Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Camo Compound Bow

Pink Diamond Compound Bow by Bowtech  Infinite Edge bow, 30″ Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package. Diamond Archery released the pink diamond infinite edge. This compound bow is amazingly versatile for anyone who enjoys archery and hunting. I’d recommend this bow if you are a beginner, or a pro.

Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow




 Youth/ladies Compound Bow

The Diamond Infinite Edge is perfect for youth/ladies or any pro, it has an Adjustable draw length/weight very light. Draw weight range from 5-70 pounds providing dependability throughout an archer’s development into archery. The Draw length ranges from 13-30 inches. The Infinite also comes with an infinite draw setting for training programs, first time shooters, or bowfishers. I would recommend purchasing True-Fire Hurricane Hybrid Pink Release for extremely smooth trigger action, also the Allen 545 3CT BLK string Loop to eliminate string wear and string torque.

The Diamond Infinite Edge is so versatile that it will be the last bow you’ll ever buy. Mass Weight 3.1 LBS, Effective Let- Off 75%, Diamond Infinite Edge has a kinetic energy of 74.7 FT- LBS with an IBO Speed of 310 FPS. Axle to Axle 31″. Brace Height 7″. This Compound bow is perfect for the beginner or pro. Do you love the color pink?  If so This case goes perfectly with your Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow, you can check it out here Pink Compound Bow Case.


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  • The Diamond Infinite is very Affordable.
  • Comes with an Adjustable draw length/weight
  • Very light weight, very smooth.
  • Usable Accessories.
  • Very Versatile for anyone.
  • Comes in Pink Camo, Perfect for ladies, Also available Black OPS for the none Pink lovers.
  • Warranty Card.


  • Does not come with Peep sight installed. You can install by your self with a bow string separator. But if your not comfortable in doing so, then I would recommend taking it to a pro shop.
  • Sight could use improvement.

Full Diamond Infinite Edge Review Follows

If you are into archery, the diamond infinite edge pink camo compound bow is definitely going to catch your eye. It is the ultimate tool for modern archery. Diamond archery is a company that deals with the creation of bows. It has a wide selection of hunting and recreational bows, and the diamond infinite edge pink camo is one of them. This bow brand is one of the very best that leads with innovation in this field, producing bows for everyone in so many different styles to accommodate each preference.

This bow is ideal for anyone who loves feeling a little less sporty, with its bright pink color that removes the plain dull look of a bow. It has all the great features of a bow and it can be used by anyone, whether you are an amateur or a pro. Some of its features include:

· Its draw weight ranges from 5 to 70 pounds, according to the user’s ability.

· It has a draw length of 13 to 30 inches.

· Its draw setting is infinite.

· The mass weight is at 3.1 lbs.

· It has its let off at 75%.

· Its kinetic energy is at 74.7 ft-lbs

· Has an IBO speed of 310 fps.

· Its Axle to axle is 31”

· It has a Brace height of 7”

It has a nice pink color, but it is a tough well-made bow that will suit all your needs. This is the most flexible bow yet, because it can be adjusted into many different forms, and it can be used for fishing hunting and even target shooting. Its package is inclusive of, a diamond bow sling, a tube peep sight, a BCY string loop, three pin RUGLO apex tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, octane 5” ultra-lite stabilizer, octane deadlock lite quiver and a bow.

When you buy this bow, you will get so many benefits from it. For instance, if you have a problem finding a bow that will suit your size, this one will not disappoint you because it can be use many people of all sizes. The back wall of this thing is super hard and solid, while its draw is firm and smooth. This is the latest of its kind and because of its versatility, it could be the only one you will ever need and anyone can use it regardless of their experience with other bows.

The diamond infinite edge pink camo is very light, do you will not have to worry about the weight when you carry. It is perfect for females and first time shooters as well as pros.


o It comes with a warranty so you can return it whenever there is a problem before the warranty is due.

o Its pink color make it ideal for females, so you can get it as a gift for one who is into hunting, bow fishing or recreational shooting.

o Special attention was given to ensure that it can be used by people with all types of height.

o It is light which means that you will not need to be strong or use much energy to use it and carry it around.

o Considering all its features, and the fact that it is so versatile, its price is very affordable.

o Once you buy it, you will get accessories to go with it, and you will also not need more bows because it can perform an extensive list of functions.

o It can be used by anyone, from professionals, to amateurs and even first timers.

o It has been made with all the features that are needed in every bow making it a one of a kind


o Its peep sight has not been pre-installed. To install it, you would need a bow string separator.

o The sight of this bow is not so impressive, but it is not a major issue.

o When you need to adjust the draw length or draw weight, the manual might not be of much use. However you can be able to get all the help you need online.

If you are an outdoor person, and specifically if you like going to hunt, bow fish or target shooting, then I would recommend this bow for you. It has all the requirements of a perfect bow.

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