HHA Optimizer review

You Need this HHA Optimizer Review

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Want to extend the range and accuracy of your crossbow? Then you need an Optimizer. In this post, we’ve thoroughly highlighted the HHA brand of Optimizer in a review series. Hope you enjoy!

It’s no secret that crossbows are only as accurate as the sighting system you put on them. Multiple reticles and mil dots can be confusing and clutter a sight picture to the point of blocking out your target. The patented, time tested technology of the Optimizer has dominated the single pin archery sight world for more than a decade and is now available on crossbows!

The Optimizer Speed Dial allows the use of a single haired scope by providing the ability to adjust to the desired distance prior to shooting. Simply sight in at 20 and 60 yards, select the correct pre printed sight tape and you’re dialed in from 20 to 80, BY THE YARD!

The HHA Optimizer Review

What is the HHA Optimizer?

The HHA Optimizer Bow Sight includes a portable vertical pin that secures when you need it to wait, yet it is difficult to slide when you have to dial it on an exact range.  Let’s keep going on this HHA Optimizer Review  . . .

There are 5 different models from this company:

1. The King Pin

2. The Cadet

3. The Lite

4. The Tetra

5. The Ultra

You Need this HHA Optimizer Review

Let me dive into each model a little bit deeper . . .

1. King Pin

 This is a fantastic bow sight to dial your whole bow setup in from 0 to 60 yards.

Its well-constructed and has smooth operating adjustments.

Keep in mind, the pin height adjustment dial and magnifying lens is located in an awkward position so quick adjustments on the fly could be cumbersome.

2. The Cadet

Looking for the ultimate single pin adjustable bow sight for a beginner?

This optimizer is lightweight and has a simplistic design custom made for new shooters.

This one has a one pin sight gives you a single aiming point, increasing accuracy and enjoyment.


3. The Lite
The HHA Optimizer Lite is loaded with features that make it easy to adjust when you are on the go.
All Optimizer Lite sights include HHA’s RDS (Range Dial Shoot) technology.
And because of this . .
It will help you choose the correct sight tape based on a 2 distance calibration. It also features tool-less adjustment for your windage and elevation.
4. The Tetra
The quiver friendly, wheel forward design fused to a sleek, rugged sight frame makes the Tetra ideal for bow hunters and 3D shooters worldwide.
The Tetra has quickly established itself as one of the most versatile sights on the market.
5. The Ultra
100 percent CNC machined aluminum, single pin sight features A. R. M. O. R sight pin technology, and yardage dial for rapid adjustment to the yard from 20-80 yards.
The yardage scales are marked in one yard increments, and only require sighting in at 20 and 60 yards to select one of the included 52 color coded tapes.
The Ultra also comes with a 1 5/8″ sight housing with 3 ft. of wrapped fiber optic.
You’ll also discover that it has:
  • Tool-free micro adjust windage.
  • Green sight ring for quick target acquisition .
  • DS tapes.
  • It accepts lens kit B and HHA blue burst light.
This is a durable, accurate, well-made sight that is made in the USA. It performs equal to or better than most sights well above it’s price point, and is lighter too.
Who is the HHA Optimizer for?
This is for the hunter or target shooter who wants one of the best-selling single pin adjustable bow sights in the world.
It blends unparalleled adjustability with leading edge technology and precision construction.
What’s included?
Each Optimizer will have various items in the box shipped to you. It could include – metal standoffs or mounting hardware to mount the quivers.


✅ As mentioned before, my favorite feature of the HHA Optimizer sights is the Totally tool-less adjustments.

✅ Another feature that I have grown to really like is the rheostat system used to adjust the brightness of the fiber optic pin.

✅ To round out the features are a highly visible, yellow ring around the housing to help visually line up the sight with a peep, all aluminum construction and a large level with and anti-glare coating.  In the past I have been known to remove smaller levels from sights and replace them with larger versions.  I like a level that is large enough that I can focus on the pin and have the bubble visible enough that my peripheral vision can pick it up and subconsciously level the bow.

Keep scrolling through . .

Outstanding amongst other single-pin sights, you will have the joy of using HHA’s OL-5519 Optimizer. This flexible sight is a part of the 5500 arrangement lineup and conveys both execution and development quality. It is easy to understand and a breeze to set up. The OL-5519 will mount to pretty much any compound bow effortlessly.


