Bone Collector Double Duty Target

Bone Collector Double Duty Target


Morrell Archery Targets- Bone Collector Double Duty Target 400 Broadhead Target is a cubed style target with four shootable sides. Morrell Archery Targets is designed specifically to be shot with a broadheads only. The stopping power for arrows up to 400 FPS from crossbows or the compound.




Morrell Bow Targets – Outdoor Experience

Morrell’s bow targets are for Shooting anything other then a Broadhead you will find it is pretty impossible, to remove your arrows as they will get stuck. You will find using a Broadhead is way easier to remove from the bone collector target.

Take the Bone Collector anywhere as it has easy to carry handles equipped giving you the best outdoor experience for target practice. Completely weather proof, easy to remove your arrows.

Morrell’s Bone Collector was designed for extended life, as it has a nucleus center.
Please Note that this Item is over sized, additional charges will be applied at check out.
Manufacturer Number:135. And the Measurements are 18 x 18 x 16 and weighs 16 lbs.
Color of Morrell’s Bone Collector isĀ  yellow.

Note: Nucleus meaning is the control center of the cell, the main structure.


Morrell’s Bone Collector MLT Super Duper Archery Target

Morrell's Bone Collector MLT Super Duper Archery Target


Last but not least, by Morrell. This target comes with a 2 year warranty. Easy arrow removal. Stopping all hard hitting bows up to 350 fps. This target is good for anyone whether you are a newbie or a pro.

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Morrell’s Bone Collector MLT Super Duper Archery Target is very sturdy, and it will take a lot of hits. Only Suggestion Is not to leave it out side over night, as It may attract a few coon’s. Overall you will find that this is a great bag to practice on.

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