Crossbow Christmas Gift Guide

The 2019 Best Crossbow Christmas Gift Guide

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Finding the best Christmas gifts for crossbow hunters might seem hard at first — after all, crossbow enthusiasts have much of the gear they need. That’s not game over, though: Bowhunters wear out their archery gear, which means your best bowhunting gift can be a replacement or even an outright archery gear upgrade. This is your crossbow Christmas gift guide!

Best Crossbow Christmas Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for all the crossbow hunters on your list this Christmas season, no matter your budget.

Outdoorsy people know two things are certain: Hunting requires a lot of stuff and when you’re off the hunt, things that prepare you for a productive time during a hunting trip are always appreciated.

We take pride in our gift guide for bowhunters and archery hunting enthusiasts because we not only recommend a variety of gifts so that you can find something to fit both your budget and something that the crossbow hunter will absolutely love.

Tips for Choosing Bowhunting Gifts

Some types of archery gear are particularly hard to buy for bowhunters. Case in point? A new compound bow. It’s really hard to find the right bow for a crossbow hunter because there are so many variables in draw length, draw weight, and type of bow.

Plus, there are a lot of personal variables involved.

We provided valuable gift ideas below that will be a safe bet as long as they fit in your budget (hint: I promise you they will!)

And you can always send a pack of Broadheads  – those will always be welcome to a crossbow hunter.

Let’s go ahead and dive into our best bowhunting gift recommendations for this Christmas.

Crossbow Christmas Gift Guide

1. Rinehart Woodland Buck 3D Target

The Rinehart Woodland Buck 3D Target gives bow hunters a lifelike target to practice for hunting situations. Right out of the box the 3D target is very easy to setup with minimal effort. It comes with the body, the head, self healing vitals, vital pegs to hold the vitals in place, antlers and stakes to hold the targey upright. Once setup I begin shooting the target to test it for durability and ease of arrow pull out. The vitals are made of self-healing foam that quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon arrows. The arrow holes seal up within 10 seconds of arrow being pulled out of target. The vitals are secured into place with insert tubes that lock the target insert in place. This target allows you to practice both 45° and broadside shot placements.

The target is well built and should last a long time. The Rinehart buck is very detailed and lifelike which makes practicing archery a blast. The only downside to this target is the antlers just sit in the head which wobble around and sometimes fall out. I used a bit of silicone to lock them down and no longer have issues. The self healing vitals can be replaced when worn out, however I have not had any problems with well over 500 shots so far.





2. Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit

Archery Essentials Pro Shop Tool Kit (12 Piece)

Kit items save 30% versus items sold separately.
Both kits include a zippered Case Cube that comes with peel-off hook and loop panel to attach to bow cases with fleece-lined interiors.

• Extra Large Folding Allen Wrench Set
• Nock Installation & Removal Tool
• Wedge Arrow Puller
• Zippered Case Cube
• Bowstring Wax
• Serving Thread
• D-Loop Rope
• Broadhead Wrench
• D-Loop Pliers
• Bow Square- L Model
• Small Folding Allen Wrench Set
• Arrow Prep Tool Kit

Also, the Easton Archery Essentials Value Kit is a good start for a new archer, too — your hunter can always add extras, like d-loop pliers, later.




3. Last Chance Archery Handheld Bow Scale

The Last Chance Archery Handheld Bow Scale is a quick and easy way to check your bow’s draw weight.

This is a handheld scale that allows you to easily measure peak draw weight and the holding weight simultaneously for your compound bow.

• Looking for an easy way to check your poundage or holding weight?
• The new Handheld Bow Scale is the perfect tool for you
• Allows you to read/lock both peak and holding weight at the same time
• Equipped with an LED digital display for easy to read numbers
• Comfortable handle and a short attachment hook for a release type feel







4. Scott Archery Sigma Release Metal 3 Finger

The Sigma offers a more comfortable feel with a new, more ergonomic handle. You can feel the difference at full draw, allowing you to be relaxed and confident. The Sigma puts your fingers in optimal performance positions – we call this “finger ergonomics.”




5. Primos 61109 Bloodhunter HD Head Lamp

Not every animal drop in its track. Have the right tool for the job. Make every drop count. Because at the end of every blood trail we want you to rest in peace.

  • State of the art Blood Tracking Technology driven by the combination of a proprietary filter and ultra-bright LEDs
  • Makes Blood visible in ALL types of terrain
  • 2 Modes: Blood Tracking and low illumination white light for hiking and map reading
  • Adjustable bracket allows user to aim light for optimal viewing angles
  • Includes 3-AAA batteries
  • US Patent No. 9,410,879





6. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

When you’re outdoors, you’re focused. Whether hunting, fishing, camping, or simply enjoying ice time with your buds, you don’t want distractions like cold hands. Zippo’s new and improved filling process for its hand warmers keeps you in the game! Fill the cup. Light the burner. Done! Up to 12 hours of heat for your hands and fingers. Now get back out there.

