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Hunting Apps Worth Considering

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In the past decades, the idea of using hunting apps to assist you while out in the woods would have been entirely unheard of, but now it’s a common thing. The age of technology has made it easier with the development of apps designed to help with location, survival, hunting connections, and more.

Having a survival or GPS app installed on your phone could keep you out of a seriously dangerous situation if you were to get lost. Thus, let’s look at some of the top-ranking hunting apps, and the features that they have to offer.

Hunting Apps: Our Top Picks

1. GPS Tracks

As one of the highest rated navigation apps, GPS Tracks allows you to track your outdoor activities and save all your favorite destinations. The app features a built-in compass and gives you the option of drawing lines between coordinates, giving you precise distance and arrival time.

Additionally, it tracks your speed and takes GPS static observations, and then imports them to multiple file sharing applications such as Dropbox. The developer also offers numerous packages as well as a GPS Tracks Pro version.


  • Standard: $3.99
  • GPS Tracks Pro: $19.99/year


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to create new tracks
  • Doesn’t drain battery life
  • Exports data to multiple platforms


  • Reported issues of some maps not loading in the bush
  • Functions best in QGIS mode
  • Best features are only available with the Pro version

2. iHunt by Ruger Hunting Calls

When hunting, animal calls can be a priceless tool to have at your disposal, and thanks to the iHunt by Ruger Hunting Calls app, you can have over 750 calls for over 55 species. Ruger also gives you the ability to create your animal call playlist.

Outside of hunting calls, the iHunt app provides you with a basic compass, activity log, user photos, access to the Ruger’s website for shopping, weather, solunar times, and more. You can use the app with your phone’s speakers, though it is designed to work best with Ruger’s iHunt Bluetooth speaker.


  • Demo Version: Free
  • Full Version Unlocked: $5.99


  • Reliable and friendly customer support
  • An interactive app
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Solunar times are highly accurate


  • Most of the features are locked until the app is paid for
  • Some animal calls are slightly off
  • Missing the highly requested wolf call

3. SAS Survival Guide

The best-selling SAS Survival Guide has made its way to an app form, making it easier for survivalists of all levels to get their hands on. The app provides you with impressively elite training techniques and features the full version of the book, formatted for mobile use.

Included in the app is 16 videos that give nothing but the best survival information and informative photo galleries of animal tracks and plants. Also, the app offers a brief look at certain snakes and sea animals, as well as a section devoted to surviving in extreme climates. There is also a test that is inclusive of 100+ questions that you can answer to see if your survival skills are already worthwhile.


  • Lite Version: Free
  • Full Version: $6.50


  • Rich and clear photo gallery
  • Includes a Morse code signal device and sun compass
  • User-friendly with a user-friendly interface


  • Lite version doesn’t feature nearly as much information
  • Missing a video on basic compass navigation
  • The app is known to crash if you aren’t running an updated version of the software

4. HuntStand

HuntStand is a custom mapping app that lets you build and edit your hunting property with 67 custom icons that include food, ponds, roads, shapes, and scouting marks. You can also sync the maps you made with your friends, create a personal profile, and even find your friends using the friend-finder feature that comes with the app. It also has the patent-pending HuntZone technology, which shows the speed of wind, direction, and distance, letting you know where your scent is going to be at a particular time.


  • Free, with In-App Purchases


  • HuntZone Technology lets you know where your scent travels
  • Sync created maps with multiple devices
  • Detailed weather and solunar information


  • GPS portion of the app consumes battery life
  • Temperature doesn’t seem to have a Celsius option
  • Can experience some crashing without the updated software installed

5. iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

The iSolunar hunting and fishing app is one of the best apps known for providing peak activity and feeding information for fish and wildlife. It includes custom mapping, moon rise and set times, sunrise and sunset times, weather, tide tables, and more. Also, this app works anywhere in the world, which is a significant benefit for those who like to travel. Experienced hunters always say that timing is everything, and the iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times app provides precise timing information and other features such as automatic GPS, five-day weather forecast, and a calendar for advance solunar data.


  • Trial Version: Free
  • Full Version: $4.99


  • Trophy room that lets you take pictures from within the app and share to Facebook
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accurate data


  • App can crash without updated software
  • The trial version isn’t as long as the majority of other apps


The five hunting and survival apps are just a few of the wide range that is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Depending on the type of hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities, you could find the app of your dreams in this guide. Happy hunting!

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