The Morrell Crush Archery Pink Target is designed with Girls in mind! The Crush Field Point Target is well designed as it has a multi-layered patented design as well it’s fully waterproof and comes with an E-Z Tote for easy maneuvering from point A to point B.

The Designer of Crush is a firm believer in shooting at a quality target for a year-round practice. Practicing on the Crush Target simply makes sense, because they are known to last longer and the arrow(s) pull is super easy and it’s designed to ensure a high visibility during target practice, it stops all arrows including small-in-diameter carbon arrows.

If you’d like to purchase the Morrell-Crush-Field-Point-Archery-Target you can find it on Gander MTN for $59.99 or you can check out for prices here.

Each side of the target is made different with 5 bullseye’s; the larger one in the center and four smaller ones circling the outer, there are also twelve deer tracks on the outside for those day’s you’d like to invite your friends over for some friendly competition.

The Crush Bag measures 24″ x 24″ x 12. “weight: 25 lbs.

The Crush Bag is a Tiffany Lakosky Signature Target and proudly featuring the pink ribbon for breast cancer, keep in mind with purchase a portion of the proceeds goes towards fighting against breast cancer.

Which I feel is a great cause, as I have lost a few loved ones to cancer, very unfortunate for anyone to have to go through. I sure hope one day they will find a cure once and for all…

Morrell Crush Field Point Target even has a replacement cover giving you new life to your shooting experience.

Looking to  purchase a Morrell-Crush-Field-Point-Target-Cover? I checked out Gander Mtn for their price on the replacement cover, they’re advertising it for only $14.99 which is a fabulous deal. Restoring instead of replacing the whole target in return savings, ‘priceless’.

That’s it folks for today, if you have any questions or if you’ve had an experience with The Morrell Crush Archery – Pink Target, We would love to discuss them with you in comments below. Play safe and have fun!



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