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A portable bow press is a must-have for any serious hunter. Anything can happen when you are out hunting. Of course we don’t need to tell you that.  I’m sure you have experienced many challenges and made a number of memories (some not always delightful to remember). Portable bow press review

What is it? A bow press is a tool that draws in the limbs of the bow in order to take the tension off of the string and cables.

Prior to going out on your hunting trip you’ll want to purchase the best portable bow press that you can fit into your budget.  Using a bow press can be the difference between a successful hunting trip and a complete failure. A portable bow press can rescue you when you have a broken or cut string or if your arrow is not shooting straight.

A portable bow press puts all the capabilities of a full size bow press in the palm of your hand.

The  portable bow press allows you to easily replace the string or cables, adjust draw length, replace wheels or replace the limbs and more.

And a good bow press can perform a wide variety of maintenance and repair tasks, the portability of these make them the perfect choice for taking on the road with you. This means you’ll no longer have to lose out on valuable hunting time or miss a 3-D shoot if their bows need repair.

Below are three different portable models with various features designed to help rescue you out of a tough situation. Remember, you can purchase a home bow press but you will need to have more room and more money for this.

The portable bow press should suffice for your needs and fit in your budget.

1. The Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press

The Ratchet-Loc Bow Press is specifically designed for use both at home and in the field.

 This is a great option that allows crossbow hunters to maintain and repair their bows while out in the field. And, it’s manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum in a compact design that easily fits into a day-pack.

Also, the Ratchet-Loc is made in America.


More on the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press


  • Super light
  • Compact



2. The Bow Medic Compound Bow Press 

With all the capabilities of a full size bow press yet it is lightweight and compact. The Bow Medic Portable Bow Press allows you to make a full range of adjustments and repairs at home or in the field.

Features of the Bow Medic Compound Bow Press by Bow Medic

This Bow Medic model is a compact light-weight bow press perfect for any kind of changes or repairs to our compound and cross bows. Even though it is not suitable for some bow types, it can help us replace cables and strings, fit peeps, adjust draw lengths and replace cams on most models.


  • Extremely portable
  • Strong metal construction
  • Long lasting



  • Not suitable for all bow types


3. Apple Edge Bow Press

Features of the Apple Edge Bow Press

This Apple Edge bow press has steel construction.
This steel construction helps make it last longer.
Also, it can be easily mounted to a bench or table or used as a free-standing bow press.


  • Arrow holes self-heal
  • Does not show signs of weathering
  • Ideal weight for a stationary target


  • Arrows must be fitted to your bow to prevent damage
  • The material is slightly grabby during arrow extraction
  • Recommended only for adult bows



Things to Consider When Buying a Bow Press

Tasks such as replacing the bow string, adjusting draw length or changing limbs as well as most general bow maintenance tasks require the use of a bow press.

However, it can be a dangerous task.

✅ Make sure to read the manual before you use the bow press

✅ Wear safety glasses while using it (here is a recommendation)

Bow Press Type

There are two main types of presses.

One is cable type and another is Rachet-loc type.


All-Metal Construction

The bow press is built with all metal. Metal has the ability to tolerate high tension and pulls. If the cable is non-metal make sure that the fabric ribbon is strong enough to handle the weight.

A good quality bow press will have a protective coating to prevent corrosion so that the bow press can remain with you for much longer.


Portable Bow Press Review: The Verdict

Our final recommendation as research the portable bow press options and choose the right one for your crossbow and for your budget.

Portable bow presses have all the capabilities of a full size bow press in the palm of your hand. … The bowmaster portable bow press allows the Pro shop or archer to easily replace the string or cables, install peep sights, adjust draw length, replace wheels or cams or replace the limbs.

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