  • The Optimizer is made of lightweight CNC-machined aluminum development with vibration-safe top screw and windage lock.
  • Smooth height pivot with simple access handle.
  • The HHA Optimizer is stacked with highlights that make it simple to modify on the fly.
  • All Optimizer sights incorporate HHA’s RDS (Range Dial Shoot) innovation. This innovation encourages you to pick the right sight tape dependent on a 2 separation alignment.
  • It also includes tool free adjustment for your windage and height.
  • All HHA Optimizer sights incorporate HHA’s RDS (Range Dial Shoot) innovation. This innovation causes you to pick the right sight tape dependent on a 2 separation alignment.
  • HHA suggests the two separations be 20 and 60 yards however you can likewise utilize 20 and 40 yards.
  • The sight includes clear  directions on the most proficient method to set it up for use. After setup, you should be dialed in from 20-80 depending upon bow speed.
  • It’s extremely well made and will take more abuse than you can dish out.
  • If you happen to run into issues with the sight HHA has a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. You can depend on HHA to stand behind their product.

How Does the HHA Optimizer Work?

The HHA Optimizer is a movable single pin bow locate. What makes it novel is the licensed sight tape. You can turn the dial-up or down to coordinate the separation of your objective. This is the reason behind a solitary pin locate. The HHA isn’t enchantment yet the improvement I saw sure felt like enchantment.

The Amount Does The HHA Optimizer Cost

The Optimizer usually runs between $75 – $375.

In addition to the fact that it is made out of strong CNC machined aluminum, yet it is assembled with accuracy that takes into account parts to move easily and sturdily without getting free. As HHA Optimizer analysts show, you can truly feel the high bore art in the moving parts.

Best Application

If you are a tracker who additionally appreciates investing energy at the range, you will adore this sight. It is a standout amongst other single pin locates available as far as toughness and will never let you down in the field. The sliding rise alteration makes it a breeze to change separations at the range.

In any case, if you are a toxophilite (a student or lover of archery) who routinely takes shots at separations more than 80 yards you might need to consider another sight that can oblige that separation. This site is additionally especially appropriate for trackers in the east and mid-west where shots at extraordinary points aren’t the standard.

The one drawback to the Optimizer is that it needs one component that western trackers like to have and that is third pivot alteration. Nonetheless, you can purchase a third pivot add-on for this sight from HHA, however, it isn’t standard out of the case.

Are the HHA Optimizers Good Bow Sights?

HHA Optimizers are extraordinary bow sights.

Made in the USA, the nature of these sights are best in class. The aluminum is all around developed and welds are perfect.

The dark completion is smooth and mine has held up very well for more than 3 years. Tough and rigid are certainly and a decent portrayal of this sight. You shouldn’t need to stress over twisting this terrible kid.


  • Exact 20 yards to 80 yards
  • Indestructible pin innovation
  • The single pin model is useful for hunting
  • Mechanical rheostat for splendor control
  • Completely ensured fiber optics
  • M.O.R pin for exact shots
  • Shifting pin sizes to oblige a wide range of visual perception
  • Mathews symphonious damper
  • Smaller-scale windage and rise handle
  • Worked in level
  • Simple to install and utilize.
  • All necessary mounting equipment is incorporated.
  • Mechanical rheostat for flexible pin splendor


  • Low-quality control
  • No strung opening for an outsider light connection
  • Could have better directions included
  • Requires a particular bow for the bow locate
  • Not intended to be balanced on the fly as the game gets into position

Final Verdict on our HHA Optimizer Review:

By and large, I would highly recommend any of the HHA Optimizers to anyone that favors a moveable sight.


?? Here are a few options you can explore further:

✅ HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH


✅ HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin .019mm Sight, Black



HHA Optimizer King Pin Sight Tournament 5510 1 Pin .010 RH


We really liked having the option to set the pin for the accurate yardage of our objective without taking the additional second or two that it takes to move the pin. This is an exceptionally excellent item from HHA that has been very well received by the crossbow hunting community.

The HHA Optimizer is probably one of the best adjustable sights you can buy. It is likewise simple to set up because of the HHA Optimizer adjustment control that accompanies the bow. If you are ready for an adjustable sight, this one will greatly improve your hunting experience.


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