Princess Pink Crossbow Case

Princess Pink Crossbow Case – Pink Urban Camo

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Princess Pink Crossbow Case – Pink Urban Camo

30-06 OUTDOORS LLC 30-06 Outdoors Princess Crossbow Case, Pink Camo, One Size

30-06 Outdoors Women’s Princess Crossbow Case, Pink urban camo, comes in one size. With moisture wicking technology, and with adjustable shoulder straps.

The dimensions: 28in. W x 40in. L x 11in. Scope height. Women’s Pink Crossbow Case weighs 2.9 pounds,
currently only being shipped within U.S Model # LXBC-1


Compact Crossbow Case – Olive/Camo

OMP Compact Crossbow Case, Olive/Camo

OMP Compact Crossbow Case, Olive/Camo is designed to accommodate most manufacture modern, compact crossbows.
With a high rise rear design allowing you the room you need for your scoped crossbow.
Compact crossbow case features a side accessory compartment,top mount quiver shell to provide you ample of room of storage.



A Well Crafted Compact Crossbow Case

This well crafted Compact crossbow case is made from a rugged 600- Denier material, offering a very soft sided interior to provide superior protection during travels.

Also has a heavy duty zipper, that allows at ease for loading and unloading ensuring a proper fit and form. Reinforced carry handle also includes adjustable shoulder straps.  Dimensions are 42″x 26″.

There is a draw back with the compact crossbow case, some say the bolt pouch needs improvement that it is to small, as it only fits 20″ bolts.

But all in all not bad for a compact case. Amazon gives it a 3.8 rating but still not too shabby…


About the Author Lisa

Lisa loves the outdoors and enjoys exploring a wide-range of activities. A mother of 3 whose seen far too many friends suffer from cancer, she believes Pink Crossbow reflects a sport for LIFE. It's a reminder that archery belongs to everyone regardless of age, size, or gender...and real enthusiasts aren't afraid to wear pink!

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