Parker Crossbows Thunderhawk Outfitter Package Review

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There are times when it’s more convenient to purchase a package than buy item per item, and when crossbows are concerned, that couldn’t be closer to the truth. When you buy a set, you typically get everything you need to start with your archery experience, and they work even better if you’re a new shooter.

We’ve looked at the Parker Crossbows Thunderhawk Outfitter Package to see if it has everything you need to get started and how it performs when put to the test, so you aren’t wasting your hard-earned dollars.

Parker Crossbows Thunderhawk Outfitter Package

The Parker Crossbows Thunderhawk Outfitter Package is a product that features not just a bow, but some arrows and various other pieces. The Thunderhawk Crossbow was initially released in 2015, and since then, Parker Crossbows have also released the Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow, and an additional package that features more items.

Who Is This Product For?

New shooters should find significant benefits in purchasing a package such as the Thunderhawk Outfitter Package. Although it doesn’t have everything that a beginner needs, it definitely provides you with enough items to get you going with the activity.

However, it’s not just new shooters who can enjoy the benefits from this incredible bow. Thus, it’s also a reliable option for both new and experienced archers.

What’s Included?

If you purchase the Outfitter, you can expect to receive the crossbow, your choice of a 1x or 3x illuminated or non-illuminated reticle scope, four 100-grain field point arrows, and a quick-detach four arrow quivers.

Overview of Features

The Thunderhawk Crossbow was rated as Parker’s top-selling bow and continues to modernize the industry with impeccable weight, speed, value, and performance. It has Advanced Split Limb Technology that comes with an integrated fulcrum pocket system to make it compact.

The Thunderhawk Bow was engineered with Parker’s trademarked Synergy cameras that provide better performance and lower the cocking effort by up to 50% when used with the EZ Roller Rope Cocker. Durability is also promised with the Thunderhawk Crossbow, as it was made with an aluminum rise and a ballistic polymer barrel. It also has a G2 Bull-pup trigger, and an ergonomic grip.

Parker has also ensured that the safety of their consumers is a top priority by installing an anti-vibration and anti-shock system, along with ambidextrous design, and anti-dry fire. A vented forearm and balance point for ideal accuracy have also been integrated.

How to Use Your Crossbow Package

Using a crossbow can be a dangerous activity not just for those of you who are new to archery but also for those who are experienced and people in the area. As an inherently deadly weapon, it’s imperative that you know just how your crossbow works before you take it to the woodlands. It’s also recommended that you set up a practice range in your backyard so that you can hone your experience and have a more precise eye.

The majority of archery accidents happen by someone misfiring their arrow and hitting the wrong target. Fortunately, we have found and included a short video concerning the Parker ThunderHawk Crossbow, and we recommend that you watch it before you attempt to play with your new package. Also, ensure that you read all instruction and warning manuals that come from the manufacturer.


As we have mentioned earlier, the Parker ThunderHawk Crossbow Outfitter Package doesn’t include all the things you would need. As the alternative, we decided to feature the Parker ThunderHawk Crossbow Perfect Storm Package. You are working with the same crossbow, but it does offer you more.

Here’s a full list of what is included in the box:

  • Illuminated multi-reticle scope
  • Six Red-hot high-velocity arrows
  • Six 100-grain field point arrows
  • Three Red-hot Crosspro broadhead arrows
  • Red-hot roller rope cocker
  • Red-hot sling
  • Soft case
  • Wax and Lube


The overall design of the ThunderHawk Outfitter Crossbow Package is an excellent starting point. If you’re someone looking to add just a few items to their collection or wants to purchase a crossbow but doesn’t know where to start, this package is ideal for you.

That being said, those who have spent their time practicing and hunting might require more than what comes in the minimal Outfitter package. The Perfect Storm package can be a great choice for you, but you would need to spend more.

Nonetheless, both packages that Parker has put together are fantastic and are easy to handle. The same crossbow comes with both, and the pros far outweigh the cons. During our research, the only thing we were able to find that could be a small hindrance is that the polymer barrel may have a screw or two loose from time to time, and it would need to be tightened, so performance doesn’t get affected.

Whether you purchase the ThunderHawk Crossbow Outfitter or Perfect Storm Package is up to you. What we learned during our investigation is that we support both of them and it’s all a matter of your preference.


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