Colorado Elk Hunting With a Crossbow

Everything You Need to Know About Colorado Elk Hunting With a Crossbow

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Elk hunting is exciting time in Colorado as its considered big game.  every time as you get high-protein meat with a better taste as compared to beef. There’s been several updates about elk hunting with a crossbow and when it comes to Colorado, they have easy regulations to follow. That’s why we created this quick guide on elk hunting with a crossbow.

And just so you know . . .


Crossbows may be used to hunt big game in Colorado during the general firearms season – big game consists of elk, white tailed deer, moose, bear, and reindeer.They may also be used to hunt small game and fowl.

As you follow this guide, get prepared to take out your crossbow and hunt Elk for better food.

For updated information on rules, make sure you visit Colorado’s official page for hunting guidelines.

Everything You Need to Know About Colorado Elk Hunting With a Crossbow

Colorado is one of the few Western states that permit crossbows to be used in the archery season.


#1. Get Certified

Before you get your hands on your personal crossbow, you have to enroll in an authorized institute that will reward you with a hunting permit right after successful completion.

Whether you’re handicapped or a fine hunter, you have to carry the hunting permit wherever you go for elk hunting in Colorado.

Without the correct permit, you can expect steep fines.


#2. Meet Crossbow Specifications

After you’re certified and received a permit to hunt, you have to strictly follow the crossbow specifications.

Start with a crossbow that weighs 125 pounds minimum. A 170 bucks crossbow will have specifications with the weight mentioned.

You can visit these pages to choose from 150 pounds+ weighing crossbows. SAS, Tenpoint, Barnett, Armory Replicas crossbows are some of the top brands that manufacture crossbows with a strict follow policy on the weight and other specifications mentioned.


#3. Broadheads specifications

After crossbow specifications, elk hunting has special regulations for broadheads. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Make sure the broadheads have at least 2 steel cutting edges
  • The length should ⅞ inches or more
  • Broadheads should be of strong build quality, it should weight in standard or more to make hunting possible in the first shoot (here’s a good variety)
  • Rather than using broadheads from locals, It should be custom-made or manufactured from recognized partners
  • Make sure these are carried with safety cover


If you’ve followed these specifications, you are ready to lconfirm you have the right clothing:


#4. Outfits and Clothing

Elk hunting being a fine sport for meat lovers has made authorities conscious and alert. We can watch out this behavior upon checking the outfits and clothing page. For elk hunting in Colorado, you have to follow the clothing regulations strictly:

Wear an outfit that represents shock colors (orange preferred) and is visible from all sides. Make sure to wear a hat, too.


#5. What season is going on?

Last but not least, always look for the season before elk hunting. If it is archery-only, you can’t take your crossbow and elk hunt in Colorado.

However, there’s relaxation in that season only if you’ve some disability that doesn’t allow the pulling of traditional bow. In healthier cases, you don’t have permissions to take crossbow and hunt elks.

The only legal way is to wait for the season to end and take out your crossbows later on.


The Bottom Line

Whatever regulations authorities have shared online or in their documentaries, we discussed all of them. However, to avoid any inconvenience during your day-out, you have to make sure there’s a direct contact with Colorado authorities.

Crossbows are perfect for sedentary styles of hunting, for ground blinds and tree­stands, where hunters can wait for game to approach. Besides mobility, elk hunting requires the ability to set up in an instant and remain motionless as a bugling bull bears down.

Time to hunt get elk hunting.


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