GamePlan Gear BowBat System Review

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As an avid outdoors enthusiast and hunter, one of the most difficult things you’ll ever experience is trying to keep all of your hunting gear in one place. Instead of trying to repurpose an old rucksack or backpack, it’s time that you considered a specialized pack for everything under the sun. The GamePlan Gear BowBat System is equipped with everything that you could ever need for your entire bow system, and more.

GamePlan Gear BowBat System

With the help of the GamePlan Gear BowBat System, you’ll never have to worry about finding spots for all of your hunting equipment and you can guarantee that everything you stow away will be protected as you trek through the wilderness. This pack is designed to give you easier access to all of your most important tools as well as any additional items that you bring with you on your hunting trip.

At first glance, you’ll notice just how versatile this pack is, especially as it comes with a collection of pockets, detachable components, and convenient carrying compartments for everything you could dream of ranging from clothing to bolts and arrows.

Who is this Product for?

There are plenty of problems that the GamePlan Gear BowBat System solves, however, its perfect for people who are in desperate need of a piece of equipment that does all of the work for them. Hunting can be a peaceful experience, as long as you’re able to easily grab hold of everything you need and keep it in one convenient location.

What makes the GamePlan Gear BowBat System so unique is that it’s not only a bag that is useful for hunters but survivalists as well as you don’t necessarily need to use the compartments for what they are designed for. Instead, you can carry a collection of MREs, defensive weaponry, and other tactical gear that you’d need in the event of an emergency.

It truly is a well-rounded pack that you’re going to find yourself gravitating to any time you feel like taking a hike or a trip into the woods.

What’s Included?

When you first receive the GamePlan Gear BowBat System, there aren’t any additional accessories that you’ll get. However, you won’t need anything more than what the base unit has to offer. It’s an all-inclusive design that requires zero setup and no instructions to learn the ins and outs of its design, and it gives you a more enjoyable experience learning about all of the great things it has to offer.

Overview of Features

As you can surely tell, there is an onslaught of features that you’re going to want to play with once you receive your GamePlan Gear BowBat System, including:

  • Convertible design: Not only does the pack give you ample carrying space, but it’s also a backrest that you can easily affix to your treestand for a more comfortable hunting experience. You’ll also have the ability to use the pack as a treestand organizer, allowing you to leave the entire pack open so all of your equipment is at your disposal without having to unzip or unclip any additional components.
  • Protective CamCovers: For easy storage of your bow, you’ll appreciate the protective CamCovers that are fully adjustable, giving you the ability to customize the storage compartment for any size bow.
  • Integrated zipper panel: Aside from regular hunting gear, you can also take advantage of a zipper panel that can store anything from an extra pair of clothing to scent sprays and extra tools.
  • Attachable quiver wing: With the help of the quiver wing, you can attach your quiver to the outside of the pack, so all of your bolts or arrows are easily accessible without having to open any special compartments.
  • Protective padding: Above all else, the GamePlan Gear BowBat System isn’t solely designed for storage as it has plenty of protective padding that is essential for maintaining the integrity of your hunting equipment in all weather conditions and different types of terrain.

Video Tutorial on How to Use the GamePlan Gear BowBat System


Comfort and versatility are two important things that your hunting pack should offer, which is what makes the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Crossbow Pack a great alternative for people who are more interested in a backpack rather than a side pack. There are a couple of unique differences between the two models to consider, including:

  • Adjustable pockets: With the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Crossbow Pack you’ll be able to adjust the crossbow storage pocket to also accommodate other types of weapons, such as guns.
  • Organizational pockets: Inside of the main pocket, you’ll have an organizational compartment to help keep smaller components separated from one another, which is something the GamePlan Gear BowBat System doesn’t offer.
  • Included rain cover and hydration pocket: To make the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Crossbow Pack even more versatile, you’ll receive a rain cover and a hydration pocket for your hydration bladder.
  • Exterior clip-style holsters: With two additional clip-style holsters located on the outside of the pack, you can have easy access to any additional survival gear or weapons required while hunting or in an emergent situation.

Final Thoughts

The GamePlan Gear BowBat System is a versatile pack that is great for people who are heading outdoors to capture big or small game. With plenty of pockets and storage compartments, you certainly won’t run out of space, and as it can double as a treestand backrest, you’ll have an all-inclusive piece of gear with plenty of purposes. What makes the GamePlan Gear BowBat System so great is the fact that it not only will prove to be useful for hunters but general outdoor enthusiasts alike and it’s all available for a very affordable price.


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