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 Survival Kit Idea’s – Must Have’s for Survival Gear

Hey Folks, As many of us enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer, but how many of us are really prepared?

Here are some basic survival gear list idea’s to best assemble your survival kit for all your Must Have’s in surviving in the wilderness.  All of the products listed below can be found on Amazon for fairly cheap. Or if you would rather purchase a premade First Aid kit or Wilderness Survival Kit we have a couple packages for you to choose from that we recommend.



  • Most survival kits come equipt with a compass, to ensure you know which way to stay on course, so that you don’t end up lost, compass are fantastic to take with you and you never need to worry about replacing the batteries as they work without batteries.


  • Carry a large scale map with you so that you can plan out your hunting or hike, you can buy waterproof maps, as paper maps are useless when wet.


  • Folding stainless steel tool is an essential while you’re on your hike, there are many excellent models to choose from that are durable.

Potable Aqua Water Treatment TabletsWater purification tablets or filter

  • Having some sort of a purification either filter or tablets is an essential for survival. Boiling water isn’t enough when you are out in the wilderness, you need some sort of a filtration to purify the water for drinking.

Survival blanket

  • A survival blanket is one of the essentials to survive, they are great to keep you warm, dry, even use them as a sleeping bag to keep you nice and snug at night, as it’s very multi-versatile.

Waterproof matches

  • Not everyone can start up a fire with sticks including myself, Best to equip some waterproof matches in my survival kit keep them safe in a plastic bag or plastic container so they will float.

Headlamp or flashlight

  • You never know when you need a headlamp, great to have when you are working in the dark, best to carry extra batteries. Be sure to replace the bulb and batteries each and every time after hunting season.

Stainless steel cup

  • It’s always great to have something to drink out of, but that isn’t the only thing a stainless steel cup can do, you can also heat water and cook food with your stainless cup. It may be a littler bulkier to take with you, but it can also be a life savor.

Most survival kits come equipt with a Wire saw

  • They are lightweight wire saw will do the trick when you need to cut some wood, or build shelter, these little saws cut through anything, wood, plastic, bone and some composite materials. But this is definitely an essential to take with you.


Here is our two recommended Wilderness Survival Kits to choose from, that offer’s all the essentials for surviving in the wilderness, for each and every hunting season. Remember to restock your kit’s at the end of each hunting season.


  • Make sure to replenish any food each and every time after hunting season, always pack high energy bars & some tea, instant soup, jerky.

First Aid KitFirst Ait Kit

  • Always bring a first Aid kit with you no matter how short of a trip you are going into the woods, accidents do happen and why not be prepared for any situation.


Best to Pack a Few Extra’s 


Heavy duty aluminum foil

  • As a heat reflector, or for cooking over the fire. Cut out 5 sheets 18×24 and store aside in your survival kit for safe keeping. Fishing line – Monofilament fishing line can be used in so many ways, for fishing, drying strips of meat, repairing ripped clothes.

Fishing line

  • Monofilament fishing line can be used in so many ways, for fishing, drying strips of meat, repairing ripped clothes. Another great tip is to take along a large trash bags – Not the regular ones, I’d recommend using the heavyweight garbage bags, you can use these as cover  as they are waterproof.


  • Having a whistle on hand really helps to help locate the whereabouts so that the rescuers can find you, using a mirror to flash a signal or use it to see a wound on your face or back, as well it will help to let them know where you are, plus it’s great to use to scare off any animals.

Toilet Paper

  • Can be used in many ways besides the obvious, but it’s a great accessory to take with you in the wilderness, you can use it for starting fires and also cleaning your tools.


Don’t forget to pack a pencil and paper as you never know when you need to leave a map for directions for the rescuers to be able to find you. Plus pack a few extra Coffee filter’s as they aren’t just for brewing coffee, use them to filter out water prior to purification, Or use the filters to start a fire, as well bandaging up a wound.

Here is another great tip from one of our viewers, he mentioned to pack with you Cotton balls that are saturated in vaseline act as a homemade fire starter. Pack a bunch in a ziplock and use one at a time. Poof, like magic. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic tip with us Rob… Greatly appreciated.  🙂


Hopefully, you found our Survival Kit Idea’s useful so that you can plan ahead and be prepared for any situation while you’re out on a hunt.  If we missed anything that you’d like to add to our list feel free to send us a message in comments below, as we would love to discuss them with you.  

Have fun Play safe…




  1. There is some valuable stuff here. This is a great post – thank you for sharing

    • You are very welcome Terry, I am so happy you enjoyed our post on Survival Kit Idea’s – Must Have’s for Survival Gear! It’s always best to be prepared for the unthinkable rather than not prepared at all when you’re out venturing the wilderness.

  2. Wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared when it comes to outdoor activities. You have got great site here.


    • No neither would I when it comes to being outdoor’s, best to always plan ahead no matter where your adventures may take you! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to comment on our website. Really appreciate it!

  3. Jenn, I enjoyed this site! I like your brand as well… Cool url ! My daughter and I are taking archery up as a father daughter hobby. Of course she loved the hunger games :). We even did “rustic ” camping last summer. I like the survival tips and can add one to your arsenal! Try this too ; Cotton balls saturated in vasiline act as a home made fire starter. Pack a bunch in a zip lock and use one at a time. Poof, like magic.
    I’ll check back for some more tips.

    • Thanks so much Rob, I really appreciate your kind words. That is cool that you and your daughter are spending quality time with archery it truly is a great sport to get into with the whole family to enjoy!
      I bet you had a blast doing Rustic camping with your daughter, sounds like a lot of fun… I will definitely add cotton balls saturated in vaseline what a fabulous idea, thanks so much for sharing that with us!

      Thanks again Rob.


  4. Thanks for all this great info!

    • Hi Jann,

      You are very welcome I am glad you found our post informative. Thanks again for your comment, have fun and play safe!


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