Lil’ banshee bow

Barnett’s great outdoors lil banshee Jr pink compound archery set is perfect for kids or Youth bows, as it is a perfect way to introduce archery to children. The Lil Banshee Bow is made with realtree camouflage, comes in black and of course pink. This bow has Ambidextrous reinforced handle, soft-touch grip for excellent handling.

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Barnett Lil’ Banshee Compound Set

Product Description: This set is 18 pound compound bow featuring an all new soft touch grip, also has a ambidextrous reinforced handle. With eye catching color for the beginner. kids Archery Set it includes 2 target arrows, finger tab, and an adjustable sight.

This compound bow will be a hit with your children, and there friends who are interested in archery. Keeping them outside entertained for many hours, and off the Xbox or computers… This lil banshee bow is high quality and will last for quite a while. Only thing is the fletching isn’t all that durable, as it hits part of the bow while flying out. And over time it will begin to tear. You may want to insert your own feather fletching.



Lil’ Banshee Pink Compound Bow

Lil’ banshee pink compound bow also comes in┬áTRT Camo compound bow. But it does not come with a target, you may want to purchase one. Or create one. You will need 29 inch arrows or longer, as it only comes with two arrows. No finger gloves are needed for this compound bow, as they come with ingenious finger rollers attached to the string. I’d recommend buying an arm guard, to protect your child’s arms from string burn. Purchasing the arm guard will eliminate this problem keeping your children safe. Make sure when purchasing the arm guard to purchase child-sized guard.

Keeping your children busy and active, helping them be more in the great out doors and more active… Is always a good thing…

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Lil’ Banshee Features:

  • Available in TRT Camo and Pink
  • Compound
  • Ambidextrous Riser
  • Soft-Touch Reinforced Grip
  • Draw weight: 18 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18-22 in

The Lil’ Banshee is a solid compound bow. It is built very well for a bow that cost so little.
Making Lil Banshee is a great buy, to introduce archery to your children.

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