Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow Review

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The Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow has a dependable amount of power to give users the ability to get a feel for archery and refine their skills. It’s a junior archery set that’s a very solid package for children and teens when they’re first dipping their toes into the realm of working with compound bows either for recreational fun or for hunting. There are plenty of interesting components that are sure to impress beginner archery enthusiasts.

Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow

Unlike other compound bows on the market, you can guarantee that the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow solves the issue of trying to find a beginner’s set of gear for archery lessons. It has the ideal amount of power for practice and to give novice users experience prior to moving onto a larger set of gear that will likely cost a lot more and be packed with a substantial amount of power.

In comparison to other archery sets on the market, the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow boasts a great aesthetic with hot pink accents and a primarily black frame. It also comes with all of the accessories you’d need in order to begin target practice as soon as you first unbox the bow.

Who is this Product for?

You can guarantee that the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is not designed for veteran hunters that are looking for a solid set of gear with bone-crushing power. Alternatively, this set is designed for juniors who need to learn the ins and outs of using a compound bow and learning how to respect weaponry. It’s an honest piece of equipment that your kids are sure to have a lot of fun learning how to use, and it will also give them the ability to harness a reasonable amount of power between their fingertips.

As the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is designed for juniors, it’s going to have a variety of specifications that are recommended for smaller bodied users in terms of both height and weight. With that being said, it could also be used by adults; however, it would be slightly uncomfortable and awkward to manage.

What’s Included?

When you order the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow, you’re going to receive a few interesting components in the package that are mostly attached to the bow during the manufacturing process, including:

  • Three-pin sight: The three-pin sight is equipped with fiber optic Brightglo sights, which gives novice users the ability to get accustomed to sights and how they assist you to acquire your targets.
  • Soft-touch finger rollers: To make shooting the arrows more comfortable and convenient, the included soft-touch finger rollers make using the unit far more enjoyable and easier for kids.
  • Arrows: With each purchase, you’ll receive two stock arrows which are more than enough for a couple of hours of target practice. You’ll easily be able to find more arrows that are compatible with the design of this compound bow.
  • Carrying case: In order to make it much easier to keep everything together, the package that the bow is shipped in also doubles as a carrying case.

Overview of Features

It’s important to remember that the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is essentially a learner’s bow and as such, it’s not going to have as many features are more high-end hunting bows. With that being said, it has everything that you would need to teach a loved one how to use a compound bow with ease, such as:

  • Light draw weight: With a draw weight that ranges between 16 and 22 pounds, smaller children will find it’s easy to set and release their arrows.
  • Reasonable draw length: The draw length of the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is between 21 and 23 inches, so users under 5”5 will easily be able to use the bow.
  • Impressive let-off: To make shooting easier and less strenuous, the maximum let-off for the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is 70%.

Video Tutorial on How to Use Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow


It’s important to make sure that your children have access to a reliable bow that will teach them everything there is to know about using a compound bow, which is why you have to consider alternatives to the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow. The Bear Archery Brave Bow Set is another great junior bow that offers a couple of additional features that will surely prove to be useful.

  • Multiple colors and camos: Depending on the amount of customization you’d prefer, the Bear Archery Brave Bow Set comes in six different colors, whereas the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow is available in green and hot pink.
  • Additional accessories: Compared to the Barnett Tomcat, the Bear Archery Brave Bow Set also comes with a safety-rated whisker biscuit, armguard, and quiver.
  • Shorter draw length: Ideal for smaller children, the draw length on the Brave Bow Set is only 13.5 inches, compared to 21 to 23 inches.

Final Thoughts

Teaching children all about archery is a phenomenal idea either to get them started in a new hobby or to introduce them into the world of hunting. With the help of the Barnett Tomcat Compound Archery Bow, you’ll have a reliable set of gear that will give them access to the experience they need before working their way up to a more hefty rig. With the main accessories that you’d expect from a learner’s bow such as a three-pin sight and finger rollers, this particular compound bow is an affordable and sturdy solution.


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