Swhacker Two-Inch Cut Broadheads Review

Swhacker Two-Inch Cut Broadheads Review

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The name might not be the easiest to remember (or spell), but if you’re looking for a reliable, innovative broadhead with great stopping power, this Swhacker Two-Inch Cut Broadheads may be just what you need. Once you use them, you’ll understand the name too, because that’s very definitely the sound they make when they hit their mark.

The dual cutting-edge design of this blade promises a superior hunting experience, and the delayed opening of the second blade is an excellent idea, in theory. But how do these broadheads really stack up? We decided to find out.

Swhacker Two-Inch Cut Broadheads

Swhacker is an American company that manufactures technologically advanced and innovative broadheads and other bowhunting gear and accessories. They’ve built a reputation for unique products, and these two-inch cut broadheads are no different.


Some of the main features of this particular product are:

  • A unique two-step cutting system: The first set of blades open on impact to take care of hide, hair, and bone, while the second only opens after penetration, delivering maximum cutting power. It certainly makes sense to have a two-step opening process, so that the second set of blades stays tucked away and preserves the razor sharpness, so they can do their job properly once the arrow has penetrated its target.
  • Stainless steel blades: These are sharpened to a razor edge in order to deliver a quick and clean kill.
  • Manufactured from the very best materials: This product is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, hardened carbon steel tips, and anodized, aircraft grade aluminum ferrules.
  • Great accuracy: Combined with the right setup, these broadheads are designed for maximum accuracy.


There’s a lot to like about this set of three broadheads, including:

  • Well-designed cutting edge: The dual cutting-edge system ensures that there’s always a fresh cutting edge to get the job done.
  • Lightweight: In spite of this double blade system, these broadheads make clever use of lightweight materials like aluminum to keep weight down. This improves accuracy and makes aiming easier.
  • Maximum damage: The two-step opening of this broadhead does maximum internal damage to the quarry, and that means a bigger, easier-to-follow blood trail.
  • Comes as a set: The three-pack comes with a practice head, so you can get used to them before you use them in the field.
  • Made by a reputable company: Swhacker is a well-known brand name too, and with good reason. They’ve been making some very finely crafted, innovative, and advanced products for some time now, and they’ve become a favorite among big game hunters in the USA and beyond.


Fans of this broadhead will tell you that they’re the best thing out there, and they certainly do get the job done. However, as with any broadhead, they do have one or two drawbacks that you should be aware of, and they are:

  • Thin blades: These tips are designed to be as light as possible, so, while they are made from very high-quality materials, the blades themselves are fairly thin. Ordinarily, this really isn’t a problem, but if you are unlucky enough to hit your prey at the wrong angle, you might find the blades bent when you retrieve your arrows.
  • Inconsistent results: Some hunters find that these broadheads don’t deliver consistent results.
  • Poor quality bands: The bands that hold the broadheads in place when in your quiver are prone to break before you even lose your arrow. Be sure to take spares with you when hunting, or you might find yourself in trouble.
  • Not for everyone: While these are very effective broadheads, if you’re not a fan of broadheads, that could be a problem. If you prefer to avoid mechanical broadheads, these aren’t a great choice.


This pack of three Swhacker Two-Inch Broadheads comes with a practice tip so that you can get used to their flight and operation. They have an innovative two-stage design that uses two separate blades for penetration and internal damage, and they are known for their killing power and accuracy.

The tips are lightweight and generally accurate, but some users find that cutting the weight makes the blades a little too thin. That can result in damage during use, which can make using these broadheads difficult or impossible. They are also prone to opening up in transit, due to a slightly flimsy band.

As with anything new and different, you will either love these broadheads or hate them. There’s really no middle ground, and the only way to know for sure is if you try them out yourself.

If you are really a fan of mechanical broadheads, then the two-step opening will almost certainly be an improvement. But if you prefer fixed broadheads, this will almost certainly be a step too far.


Most people who try the Swhacker Two-Inch Broadheads are either looking for an alternative, such as the Rage 2 Blade SC Broadheads, or looking for confirmation that their broadhead of choice is the best one for them. These two products offer similar weight, are both designed for two-inch cutting diameter, and are both American made.

While the Rage 2 is all steel, the Swhacker incorporates aircraft aluminum, which allows them to be bigger without increasing weight. The Swhackers also have the unique two-blade delayed deployment system, but the Rage 2 incorporates their innovative Shock Collar, which eliminates the O-ring.

In size, weight, and technological advancements, these two broadheads are remarkably evenly matched, which might be why there is such fierce competition between the two brands. That’s good for us hunters though, as companies like this keep working on better designs to improve their chances of winning the race!


When it comes to mechanical broadheads, everyone will always have their favorite. There’s always one that works better for each particular hunter. That does mean that you will either love a specific product or never use it again! That is to be expected with most hunting equipment though, and you’ll never know for sure until you try.

If you haven’t tried the Swhacker yet and are still looking for the broadhead that works best for you, or you’re tired of the product you have been using and are looking for a technologically advanced alternative, then this product is definitely worth a try.

Considering the amount of engineering and the high-quality materials that go into these broadheads, and that you get a practice tip with the three-pack, these are definitely a value for money option.


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