  • Small, sleek design; Durable metal construction
  • Reusable; easy fill technology
  • Gentle, flameless warmth
  • Perfect for cold weather activities


7. North Mountain Gear Hunting Camouflage Gloves and Face Mask Set

Baby its cold out there!

Keep your loved one warm so they can keep their eye on the prize.

  • SMART PHONE COMPATIBLE GLOVES- Our unique non-insulated soft construction tactical design is smart phone touchscreen compatible with thumb and forefinger with custom rubberized pattern. Never take your camo hunting gloves off again to make or receive a phone call.
  • HUNTING GLOVES – Excellent bow hunting gloves, turkey hunting gloves, duck hunting gloves, bird hunting, hunting decoy gloves ,North Mountain Gear offers the most unique, durable and virtually invisible camouflage hunting gloves available today.
  • MAXIMUM CONCEALMENT HUNTING HOOD: Stay concealed and blend into your surrounding without using messy camo face paint.



8. 4-Pack Game Trail Deer Cameras

View images right from your smartphone. This Trail Camera features a large 20MP photo resolution, along with 36 IR LEDs and a rapid 0.3-second trigger speed. Plus, it comes equipped with  advanced mobile technology that sends photos directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via AT&T’s 4G cellular network.






9. B-Stinger Quick Disconnect

There are a variety of quick stabilizer disconnect systems available, and most of then work pretty well. The B-Stinger Quick Disconnect lets your bowhunter quickly and easily attach and remove their stabilizer. The main body of the disconnect bolts onto your stabilizer attachment point on your bow. A cylinder then screws onto the end of your stabilizer. By fitting the end of the cylinder into the main body of disconnect system, you can tighten and loose the stabilizer with just a couple turns — instead of many many turns without the quick disconnect. For bowhunters who use stabilizers over 6 inches or so, this little luxury is awesome and makes putting a bow away into a case very fast. For a super upgrade, go with the B-Stinger Elite Side Bar Quick Disconnect — it has an additional side angle disconnect that will let a bowhunter add weight to the side opposite of an attached quiver. This would be for bow hunters looking to fine-tune their accuracy and push their distance shots farther out.

10. TightSpot Quiver

TightSpot is infinitely adjustable, which means it acts like a stabilizer, balancing your bow; it also lets you get your nocks out of the dirt.

The TightSpot quiver’s exclusive (patent #8,839,773) “RightSpot” 3-way adjustment system lets you fine-tune the balance of your bow by using your quiver. TightSpot acts much like a stabilizer, improving the balance of your bow.






11. ARTITAN Feeder Light Hog Hunting Green Light Motion Sensor Light

This activated Feeder Light illuminates game animals with super bright, LED light powered by 100% solar power. Gone are the days of replacing batteries.







12. WINDFIRE WF-360R Red Hunting Light Tactical LED Flashlight

This compact and bright green LED flashlight is specially designed for hunters. Night hunting can be fun and effective but it is challenging to find the target. Hunting light is very helpful to find the game in the dark. Most of hunting games like hogs, cayotes, fox or other varmints, are less sensitive to red or green light so you can found the game and aim at the target without alerting them.

This hunting light features Cree green LED. 350 lumens green output. Effective range 250-300 yards beam. As it doesn’t use lens or filters, It produces 100% green light which allows you to see more clearly and farther. It also comes with a pressure switch and rifle mount. Put this hunting light on your rifle today. Your next hunting trip will be easier and more enjoyable!




13. Compound Bow Carrier Pack

This Bow Carrier pack not only lets your bowhunter carry a bow over their shoulder, which is handy on the way to a blind or tree stand in the dark, it helps protect a compound bow’s strings, cables and cams.




14. Goose Decoy

Who wouldn’t love an ultra realistic goose decoy wrapped up under their Christmas tree?







15. Icotec GEN2 GC320 Electronic Call/Decoy Combo

GEN2 GC320 Caller Features:

  • 300-yard remote range (It changed the industry 5 years ago!)
  • Play two sounds simultaneously (Everyone wants to follow here.)
  • NEW call pause button (Pause and restart where the sound left off.)
  • 24 professional quality audio calls (The best multi-species sounds.)
  • NEW ON/OFF backlit buttons for night hunting (Night hunting for less!)
  • NEW tripod mount (Volume reaches further without additional speaker.)
  • Swivel antenna (Added durability.)
  • NEW bump on handle for hanging on branch (More convenient than before.)
  • External speaker port
  • Decoy activation/deactivation button on remote
  • Model AD400 included (Built. Rock. Solid.)
  • Tremendous battery life (Still leading the industry here!)

