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Women Compound Bows

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 7 Best Compound Bows For Women

7 Best Compound Bows specifically designed for Women/Youth and Smaller framed hunters. More and more women are participating in activities such as hunting and competitive archery. Archery is a great sport to get involved in, even if you are not interested in the actual hunt. You can simply enjoy spending some time with your family/friends having a blast at the shooting range.

The compound bow is much stiffer than the traditional bows or re-curve bows, because of this the compound bow can deliver a significantly higher speed in it’s shot. Becoming an archer is a great sport for the whole family to enjoy. Here are the 7 Best Compound Bows specifically designed for Women/Youth.


(1.) Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Camo Compound Bow


Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package LH Pink Blaze Camo

Pink Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow this compound bow is amazingly versatile for anyone who enjoys archery. Don’t let the pretty pink fool you as She performs amazingly, shoot’s like a dream.

The Infinite Edge has an adjustable draw length/weight it is very light, the draw range is from 5-70 pounds providing dependability throughout an archer’s development into archery. The Diamond Infinite Edge Draw length ranges from 13-30 inches, Mass weight 3.1 LBS, Effective Let-Off 75%,

Diamond Infinite Edge has a kinetic energy of 74.7 FT- LBS with an IBO Speed of 310 FPS. Axle to Axle 31″. Brace Height 7″.
This Compound Bow is perfect for the beginner or pro. Infinite Edge comes with an infinite draw setting for training programs, First Time Shooters, or Bowfishers.

Diamond Infinite Pink Blaze Compound Bow also comes in three finish options: Black OPS, Mossy Oak, Pink Blaze….. More

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(2.) Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package


Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package LH Pink Blaze Camo

Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package is built for maximum adaptability, Infinite Edge is versatile easy to tune, very forgiving to shoot. The features are incredible with a draw length range from 13-30 inches, draw weight ranges from 5-70 pounds, providing dependability all throughout an archer’s development.

Lightweight, shooting the Infinite Edge maxes out at 310 fps with 74.7 foot pound of kinetic energy, only weighing 3.1 lbs….. More

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 (3.) Diamond Infinite Edge Black OPS

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand


The Diamond Infinite Edge Black OPS is built for maximum adjust-ability with an affordable price tag.
Diamond Edge is so versatile, easy to tune that is very forgiving to shoot.  The draw length ranges to 13-30 inches, draw weight ranges from 5-70 pounds.

Infinite Edge blast arrows at a scale of 310 fps with a 74.7 foot-pound of kinetic energy. Infinite Edge is a perfect for beginners or pro….. More

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 (4.)Quest Radical Compound Bow Package

Quest Radical Right Hand Package, AP Purple, 17.5-30-Inch/40-Pound


Quest Radical compound bow, this is a great bow for those who are just starting out into archery, with an affordable price tag. Quest Radical has a simple design plus it’s easy to adjust.

The Radical is great bow for youth/women hunters today. Draw weight ranges from 15 – 70 lbs, draw length is adjustable from 17.5″-30″, Axle to Axle: 29.25″.

IBO Speed: 295 fps making it ideal for everyone whether your a pro or just a beginner….. More

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 (5.)  PSE Ready To Shoot Stinger X 40 Stiletto Compound Bow

PSE Ready to Shoot Stinger X 50# Stiletto Right Hand Compound Bow, Purple

New PSE Ready To Shoot Stinger X Stiletto Compound Bow Rh Skull-works, PSE has taken affordable and the performance to a new level this PSE is Ready to Shoot X Stiletto Edition. Featuring a special finish and draw weight range tailored for the lady hunter.

The Stinger X boast, with a high-performance X= Tech split limbs and is highly adjustable SX cam. With an fps at 316-308 and the let off at 75% with a total mass weight of 3.5 lbs….. More

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(6.) Quest Bliss RH

Quest Bliss Right Hand Fluid Cam Bow, AP G-Fade Purple, 23-27-Inch/45-Pound

The  Quest Bliss G-Fade RH Bow, 23-27 inch/45-pound, pink camo. The Quest is designed for a shorter draw length in mind while keeping up the speed. This bow is not cheaply designed, as you won’t find any plastic in the providing limb pockets or the eccentrics. Quest has truly gone for quality built bow.

The Bliss comes equipped with pivoting and locking limbs. Draw lengths of 23″- 27″ are adjustable with inner rotating module. Axle to Axle: 31″, Brace Height: 7″, Let-off: 60% – 80%, Mass weight 4.05lbs.,

IBO Speed 290 fps at 27″ draw and 40 lbs…. More

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 (7.) Bear Finesse RH 40 Advantage Max 2 Compound Bow

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH

The Bear Finesse is optimized for women if you love to shoot this bow is for you. When you out on field the first thing you will notice about this bow, is that it’s very light, the grip give is comfortable feel to hold, easy to maneuver.

Incredible low price that offers the satisfaction of their ultra-smooth draw cycle is incredibly smooth, soft easy spinning single cam system made by Bear’s FH1.

That is more powerful Bear Flared Quad Limbs, combined with the efficient stance, shock-free function, with a silent release females archers demand. Speed IBO 285 FPS, Weight 3 LBS, Brace height 7″, Axle to Axle 28 5/8″, Peak Draw Weight 40 LBS /50 LBS, Draw Length Ranges 23″-28″….. More

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