Excalibur IBEX SMF Crossbow Package

The Ibex SMF Crossbow is a small in stature but deadly in performance. The shooting platform creates an amazing compact and very powerful hunting crossbow, IBEX SMF is smooth and silent but deadly… Shooting a 350 grain arrow at speeds over 305 fps. The Ibex SMF has a bulletproof design with a trouble free service with a deadly accuracy at a great price



Excalibur Ibex SMF

Combining the performance with the Ibex SMF compact frame and its light weight of 175 lb.  The Excalibur Ibex SMF comes exclusively as a kit only. Includes a matching multiplex crossbow scope and all the mounting hardware, quiver and mounting bracket and four arrows, field points and our rope cocking aid.

The Excalibur Ibex SMF has a power stroke of 14.5 inches, and only weighs 6.2 lbs. altogether. the total length of the Ibex SMF is 36.4 inches. The arrows are 20 inches long and weigh 350 grains.

Ibex SMF stock type is a thumb hold and it has a Realtree AP HD finish. This bow has been designed to be highly accurate and very easy to use, Even for a newbie in training, or someone who is  smaller framed..

You will fall in love with this crossbow that will comfortably fill your freezer for years to come, with out the worry of any strain like an ultra high draw weight or an extremely long string travel.

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  • The Excalibur Ibex SMF is reliable and accurate.
  • Very powerful for a smaller crossbow.
  • The Quality of Ibex SMF is great, Nice and smooth.50 yards and hits dead center of target, on a 5 spot target.
  • Really like the feel of the bow and how light it feels.
  • Takes about ten minutes to put together and your all set and ready to fire.


  • Some say the Ibex SMF scope is not all accurate. Some have said the grouping is horrible. Shoots not straight.
  • If you ran into that problem you may need to remove the stock and check for the tightness of the two screws holding the trigger assemble, or replace the scope, which could solve those issues.
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The Excalibur Ibex SMF is a crossbow intended to be smaller additionally intense. It is calm additionally has a smooth movement, shooting a 350-grain bolt at a speed of more than 305 fps. The force is at the very least, likely because of the lightweight casing. It is composed with camo prints to give it a chance to tone in with the foliage around it which makes it an exceptionally alluring bow and also viable.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Features and Usability

The Excalibur Ibex SMF consolidates the 175lb accuracy of the Phoenix shooting stage with the ergonomic thumbhole stock made by Excalibur. The point was to make a lightweight and little crossbow that gave a smooth bolt flight however without clamor, and thusly perfect for chasing. The usability implies that you can be more exact when you utilize it as well.


• Advertised speed is 305 FPS. My tests with 350 grain bolts resulte in 306 FPS (esteem is a normal taken subsequent to shooting 3 bolts through a chronograph).

• Point-clear active vitality was around 71 ft-lbs.


• The degree gave is strong and will stay located regardless of substantial utilize, requiring exceptionally insignificant (assuming any) windage and rise alterations after some time.

• A light edge with no descending lean of the front of the crossbow makes it extremely agreeable to point easily and with no “shaking.”

• Hitting 2 to 3-inch bunches from 45 yards away is not an issue at all with the Ibex, and even a tenderfoot can do it following a couple of days of training.

• Remember that precision can decrease in the event that you rooster the crossbow unevenly, or in the event that you put excessively wax on the string.

By and large: extremely precise, even in the hands of a rank fledgling.


• Any 20″ or 22″ crossbow bolts will work incredible, regardless of whether aluminum or carbon. By and by, however I do favor aluminum on this specific crossbow.

• The FPS and dynamic vitality esteems given above expect 350-grain bolts (counting tip weight). You can utilize 400+ grain bolts to accomplish somewhat more motor vitality, however remember this will lessen shooting precision as the bolts will travel slower and thus encounter more drop mid travel.

• If you need to chase, get some additional wide heads, as none are incorporated with the bundle.

• The bolts that accompanied the Ibex are 20″ Firebolts. They’re extremely sturdy and won’t baffle paying little respect to your shooting separation, and they’ll survive the effect from as close as 10 yards.


• Holds zero extremely well and requires insignificant modifications after some time.

• Some obscuring is obvious around the edges, diminishing the field of view a bit.

• The extension has 4 reticles; you locate the first for 20 yards, and the staying three will be for 30, 40 and 50 yards, separately.

By and large: a great extension that can be utilized to chase in dim conditions. The to some degree lessened field of view however can be irritating for a few seekers. Accordingly, it’s conceivable that you might need to swap the degree for something better a couple of months or years down the line. (In spite of the fact that this will rely upon your inclinations and chasing condition.)


Recurve crossbows are generally appropriate for novices, because of the absence of cams and links (this implies less support included and less parts that can possibly break). The main thing novices ought to know about is the trigger activity, which is not 100% excusing of shape botches. Thus, amateurs should give careful consideration when taking a shot at their trigger finger activity.

A few things that make the Ibex appropriate for fledglings are:

• So light (a little more than 6 lbs. with the extension mounted). Indeed, even little surrounded toxophilite have no issues conveying and shooting it.

• Very precise at shorter and (more than 50 years) separations.

• Can be utilized to chase for both deer and elk effectively.

Remember there is no hostile to dry fire instrument set up. Make a point to move the wellbeing to “on” position directly after you chicken the Ibex to keep away from an occurrence of dry fire, which would void your guarantee and likely annihilate your crossbow.


• The Ibex gives enough active vitality to bring down deer and elk.

• If you need to chase for the biggest amusement (cape bison for example), this crossbow won’t be sufficient, and you’ll require something all the more effective.

• Very simple to move in a tree stand and bear in the field, because of the short length a super light weight (even with extras introduced).

• Very tranquil, notwithstanding for a recurve crossbow.

Generally speaking: insofar as you’re not after the biggest amusement on the planet, the Ibex will work splendidly as a chasing weapon.


I’ve just shot around 600 bolts from this xbow, thus far I haven’t seen any indications of wear or serving partition. Can’t state precisely to what extent the string will keep going, however in light of the encounters of a companion who’s possessed the Ibex for longer than I have, you should hope to shoot more than 1000 bolts before a substitution string is required.


To the extent the Ibex goes, make a point to investigate the present cost on Amazon.com before you settle on a purchasing choice. You can likewise check with some brandishing merchandise stores in your neighborhood.

The Excalibur Ibex SMF has a power stroke of 14.5 inches and weighs 6.2lbs through and through. The aggregate length of the crossbow is 36.4 inches. The bolts are 20 inches long, and they weigh 350 grains. The speed is 305 fps. The stock sort is thumb hold, and it has a Realtree AP HD wrap up. It is intended to be exceptionally exact and simple to utilize, and clients of this item concur it does for sure item great outcomes and rushes to figure out how to utilize.

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