As It’s pretty impossible to shoot properly if you don’t have the right draw length. But How to determine your draw length for archery? here we will be discussing how to properly measure your draw length.

To determine your proper draw length, you will need these two things

  1. Tape or Pencil
  2. Measuring tape

Step one, Stand tall and reach out to their side with their palms open facing forward.

Step two, paste the tape at the tip of the middle finger on the wall.

Step three, Then use a measuring tape to determine the measurements between the fingers from the tip of middle finger, record the arm span.

Step Four,  divide the measurement by 2.5 and the end results would be your draw length. 🙂

Here’s a video we found that explains what we are talking about.

How To Determine Dominant Eye For Shooting – Right or Left?

Not really sure, that’s ok we have a suggestion on how to determine which is their dominant eye, there are many ways to determine which eye is your dominant one. The most effective way that we found that works the best in the example below.

Stand in front of a friend or family member,  and take your right hand and aim to touch the person’s nose, repeat the same with their left hand. Now do it with both hands at the same time.

Depending on what side of your helpers nose he or she keeps touching (left or right) if they touch the left side more so than the right than they are dominant with they should be shooting with a left-hand bow vise verse.

“This will help you know, which eye is more dominant.”

Or you can take a look at this video by Howcast as they have another great tip on how you can determine quickly which eye is dominant.

Are you looking for more tips for Beginner Archers? If so great, take a peek at our bowhunting basics for beginners .

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