows for some reason.

3. Gateway Fletching Feathers: Best Alternative for Plastic Vanes

Choose the premium quality Gateway Fletching Feathers to perfectly match your arrows and enjoy the best shooting performance. The spin it generates will give you a nice trajectory while aiming long-range shots.

100 - Pk. Gateway Fletching Feathers 4' Right Wing, WHITE


  • Length: Four inches
  • Lightweight
  • Made from natural materials
  • Comes in 100 pieces


  • Five times lighter than plastic vanes
  • Offers natural look and feel when hunting
  • The arrow spin range can be drastically increased
  • Better arrow control
  • Arrow can be gilded in the desired direction
  • Flatter trajectory even at high speeds


  • Very expensive
  • Can get easily damaged


The Gateway Fletching Feathers is the best choice if you are looking for a replacement for the plastic vanes as they give an authentic feel while shooting in the woods. It is also very lightweight, so the arrows will have great speed.


When you compare the various features of the Gateway Fletching Feathers with the two vanes reviewed above, the major difference you will notice is the length of the vane and the material. Although this has a longer size, its weight is lower than the two, so it offers better trajectory even when you are aiming for long-range shots.


The Gateway Fletching Feathers is made using the best-quality natural materials. You will be completely satisfied with these vanes as you will be able to control the arrow better. Just do note that you need to spare some cash when you opt for this product.

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