Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow Review -

Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow Review

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Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow: QUICK OVERVIEW

Ease of Use




What We Like

  • Cocking winch is quiet
  • It has an adjustable stock
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism installed
  • Quiet, lightweight crossbow

What We Don't Like

  • The safety switch is loud
  • Difficult to assemble

Many people wish to become proficient with some type of sport or hobby, but they do not enjoy the hassle that comes with it. But with crossbow shooting or hunting, you can bypass most of the hassle with the great crossbows available.

This is because of all the extra features that come with modern crossbows, and you can cut straight to the business end. It is so easy to crank and load these modern crossbows, so it becomes possible for more people to be able to practice that.

In this review, we take a look at one of these great modern crossbows that can be used by many people. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow

This is a great crossbow that can be used by many different people with a variety of shooting styles and statures. The buttstock of this crossbow is adjustable to be used by different sizes of people and with different strengths. This great feature makes it possible to be used even by people that are in a wheelchair.

Who is This Crossbow for?

This crossbow can easily be used by a small and weaker person as well as a stronger and larger person. With the easy and quiet cocking winch included with this crossbow, it is very possible for anyone to use it.

It can very easily be used as an entry-level crossbow to make the learning curve for the beginner quite low. And this great crossbow can equally be used by the seasoned crossbow hunter for a great hunting experience and a fast kill.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert crossbow hunter, this great bow is meant for you for a great experience.

What is Included?

With the Carbon Express 390 crossbow purchase, you get a tremendous versatile crossbow with a lot of extras included in the package. First of all, you get a very quiet cocking winch that can easily be attached to the stock.

You also get a 3 arrow quick detach quivers included in this package as well as 3 x 20-inch crossbow bolts. With that, there are also 3 practice tips included to have you ready to practice in no time at all.

But wait, there is more; on top of the pile of extras, you also get a very decent 4 x 32 deluxe scope. And to make everything work smoothly without hiccups, you also get some rail lubricant on the pile.

All these extras included makes it much easier for you to get started with your target practice and hunting session.

Overview of Features

The Carbon Express crossbow is very safe to use by even the quite young and small-statured people out there. It is very easy to use for target practicing as well as for real-life hunting situations for small and large game. It also has an anti-dry fire mechanism installed in the crossbow, to protect the crossbow against potential damage.

It is well designed and made from durable, high-quality materials to make it strong and durable to last quite a long time. The crossbow is quite lightweight, so weaker and smaller people can easily use it, and it is easy to operate. The lightweight design of the crossbow will help to diminish the chance of the user getting tired too quickly when using it.

The safety switch of this crossbow is a bit loud and will force you to set it before you are in earshot. This, in turn, is not an ideal situation where you have an unsafe, loaded crossbow that may cause some potential harm. It may also cause a premature release of the bolt, and you may lose the chance of the kill permanently.

For smaller people, the Carbon express crossbow may be a bit difficult to perform the initial set up of the crossbow for use. With that said, it may also take you some time and may require more than one person. But if you look past the few negative points, you still have a great and very easy to use crossbow.

You get a very easy to use cocking winch that is quiet enough not to chase away pray before you are ready. The buttstock can easily be adjusted to make it possible for many different people to use this great crossbow.

It is lightweight enough to be used for a long time before fatigue sets in, and you lose focus. With this crossbow, you have a safe weapon that can be used for many different crossbow shooting applications.

You have a lot of features built-in to this crossbow, as well as many extras that will have you ready in no time.

How To Use the Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow

It is not very difficult to use the Carbon Express 390 crossbow and can be managed by many people. For a demonstration on how to use this crossbow safely, see this YouTube Video:


An alternative to the Carbon Express crossbow will be the Karnage apocalypse crossbow from Bear Archery which comes at a slightly lower price. It comes with basically the same extras that you get with the Carbon Express.

Though you may get this crossbow at a lower price point, you will lose the very quiet cocking winch from the Carbon express.


Now that you know the ins and outs of this great crossbow, you will see that the Carbon Express seems to be an easy crossbow. This is one of the easiest to use crossbows on the market, and it is perfect to be used by many people.

You will do yourself a great favor if you choose to use this crossbow, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crossbow shooter. So what are you waiting for? Grab your new Carbon Express crossbow and head out on your next adventure to see how great this product is!

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