Plano Protector Compact Bow Case Review

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Suitcases are used to carry your personal belongings when you travel and usually, items that you send to loved ones get protected inside of bubble wrap, so it only makes sense that your bow and arrows get protected, too. People spend a lot of money on bows and arrows, and whether you take them out on hunting trips, or you use them for fun and target practice in your backyard, it’s imperative that you keep them protected.

We’ve looked at the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case to see how sturdy and durable it is, and if it can really take care of your bow.

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

The Plano brand is quite known in the archery world for their bow and arrow cases. There is a variety of different cases from the brand available on the market, with the Compact Bow Case being the standard and top-seller. Additionally, the Compact Bow Case was one of the first protective cases released by Plano, and since then, their line has expanded to over 20 items that range from compact bow cases, arrow cases, recurve bow cases, to accessory boxes.

Who Is This Product For?

Purchasing a bow can be confusing, and so is buying a bow protection case that is why it’s essential that you make sure that whichever case you are buying, it is designed to fit the type of bow you have. The Plano Protector Compact Bow Case is designed to fit the majority of parallel limb bows and is a well-rounded case to store not just the bow, but six arrows inside of the case. As such, it is designed for novice and experienced archers.

What’s Included?

There’s no need to assemble this protection case when you purchase it, which saves you a lot of time. When the case gets shipped to you, you receive the pre-assembled Plano Protector Compact Bow Case that holds parallel limb bows and passes all airline travel standards. Outside of that, you also receive standard packaging, warranty documentation from Plano, and a nameplate order form.

Overview of Features

The Plano Protector Compact Bow Case is a hard case that’s constructed to keep your bow safe from outside elements. The patented PillarLock system ensures that the case remains locked and childproof, while the additional storage beneath the lid provides ample space for a maximum of six arrows. It also includes a high-density foam on the bottom interior to protect your bow.

The styling is sleek and lightweight. It is also easy to carry because of the integrated handle. Plano also made sure that they utilized every inch of space available in the affordable case, and it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects your purchase in the future.

How to Use Your Protector Case?

It’s effortless to use the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case, and if you’re familiar with bows and arrows, you should be able to figure out how to use it just by looking at it. The bottom portion of the case is designed to store your parallel-limb bow in an area surrounded by soft foam, while the top part is big enough to store a maximum of six arrows. Even if you think you have it all figured out, it’s critical that you consult with your owner’s manual to ensure that everything is in the right place before you travel, especially if you’re flying on an airplane and moving through customs.


When we looked at other options, we wanted to find something that was still in the Plano line just because of how durable their protection cases are. We know that the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case was a more basic model, so it was our mission to find something that offered more, even if it did raise the price tag up a bit.

The Plano 108110 AW Bow Case is another top-seller product from the company and has a similar shape to the Protector model. The arrow storage is perfect for a variety of arrows, including the longer ones. Additionally, it has the same PillarLock system but also includes spring-assisted dual-stage latches and a weather resistant rubber seal.

There is room to fit 12 instead of six arrows, and it accommodates both carbon and standard fiber arrows. As a bonus, Plano includes a tie-down strap and enough room to store a fully-packed quiver.



There isn’t much that we found wrong with the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case, except for the minimum arrow storage space. However, after doing thorough research, we concluded that it is an excellent option for those of you who are just starting out and need something to carry around minimal gear. If you’ve been in the game for a while and if you own a larger bow and more arrows, you might want to look into something more durable.

The Plano 108115 AW Bow Case is by far our favorite between the two. Both are durable, don’t crack under pressure, and pass airline and travel expectations, but we just feel that spending the extra dollars to get something with more features and benefits is worth it in the long run.

No matter which option you go with, you get your money’s worth with Plano. There’s a reason that their bow cases are some of the best ones on the market.


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