Professional calls include:
Coyote Female
Coyote Male
Coyote Pup Distress
Coyote Yip/Howl
JD Howl
Wolf Pup Distress
Gray Fox Distress
Red Fox Distress
Cottontail Distress
Jack Rabbit Distress
Squirrel Distress
Baby Bunny Distress
Mouse Distress
Fawn Distress
Goat Distress
Chicken Distress
Rat Distress
Woodpecker Distress
Black Bird Distress



16. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack,Military Sport Bag Pack Shoulder Backpack

G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack,Military Sport Pack Daypack Shoulder Backpack for Camping, Hiking, Trekking,Rover Sling Pack Chest Pack.

SMALL&LIGHTWEIGHT: 7.87*5.51*9.87 inches (L*W*H).Weight:8oz.Volume:7L or so. Multiple internal pockets and three external compartments, one front zippered pocket, one main zippered pocket, one padded back pocket, compact enough to keep your accessories organized.
MULTIPURPOSE: Used for EDC sling pack, chest bag, hand bag, tactical versipack, pouch, first-aid kit, diaper bag and so on. It is very handy and convenient. The little small pack, popular with lots of customers, definitely can meet your most of needs.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from upgraded 600D polyester fabric – Lightweight, durable material. Double zip closure, padded heavy duty handle and upgraded stitching make it possible for your daily bag.
HUMANLIZED DESIGN: Two clips on the two sides make it switched between left or right hand side, suiting your body shape. Besides, The Velcro on the back pocket can hold the strap convenient for a hand bag.


17. Easton Archery Essentials Value Kit

This kit contains:

• Extra Large Folding Allen Wrench Set
• Nock Installation & Removal Tool
• Wedge Arrow Puller
• Zippered Case Cube
• Bowstring Wax
• Serving Thread
• D-Loop Rope
• Broadhead Wrench





18. Fresh Earth Scent Wafers Cover Scent Wafers Hunting Accessories

The Hunters Specialties® Fresh Earth Scent Wafers is the perfect way to help reduce your scent when out hunting. The wafers can easily be pinned to your clothing or hung around your hunting site.


  • Pure, concentrated scent masks odors
  • Pin to clothing or hang from your hunting site
  • Re-sealable container revitalizes wafers after use
  • Scent can
  • 3-pack



19. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube

The Wapiti Whacker will create all the sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location and display calls of a bull elk. With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. The most realistic sounding elk grunt tube ever! #137

The Wapiti Whacker utilizes the V.E.T.T. Calling System placed in the mouth end opening to help create better back-pressure, aiding in easier to obtain note changes. The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions that is located in the front section of the call. The spring helps create more volume, stabilizes the higher notes, maintains higher pitches and takes less air pressure to operate while blowing into it. The dimensions of the inner hole size help to create deeper, raspier base sounding chuckles, growls and grunts, along with the larger chamber to create the accuracy and realism of elk calling.




20. Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit – Fixed Blade Full Tang Handle Portable Butcher Game Processor Set

The perfect gift for any kind of sportsman or sportswoman out there.

Everyone could use a fresh butcher kit and your gift recipient will be proud to have this one in their arsenal.






21. Plano Archery Accessory Box

The Plano Archery Accessory Box is a super simple, affordable bowhunting gift under $25. It’s not flashy, but wow, is it useful. Bowhunters have a lot of small miscellaneous pieces of specific gear they need to store . . . and then access without scrambling to find it. This handy box has a see-through lid, foam insert compartments and a lift-out accessory tray with 8-16 adjustable compartments. A bowhunter can store broadheads in it, field points, fletches, glue, tools, nocks, peep sights, serving thread, and more.



22. Scent Crusher Hard Tote

Store your hunting apparel and accessories in the Scent Crusher™ Ozone Tote to ensure that your gear will be scent-free when you head into the woods. This 40 gallon tote includes an ozone generator that kills bacteria and eliminates odors within 30 minutes. The heavy duty design is perfect for hauling in the back of a truck and it’s even airport and TSA complaint for those long trips to your favorite hunting areas. Your hunting gear will be ready for immediate use after storage within the Scent Crusher™ Ozone Tote.


  • Wheeled ozone stow-and-go unit
  • Comes with maintenance-free digital ozone generator
  • Generator runs for up to 30 minutes at a time
  • Heavy duty design
  • Constructed with polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Oversized handles for easy carrying or rolling
  • Includes lid
  • 20-year life expectancy
  • Airport/TSA compliant
  • Capacity: 40 gal
  • Dimensions: 35”L x 21”W x 18”H
  • Includes a 12V adapter and 110V charger


Treat your beloved bowhunter with a gift from this Crossbow Christmas Gift Guide.

Who needs bows or rifles or knives or gloves? If a crossbow hunter is on your Christmas list this holiday season then this list will provide a wide variety of small to large items to gift your loved one.

And if you’d like to gift a crossbow then read this now – top Women’s Crossbows of 2019 – Reviews and Comparison or get matched to the Best Crossbows for the best price.




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