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30-06 Outdoors Princess Crossbow Case Review

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For some people, storing their crossbow requires nothing more than tossing it into whichever case they own and just go on their way. For others, they care more about the actual protection that the case provides the crossbow and the style of the case itself.

And for all lovers of the color pink, the Princess Crossbow Case from 30-06 Outdoors LLC might appeal to them. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your little girl’s first crossbow case or you love the color pink and want to get a crossbow case that will both protect and beautify your crossbow, this case might be right for you.

Let’s learn more about the case and how it could improve your life.

30-06 Outdoors Princess Crossbow Case

This soft crossbow case is a sleek and simple way to both carry and protect your crossbow while moving around. The case fits up to a full-sized crossbow, but you will want to check the exact dimensions to be sure that your crossbow will fit inside.

Who Is This Product For?

The design and marketing of this case are definitely made to appeal to a female consumer due to the pink edges on an otherwise camouflage printed bag. Any girl who loves her crossbow as much as she loves the color pink will find this bag a fun way to put a feminine touch on her hunting gear.

What’s Included?

This case comes with one crossbow case which has an adjustable strap. It has a size dimension of 28 (W) x 40 (L) x 11 (H) inches.

Overview of Features

This is a soft case that can give basic protection to your crossbow while transporting, carrying, and storing it. While it won’t protect the crossbow if something were to fall onto it, it will prevent dust or scratches from causing problems.

The shell on the outside of this case is a nylon woven material that is relatively water resistant. There is also a knit-type water-resistant lining. With these two materials, your crossbow will be relatively well protected from inclement weather.

The case tapers to be able to fit any sighting guides or other basic accessories that may be on your crossbow, but the case itself doesn’t have any extra pockets for storing accessories or any add-ons that you may want to keep with your bow.

Additionally, this case has a handle strap that you can use to carry it. It also has a set of web shoulder straps that can be adjusted and clipped on or off depending on your needs. However, it is important to note that there is no butt-end carry strap to help distribute the weight on any top-heavy crossbows.

One of the major appeal points of this case is, of course, the color! There aren’t many cases out there that are made especially for women, girls, or anyone who loves pink, but this case does a great job of subtly incorporating some color.

How to Use a Crossbow Case

When it comes to crossbow cases, you only have a few different types of options to choose from. There are both hard and soft cases, and both have their pros and cons.

Generally speaking, hard cases are more secure than soft cases, but they are also heavier and less convenient to carry with you if you need to walk or hike a lot while carrying your crossbow. For this reason, lightweight soft cases often win out even though they do not offer as much protection as hard cases.

If you’ve decided that you would prefer to use a soft case like this one from 30-06 Outdoors, there isn’t much that you need to know. Simply place your crossbow inside, zip it up, and then adjust the shoulder straps so that the bow is comfortable to carry even if you need to cover a lot to reach your destination.


If you want to invest in a case that is sure to protect every intricate part of your crossbow, you may want to use the Plano Spire Crossbow Case instead. This hard case has foam padding, heavy-duty latches, and storage space for all the accessories that you might need while out shooting.

If you prefer a more simplified color scheme, the CenterPoint AXCSBG Crossbow Case might be a good yet comparable choice for you. This soft case has very similar specs to the 30-06 model but is completely black in color.


In the end, this case is an average soft case. It can protect your crossbow from basic damages and make it easier to carry, but it doesn’t offer extra storage or any protection from big drops as a hard case might do. Still, the unique color and universal size of this case make it a smart choice for many crossbow owners or those looking to buy a gift for someone else.

Do you have a favorite type of crossbow case, or will any type work for you?


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