The Best Lighted Nocks for Crossbow Bolts

Best Lighted Nocks for Crossbow Bolts: Seeing Clearly in the Dark

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If you plan on doing night or low-light crossbow shooting, investing in lighted nocks is essential for success. Lighted nocks are exactly what they sound like, they allow you to find your arrow easily in low-light or dark conditions. That is why finding the best lighted nocks for crossbow bolts is a valid goal.

As with all accessories for your crossbow, owning the best one will make the whole shooting process go smoother, and it will improve your overall experience. By following this guide that we have created, you can easily find the best crossbow bolt nocks with light.

Buyer’s Guide

1. Price

The first thing to consider when choosing the lighted nocks for crossbow bolts is your price range. As with most specialty shooting add-ons, the price for lighted nocks can vary quite widely depending on the brand, quality, and quantity. Thus, set a budget in advance to help narrow down your choices.

2. Compatibility

The second thing to consider is the compatibility of the nocks with your particular crossbow. Many lighted nocks are designed for both crossbows and regular bows, so you will want to ensure they are well suited for your specific bow.

3. Battery Life

A good lighted nock for crossbow bolt is the one that has long-lasting battery life. Not many models feature replaceable batteries, so when they die out, you need to replace the whole unit.

4. Brightness

Another factor to consider when you buy lighted nocks is brightness. Of course, they should be bright enough to light up a dark area.

The lights in nocks come in a variety of colors, appealing to different preferences, but it should just be secondary to the light intensity. There is no point in having colorful, lighted nocks if they are not bright enough.

Best Lighted Nocks for Crossbow Bolts Reviews

1. Rage NockTurnal GT Lighted Nocks

The NockTurnal GT Lighted Nocks is a great, mid-price range choice. The nocks have a bright red, pink, blue, or green light, making them easy to locate after you shoot, and one nice thing about the brightness level is that you can actually see the light clearly not just during the night but during daylight as well.

The battery life on these lighted nocks is approximately 20 hours, which is quite good in comparison to others on the market. If left on, the battery would last for about a day, but they can be turned off whenever you retrieve your bolt. That is a plus since they are not the cheapest lighted nocks on the market right now.

Though they have many good qualities, the NockTurnal GT Lighted Nocks is not a perfect product. First of all, the nocks are a bit loose when used on smaller diameter arrows. This can be a major issue as it can throw off your aim or even cause you to lose a nock and render a bolt useless.

Another issue is that the OFF switch is rather stubborn and difficult to operate. Also, in some of the nocks, the switch will break when too much pressure is applied. This means there is no way to turn off the light and your battery will wear down even when you are not using it.


  • Good brightness level
  • Extended battery life
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Highly visible


  • Not compatible with some small arrows
  • Faulty OFF button
  • Disposable


2. Lumenok GT Nock

The Lumenok GT Nock, though the priciest option on this list, is still an excellent choice for crossbow bolts. One nice feature of these nocks over the others on the market is that they have easily replaceable batteries, meaning they can be used for years to come.

Unlike the previous option, these nocks also provide a nice, snug fit to the arrow shaft, which means that they will function just like a regular nock, and you should not notice any significant differences in performance. It also means that you are less likely to lose a precious lighted nock.

The Lunenok GTG Nock has many features to recommend it, but it does have some negatives. First of all, the replaceable batteries are quite expensive, costing nearly as much as a whole new nock. While the functionality works, practically, the batteries pose a bit of a problem.

Another issue is that these lighted nocks are difficult to turn off. While it is possible after some finagling, wasting any of the life of the pricey batteries is a drag. In some cases, using a paper clip or safety pin may be needed to turn it off.


  • Replaceable batteries
  • Sufficient brightness level
  • Fits perfectly on arrows


  • Expensive battery
  • Takes time to switch off


3. aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock

The aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock is easily the least expensive option on this list, but it is still a good choice for a lighted nock for crossbow bolts. One nice feature is that these nocks come with a screwdriver for easy installation and removal.

Another is that they come in two different colors, which are red and blue. While many blue lighted nocks tend to be too dim, these do not have that problem. Both colors light up brightly and are easy to find no matter what kind of light conditions.

Unfortunately, the aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock does have some noticeable issues. For one thing, the slot in the nock for your bowstring is rather narrow. This means it can be difficult to adequately seat the bowstring into the nock for the best possible shooting power.

Another issue with these nocks is that they do not have replaceable batteries. While they do have twenty-four to forty-eight hours of battery life, they can also be tricky to turn off, draining the battery more than usual. Having to replace the nock entirely rather than just a battery is surely a problem.


  • Automatically lighted
  • Durable
  • Compatible with many bolts
  • Good brightness level


  • Disposable
  • Takes time to switch off
  • Narrow bowstring slot



Whether you are a hunter or prefer target shooting, lighted nocks can be a valuable addition to your crossbow repertoire. As with all crossbow accessories, there are some great choices for lighted nocks. Much of the decision comes down to personal preference, bow type, and budget range.

The three options above are definitely some of the best lighted nocks for crossbow bolts since they would light up brightly. Nonetheless, practicality-wise, the aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock is highly recommended because it has the longest battery life.

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