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EBBQ Princess Camo Youth Bow Case Review

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Are you looking for a way to protect your child’s compound bow while also teaching them about respecting the things that they own? Look no more.

What you need to invest in is a case for their compound bow. Owning a case helps to show them how to take care of an expensive item, and it ensures that the bow is kept safe.

To make this even more appealing, this particular youth bow case is for every little princess out there. It has pink edges with a camo design, so your little archer can get the best of both worlds in one single case. Let’s learn more about it.


EBBQ Princess Camo Youth Bow Case

This pink inspired compound bow case is a simple yet smart solution to storing and carrying a bow around. It’s a soft-shell case by the bow accessory brand EBBQ.

Who Is This Product For?

As mentioned, this product is for a young girl or child who loves pink. While it is mostly camouflage, it also has some pink edging on it. The size of it isn’t big enough for an adult sized bow, so it can really only be used by those who own youth bows.

What’s Included?

This case comes with nothing else, but it has some interesting features which you can read about in the next section.

Overview of Features

The overall dimension of this bag is 39” by 15.5” by 2”, and even with the interior padding, it can fit bows that are up to 34” in length. This makes this carrying case ideal for both youth-sized bows and some smaller adult-sized bows. Hence, be sure to check that your bow will fit these measurements before choosing it.

The arrow pocket on this particular case holds arrows up to 32” in length. Besides that arrow pocket, there are no additional accessory pockets on this bow case, so you may still need another case to hold additional items if they are needed.

The case’s exterior has two primary qualities. First, it’s visually appealing for all young girls. Who wouldn’t love pink, right?

Second, the exterior is super durable. Even with months or years of regular usage, you’re unlikely to see any rips or tears in this bag.

The only real drawbacks of this case are that it is not a hard case, so it cannot protect the items from strong drops or falls, and that there are not enough pockets. If neither of these things will be an issue for you or your child, it will not be a problem to use.

Why Using a Compound Bow Case Matters?

You or your little one might be wondering why you need to use a compound bow case when you can simply carry and store the bow without it, but the fact is that the bow will have a more extended lifespan if it is properly stored and cared for.

When you put a compound bow into a bag like this one, you are protecting it from grim, water, dirt, dust, and many other small components that can get into the bow and cause unnecessary wear to the bow.

The case also makes it easier to transport and store your bow. Because of the size of a bow, they can be hard to maneuver when traveling or walking, but keeping them in a soft case like this makes it possible to carry it around easily while also protecting it.

Gifting this type of soft bow case to your child is a great idea to teach them how to properly care for their archery equipment while also ensuring that their bow will be safer during your upcoming outings.


For those who care more about protecting a bow from every possible damage than they do about easy portability and weight, using the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case is a good choice. This is a basic hard case for a compound bow, and it can protect a bow better than a soft case due to the hard external shell.

If you don’t want to go with the traditional camouflage look that many bow cases have because you don’t like hunting or you just don’t like the look of camo, you can try out something like the Allen Youth Compact Bow Case instead. This soft case has a sleek, simple color palette.


The EBBQ Princess Camo Youth Bow Case is a compound bow case that was designed with the young female in mind, but anyone who loves pink and wants to protect their bow could use this case.

It’s durable enough to go through a good bit of wear and tear, and it has interior padding and an arrow pocket to keep arrows up to 32” in length. These features make it a simple yet smart choice for the growing archer who wants a fashionable case to go with their compound bow.


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