When is crossbow season

When is Crossbow Season?

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So when is crossbow season? Crossbows are legal for all hunters in the entire archery season. Crossbows must have a minimum draw weight of 125-pounds and a mechanical safety. Crossbows are legal for all hunters during archery deer seasons.

You might be wondering:

  • What are the exact dates?
  • Do those dates apply to my area?
  • How do I prepare?
  • Does crossbow season ever get extended?


I know you want to get out there in the wild and bring home dinner.


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When is Crossbow season?

The exact dates vary by state and country; however you can bank on late September thru the end of January.


Why is there a crossbow season?

To conserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy, wildlife management laws were passed.

These laws allow game to flourish by: Establishing hunting seasons that limit harvesting and avoid nesting and mating seasons.


When is Crossbow Season?

3 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Crossbow Season

A heavier arrow will come out of the crossbow at a slower rate but will retain it’s energy downrange better.

Keep in mind, you may have the crosshair on the vitals of the deer when you actually take the shot but do you know where that animal will be when the arrow arrives? ⤵️

1. Make sure you have your license

I think a good average hunting arrow should fall in the 6 to 8 grains per pound of bow weight, with lighter bows maybe even closer to 9 to 10 grains per pound. A typical 60-lb. bow should be in the 360- to 480-grain range, a 70-lb.

2. Check the regulations for where you will be hunting

3. Fine tune your crossbow

Do a checkup on your bow.

4. Sharpen your knife

A dull knife will not suffice, try this one and this sharpener.

5. Prepare and replenish a survival kit

Always be ready. We recommend this one




Conclusion – I’ll leave you with this:

On this opening day of crossbow season this is my wish for you…
may your eyes be straight, may your scope be sighted in, my your bolt fly true, may your harvest be good.

Enjoy the crossbow season y’all.




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