crossbow hunting in washington state

Before you attempt crossbow hunting in Washington state – do this!

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Crossbow is undoubtedly an increasingly popular way to do hunting but rules and regulations are yet to be followed. And if you are crossbow hunting in Washington state you need to know this stuff.

We can’t simply take a crossbow and start hunting, right?

In Washington state, there used to be no permissions or regulations for hunting with a crossbow, only permissions were granted on hit and trial basis.

Then it was allowed for disabled hunters only.

Right now Washington has changed the regulations to some extent.

Before you take out your crossbow hunting in Washington state, here are some regulations to keep in mind:

Before you attempt crossbow hunting in Washington state - do this!


#1. Watch out for the Current Season

Hunting with a crossbow in Washington’s capital is prohibited during archery-only season. If you have a disability and are unable to participate in hunting with a rifle, then you are allowed to hunt with a crossbow.

For all other seasons, regulations do allow allow for crossbow hunting and you will find several passionate hunters out there.


#2. Certifications and Hunting Permits

For legal coverage, you have to successfully complete a hunter education course from certified institutes.

Make sure that you have this hunting permit with you whenever you are on a hunting excursion.


#3. Make sure the crossbow specs are up to the mark

To hunt legally in Washington, you need to double check the crossbow specs. Make sure your crossbow has a minimum draw weight of 125 lbs. or more. Any quality crossbow will meet that requirement for sure.


#4. Wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing

After checking your crossbow specs, it’s time to follow the regulations for hunter clothing. To have no legal concerns, you must wear a minimum 400 inches of fluorescent hunter orange that is visible from all sides. It must cover the entire body from the waist-up and wear a hat (although it is not a mandatory thing to do).


#5. Some more specifications on crossbow hunting in Washington state

Other than clothing and crossbow specifications, we have to take care of broadheads while hunting:

  • Make sure your arrow + broadhead together weighs a minimum of 350 grain
  • About diameter, the broadhead cutting-diameter should be 7-8 inches minimum, you can take more of it as there’s no restriction for this
  • Using expandable broadheads that are rocking the market is very illegal for hunting

With these regulations in mind, you are ready to move ahead without running into legal issues.

The benefits of crossbow hunting are many, you require no energy to pull up once it is cocked, just aim and shoot. Over time, your skills will improve.

Final Recommendation on crossbow hunting in Washington state:

Make sure you visit Washington rules for hunting page and go in-depth about the details. Before you get a crossbow, make sure it follows the specifications we discussed. Also, contact the Washington board for permissions and tell them everything about your hunting strategy.

They might help you with their trained team to share what to do and what not to. This way, you can remain safe on all sides and enjoy hunting your favorites hassle-free.

If there’s anything we need to update about crossbow hunting in Washington State or and new regulations concerning hunting in general in this state, do let us know in comments below.


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