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Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt Review

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There are many different types of crossbolt options out there and choosing the right one for your current adventure can be tough. Do you want something light and fast, or heavier and stronger?

The answer to that will largely depend on what you’re hunting for or aiming at. For hunters, heavier and more durable crossbolt options will typically win out.

One crossbolt that many hunters seem to enjoy using is the Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt, but is it really that great? Let’s learn more about it and find out.

Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt

The Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt is a set of very heavy carbon crossbolts that are known for their strength, weight, and consistency.

Who Is This Product For?

These crossbow bolts are made for hunters who target small, medium, and big game animals. They offer many advantages over other crossbow bolts, and they can help make hunting more enjoyable because of their great knock-down power, durable carbon material, and consistency.

If you’re looking for something to practice your aim with or to begin learning about the best ways to shoot crossbolts, then these Carbon Express bolts will probably be too heavy for you. As such, these bolts are more recommended for experienced hunters.

What’s Included?

This set of crossbow bolts from Carbon Express includes six pieces of crossbolts that have four-inch vanes and inserted moon nocks. Additionally, the packaging will include six, universal flat nocks. Do note that the colors of both vanes and nocks that are included in the package may vary from set to set.

Overview of Features

In many ways, these crossbolts are some of the best, especially if high-quality and value is what the hunter wants. While you may still be unsure if it is worth spending a little bit more money than usual on crossbolts outside of the value range, this set of crossbow bolts may change your mind.

The bolts are made of high-quality carbon, and they keep their strength and durability through repeated uses. The crossbolts weigh around 325 grains without tips, and this weight is what gives them their strong knock-down power.

The vanes on these bolts are made to stand against a lot of rugged wear and tear during use. They also help ensure accuracy while the shafts of the bolts themselves are guaranteed to be straight at up to a 0.004-inch of accuracy.

Each bolt in this pack can cause deep penetration due to the heavyweight and smart design. The style of the bolt gains a lot of kinetic energy when shot, and this energy helps to push the bolt in deeper when it lands. This energy is also what can cause game animals to get knocked over by just one shot.

Overall, these bolts are stable to shoot, quiet when shot, and powerful when they land. For most hunters, this is a perfect trio of attributes.

How to Use and Maintain Your Crossbolts

Every crossbow that you try out will have a different feel to it, but the similarity is that you can load up a crossbow bolt and shoot. The key thing is that you want to be safe, and there are a few rules that you want to make sure that you follow.

The video below is a great guide.

As you can see, you should keep your hand in front of the safety line while you slide the crossbow bolt into place. The crossbow itself can cause damage to your hands whether it is cocked and ready to go or not, so you will want to be very cautious while loading the bolts. With practice, this becomes easy.

It should also be noted that depending on what you fire your crossbow bolts at, and if they hit anything, you can actually reuse them so long as they hit something soft and were not damaged. Carbon arrows like this are less likely to be damaged when fired, but you always want to inspect the bolts thoroughly before reusing them. Additionally, never shoot using a damaged crossbow bolt, as it could splinter and hurt you.


If you like the idea behind the Carbon Express PileDriver bolts but want something that has more strength and accuracy for a downrange game, you can try the Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt from Carbon Express as it can take hunting to the next level.

For those who are hoping to practice their aim or compete with carbon crossbow bolts, the DMAR Carbon Spine Practice Bolts might be perfect. The 12-pack of lightweight bolts is reasonably priced and easy to practice with.


All in all, the Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt is a mid-range set of crossbow bolts that can take down even massive game animals; thanks to their high weight and knock-down power. These bolts are also durable and can ensure that you shoot accurately and consistently.

While the bolts don’t come with field tips or broadheads, these are easy enough to acquire and attach on your own. For the hunter or the hunter-in-practice, these crossbow bolts from Carbon Express are a great choice that won’t break the bank.


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