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The 21 Best Crossbow Learning Resources

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The crossbow has a rich history that would require volumes upon volumes to fully document and learn from. However, when you are not learning by hands-on experience we recommend studying from these collections of online and offline resources for information on Crossbows. Strengthening your knowledge when you are not in the field is just as important as your “in the field” training. I have broken them down these crossbow learning resources into categories: websites, books and offline options.

The 21 Best Crossbow Learning Resources

Right at your finger tips you can peruse one of these many resources online ⤵️


This is a fantastic site full of articles, guides and reviews which are written by extremely experienced people with at least 5 years of experience. This experience comes from crossbow shooting, archery and hunting. Add this to your list of resources to become a better crossbow hunter.



Field & Stream offers a wide selection of outdoors equipment and insight on this equipment.  From camping, hunting & fishing gear from top brands, you’ll gain a perspective on good equipment that you might want to take home.
Your town might even have its very own Field & Stream store which would allow you to head on over and ask questions in person.


This website is run by hunter Al Parsons. He has a passion for hunting and loves sharing this passion with his readers.  He’s done a great job on this site and its extremely visually appealing.

He covers all things bow hunting – everything from crossbows to compounds but he throws in an article here and there about hunting with rifles as well.

He reviews the gear that he uses when he heads out to hunt.  And believes that newer is not always better and shares his tried and true tools and tricks of the trade.



Owned by parent company, Northern Tool, the Sportman’s Guide is an online retailer of hunting and fishing gear, military surplus, ammunition and outdoor sporting goods. It is based in South St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. The company was founded by Gary Olen in 1970, and the first Sportsman’s Guide catalog mailed in 1976. Similar to Field and Stream in some ways, you’ll find insight to crossbow gear that you will be able to apply to your research.



This business was started by Paul and Billie Jo Korn in 1989. Wow! They’ve been in the business for decades and it shows.

In 2001, they created A-1 Archery Products, a division that creates products to sell to other archery pro shops.

Then in 2002 they started A-1 Taxidermy. Talk about going from A to Z in the hunting business.  Or in this case it would be A-1 to Z.  ?

A few years later, they began chronicling their hunts and placed these chronicles in DVD format.   And along the way they have kept up with their website too.

Paul and Billie are truly in the trenches of helping you in crossbow hunting, archery and crossbow learning resources.



For All Your Archery Needs, always keep a bookmark on PinkCrossbow.com

Pink Crossbow is here to help you get started in and improve your archery.

Whether that’s with a crossbow or bow, we have the latest reviews, the best how to guides and lots of tips and tricks! Whatever archery resource you’re looking for you’re sure to find it here.



The cover a wide variety of outdoor topics focused on being in the wilderness of course.

Some of their best articles include:

✔️ The Top 15 Best Laser Rangefinders for Bow and Rifle Hunting in 2019: Ratings & Reviews

✔️ Best Climbing Tree Stands for Rifle and Bow Hunting

✔️ Best Hunting Boots: Top 10 Picks



This site is full of hunting guides, hunting tips and hunting how-to’s.



Bow hunting & archery tips as well as news and gear reviews


This site offers up useful content that covers how to shoot and where to get started.

You’ll discover archery news, events and culture.

This sport includes international competitions, hunting and families gathering in backyards to compete . . this is what they cover.


The 21 Best Crossbow Learning Resources

Crossbow Learning Resources: Books

The Ultimate Guide to Crossbow Hunting: How to Successfully Bowhunt Big and Small Game across North America


Check Prices on Amazon


The Total Bowhunting Manual (Field & Stream)

This in depth manual is written by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau.

Check Amazon price here


Shooter’s Bible Guide to Bowhunting


Check price on Amazon here


Where can you obtain crossbow learning resources in person?

  1. Cabela’s
  2. Bass Pro Shops
  3. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  4. Academy Sports
  5. Orvis store (great for gear and a like minded community)
  6. Arrow-Tek Outdoors
  7. Tractor Supply
  8. BlackOvis



Everything and then some as far as education in the field of bowhunting and crossbow learning sources is available to you with just a flick of your phone or even in your own zipcode. The more you learn, the better your experience.





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