Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target 71000

Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D ArcheryField Logic Glendel Buck offers the best 3D Archery Targets, The GlenDel Buck is still pretty large, Its body size is 200 lbs. live weight deer and offers a five-time core shooting surface. If you are seeking a 3D Archery Targets this big buck is made to last and it can stand up to the wear and tear of the constant practice.

 This big buck will prepare you for when the monster buck steps into your shooting path. Glendel makes great product’s and the glendel buck is nicely oversized, 4 sided cores that are far more shooting surface than some of the other competitions. The Field Logic Glendel holds up very well to deep penetrating arrows and removal of the arrows is not difficult at all. The Field logic Glendel is lifelike and absorbs arrows well. The legs are plastic and little wobbley, but all in all it is a very nice target.




Field Logic Big Buck Shooter 3D Archery Target 72000


Field Logic Big Buck Shooter 3D Archery Target 7200

The Field Logic Big Buck Shooter 3D Archery Target 72000, The Archery target is 25% larger insert than comparable to a 3D targets. The ground stakes are included. Features: 125 Inches Antlers and 33 inches in shoulder height. This Field Logic Big Buck Shooter is taller and heftier.

Having the best 3D archery targets for pre-season shooting is critical to be successful in the hunting seasons. For many hunters (both professional or amateur) consider purchasing top notch Field Logic Shooter Big Buck 3D Archery Targets. Everyone knows that a crossbow hunter seeks the ultimate tools for perfecting the art for the hunt. Practice makes perfect, you must know all the vital points that are on an animal, Before heading out to the field.

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Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600

Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600


3D Archery Target 71600 the block shooter has a 25% larger insert comparable to 3D targets. Ground stakes are included with the buck. The features are 125 Inches Antlers and 31 Inches should height.

Thanks to Field logic, as they make really good products. The best thing about the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 for $90 you get a good smaller size deer that stands and is sturdy, with plenty of use of all of its great features of a replaceable vital core area. I would recommend ordering a replacement core when you order this, you can pick them up for around $30.00. Making this product very affordable and durable target.




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  1. I was searching for a perfect gift for my friend who hunts with a bow. This Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target 71000 is perfect. What will they come up with next? I love the lifelike look to these. He should really be happy with one of these. I am going to be the star of birthday gifts this year for sure. Thanks for all the new and innovative products that you feature on your site. Without these articles, most of us will never have even known about these awesome things for bow hunters….

  2. Hello Jenn,

    I absolutely love your site, what a great niche.
    The 3D targets are they heavy or are they easy to maneuver around?
    I know some friends that have been busted for shooting at them from their vehicles when the Forest Service puts them out for a poacher sting.
    Are they really that lifelike?


    • Hi San, thank you so much!

      Yes, they are pretty lifelike and very detailed, the 3D’s are easy to maneuver or you can leave it out on the field or bush if you have property that is, or bring them inside to store, as their legs come off for easy storage. They are water resistant which helps for long lasting target practice, keep in mind the color will start to fade being left out in the sun. Lol from their vehicles, well that’s just asking for it. 🙂 Play safe and have fun & I wouldn’t recommend target practice from a moving vehicle…


  3. Jenn, I feel your pain! I’m a short person too, so it is difficult to find suitable hunting supplies. The archery target reviews are spot on – it’s important to point out the pros and cons of a particular item, and you have done that. Thank you for an unbiased review.

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