Quest Radical Right Hand Package

Quest Radical Right Hand Package

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Another remarkable and functional model is the Quest Radical. It comes in two different colors, both of which sport a trendy camo design. This means you can easily take it for your hunting trips without being too conspicuous. Apart from the colors, the design and structure of the model are also quite commendable because of its stylish look.

What makes this model one of the best choices for women is its lightweight body yet powerful shooting mechanism. It has a total heft of three and a quarter pounds, which makes its usage a piece of cake, even for children. You’d also like the fact that this model is quite reasonably priced considering the features and practicality it offers.

Package Inclusions:

Since it’s a whole package and not just the bow, it comes with all the essential equipment required to get you ready. The whole set includes a shudder, twine suppressor, arrow rest, stabilizer, wrist drape, peep, and a four pin sight.

Whether you want a bow for enhancing your archery skills or want to set your foot into hunting, Radical won’t disappoint you.


The bow comes with two cams, both of which are easily adjustable without any hassle of using a bow press. Not only does this adaptability allows you to modify it as per your convenience, but it also lets you enhance the force and precision of your shots. Like the Cruzer Lite, this model also comes with a split limb design and an aluminum-built riser.

The default settings of the model for both draw length and load are 25 inches and 40 pounds respectively. However, you can alter the length anywhere from 17.5 up to 30 inches. Similarly, the draw weight can be adjusted anywhere between 15 and 70 pounds. This wide range gives you plenty of options to experiment with different settings for efficiently developing your bowman skills.

Coming towards the axle-to-axle length of the model, it’s 29.25 inches. The brace elevation of the bow is around seven inches in height. With a maximum speed of 295 feet per second, the model is perfect for practicing and developing hunting skills. Its high speed helps you easily hit your target before it moves.

Despite the speed, the model always maintains the smoothness of the shots. Moreover, it is highly accurate. Just a little practice, and you’ll be hitting the bull’s eye every time you shoot with this monster. Another thing that makes it a good hunting bow is its silent operation. It doesn’t grab the attention of the target even if you are too close to it.

The construction of the model is quite impressive as it mostly features high-grade aluminum parts. Not only do they make it robust but also provide a well-balanced load-to-power proportion. However, some of the parts are also made of other materials, such as plastic, which doesn’t look as appealing. Nevertheless, the model can still effortlessly shoot stronger and powerful bows without a problem.


  • The model is extremely easy to use
  • Great for practicing hunting skills
  • Lightweight with numerous adjustment options
  • Designed for both beginners and skilled bowmen
  • The silent cams enable you to hit your target efficiently
  • Smooth and precise shots even at the highest speed


  • The model contains a few plastic parts that make it look a bit flimsy


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