Want to Fire a bow and arrow just like katniss in hunger games?  Katniss Everdeen spent hours and hours a day training with an Olympic archery master. Before she could Katniss needed to learn the bowhunting basics for beginners. If you’re truly Interested in learning about archery, and one of your questions is,

How do I get started in archery?

Here I’ll share with you the steps you need to take to get started in archery, and the must have’s to get started with archery.

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Join an Archery club

Archery clubs are a great place to start out, most clubs will help you learn how to safely use a bow and arrow. They will help you with your sights and your stance, and all the Bow Hunting Basic information For Beginners by joining an archery club and getting to know some of the members, you will find that lots of people are willing to help you, in your early stage of learning archery. Not to mention while learning how to use your bow properly, you are meeting like-minded people who are interested in archery… You can simply find an archery club by doing a local search in your area within Google.com


Note: Once you have found an archery club close to you and signed up. You’re ready to start thinking about the items you must buy to help you get started.



Parts of a Recurve Bow

Once you understand all the parts of a Recurve Bow, like the limbs, Sight, arrow rest, and the stabilizer helping you keep your aim stable. The riser is where you will be holding your bow, lastly you have your string.


How to figure out your Eye dominance


How to figure out your eye dominance, what eye do you aim with?  If you’re not sure why not try this to see what is your best aiming eye. By using your hands, this is really easy to try.

Have someone stand in front facing you, to help you discover what eye you aim with.

Take your right hand and aim with your right hand to the person’s nose standing in front.
Do the same with your left hand. Now do both hands at the same time. Depending on what side of your helpers nose your aim keeps going to, left or right By doing this simple test, this will help you decide what arm you’ll be aiming with also what eye you use to aim with.

If you aim with your right eye you should shoot with a left-hand bow, If you aim with your left eye you should shoot with a right-hand bow. Check out this video to see what I mean.


Items you must buy to get started


Choosing Your First Recurve Bow

When Choosing your first recurved bow, for a beginning archer you will need to make a decision that involves some several important factors when choosing your first bow. It is often tempting to allow the cost and aesthetic appeal to swaying the decision. However, being apart of a club will also help with your success in the introduction to the world of archery…

You will be required to buy a bow. Otherwise, it will be pretty hard sport to get into without the use of your own bow. As having your own bow, is an essential in the sport of archery. Not looking to take part in as a sport, no worries, you will still need a bow for just kicking around on the range or hunting lands.

What bow should I get?



Since you are new to archery, the best bow to start out with. Is a recurve bow or a longbow. You can find the best recurve, or  longbow that suits your budget.

We’ve prepared a list of the  best recurve bows for beginners, for every budget.

To help you get started in the right direction…


The Bow StringerSelway limbsaver recurve bow stringer

  • Stringing a recurve bow without a stringer can be jeopardizing the straightness of your limbs. The stringer protects against the twisting and nonslip rubber limb block to help depress the limb. Also, the bow stringer helps you to safely use your body weight, by bending the recurve bow enough, to slip the string over the limb tips.

Recommended: Selway limbsaver Recurve Bow Stringer


Nocking Points

  • Not sure what nocking points are. Nocking points help provide a constant place on your bow string to nock your arrow. This is a must have because they provide consistency of shooting your arrow, so your arrow has a better chance heading in the right direction to where you want it to go. Hitting your mark each and every time you shoot your bow.

Recommended: Allen Company Nocking Points


 Protective gloves or finger tabs finger tabs

  • Purchasing an arm guard isn’t a must have but. You will be so happy you did. The arm guard is designed to protect your forearm, from the string smacking your arm, from time to time, or dragging along. If you are new to the sport I’d recommend you purchasing an arm guard.


  • Once you know the proper techniques, and learn how to properly adjust your elbow vertically to help keep, your arm, hair and skin out of the way of the string.
    Using gloves or a finger tab I’d recommend just going with the finger tabs, as you have a better feel and more control with, your release. But that is my personal opinion. Using the Finger tab or glove, will ensure your fingers are safe from painful blisters, in return for causing problems with your release. Wearing leather gloves or finger tabs on your shooting hand will prevent all these painful unnecessary steps.

Also Recommended glove: Neet Suede Shooting Glove.


What arrow should I buy?

Once you have determined what is your draw length, you will be in a position to figure out what Arrow size you should be purchasing. Most sporting goods stores sell you packages of 6 pack or more arrows. When purchasing your recurve bow, now is an opportunity to purchase your arrows, also when purchasing your recurve bow, make sure it has included an arrow rest, if not you may want to purchase the arrow rest early on. The arrow rest is made for the arrow sets on before it is drawn. Still not sure what your draw length is read below.


Draw length Bow size

Draw length is an optimum position for your body when the bowstring is pulled out for a shot. Using this is a simple formula and a quick way to learn your body measurements for your bow size. Benefits to know your draw length including knowing how to match the measurements for a proper sized bow. By knowing your draw length, this will also help you know what poundage to set the draw at.



Don’t have a bow to try, that’s OK you can find out your draw length by following these simple instructions:

Stand up, casually and hold your arms out to the side. Don’t force your arms way out, just hold them out casually.

Get a friends help, by measuring the distance in inches between your two hands.

By using the 2 steps and divide it by 2.5. For example, if your reach measurement is 60 inches, divide it by 2.5 giving you the results of 24. This is the result of your calculation, to find out what your draw length is for a bow.


Learning what you have to know about Bow Hunting Basics for Beginners. By following these simple steps should get you started, as well giving you a better understanding in what items to buy, as you will need to establish your skills as an archer. If you have any questions about any of these Items listed above, please leave a comment below. We will be happy to help.


  1. I think the best first step for a beginner hunter would be to attend a hunter education course, sometimes known as a hunter safety course. For more information on this, check out introduction to hunting from the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA). This should help you understand more about hunting, hunters, and the wildlife we pursue.

  2. You have given a good basic overview. I’m hoping you spend some time with Compound bows.

    Compound bows make life so much easier for new people as they don’t need the strength required to pull a Recurve.
    It makes pulling the bow so much more fun.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    • Thank you Labman,

      Yes compound bows are much easier and more fun to shoot, but the best place to start out with is a recurve bow. Thank you for your comment. Stay tuned for more to come… 🙂

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