Best Budget Crossbow

Best Budget Crossbows for Beginners

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Recently, crossbows have become extremely popular, and more consumers are looking for the best budget crossbows. The truth is that the right crossbow is going to be different for every user as they each have their own needs. That being said, you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each crossbow that you’re interested in.

Since we want to help you find a crossbow, we have included a number of pointers. Use the tips below to find the crossbow that won’t break your bank but will still provide you with good performance. We’ve also reviewed three crossbows that we think are worthy enough to include in your archery kit.

Best Budget Crossbow Buyer’s Guide

Although an affordable crossbow doesn’t always equate to poor quality, you must remember that most of the time, those that come at very low prices also have poor quality. So, you must keep the following things in mind when purchasing one:

1. Crossbow Material

You want to find a bow that is not made from cheap plastic, but one that is made from top-quality materials. As much as possible, try to choose a crossbow that is crafted from metal as it will be sturdier and won’t break too easily.

2. Design

For ease of use, you should get a crossbow that features a built-in cocking system. Nonetheless, you can still get one without such and just opt to buy attachable cocking devices separately.

If you are a beginner, you should ensure that you choose a crossbow with a simple design. An inexpensive crossbow with fewer features and gimmicks will be easier to learn and handle.

If you have a particular budget in mind though, you can read our articles about crossbows under 400, under 500, and under 600 dollars.

3. Safety Features

Those looking for budget crossbows are usually beginners, and so one of the main things you want to look for is how safe it is to use. Here are some safety mechanisms to check:

  • Anti-Dry Fire: This mechanism will lock the crossbow’s trigger when the unit is loaded, but the arrows are not correctly positioned for firing. This safety feature protects the crossbow since firing the unit with an improperly loaded arrow can damage the crossbow and can even cause injury to the shooter.
  • Automatic Safety: This prevents any form of accidental firing. It is best to look for a safety that will automatically engage when the weapon is cocked.
  • Protective Flanges: The strings of the crossbow can be dangerous when you release the arrow. If your thumb or any other finger comes into contact with the strings, there can be an extreme risk of injury. A protective flange will run above the front grip and along it to minimize the risk of your finger getting stuck.

Budget Crossbows Reviews

1. Last Punch Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow

This crossbow is one of the oldest you will find on the market, as it has been around for more than five years. It is quite the popular choice for crossbow enthusiasts as well.

Upon purchase, you get 15 pieces of six-inch arrows complete with field tips and the crossbow that weighs approximately 2.8 pounds.

It has a self-cocking mechanism; you can simply pull down the lever on the rear and then it will be ready to fire. This is great for beginners since it doesn’t require a lot of physical strength and expertise to cock the unit. Likewise, it is ideal for small-game hunting or even for some fun in your backyard.

This unit from Last Punch features an 80-pound draw weight, 160 fps speed, and also has an automatic safety feature. Made with an all-metal body with brass plates, you will find that this crossbow is affordable yet strong and durable, so it is a great investment.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Built to last


  • Difficult to string


2. Kings Archery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle

This is a great starter set that comes with a crossbow that has an 80-pound draw weight, 160 fps speed rate, and firing distance of 100 yards. This bow has a metal alloy constructed frame. The crossbow system is also integrated with a self-cocking system.

Included in your purchase is 27 pieces of aluminum-made arrow bolts, an adjustable rear sight, a fiberglass bow prod, limb caps, string and an integrated scope track.

This is suitable for younger archers and beginners because of its smaller frame. Though small, it has great shot specifications and will provide you with hours of fun and satisfaction.


  • Compact and durable
  • Powerful
  • Complete accessories


  • Faulty safe mechanism


3. PSE Viper SS Handheld Crossbow

The PSE Viper SS Crossbow is a popular product that is used for recreational archery, and it is a newer and better version of the previous Viper model. When you shoot an arrow using this, it will fly as fast as 215 fps.

This crossbow comes in at a draw weight of 50 pounds, a power stroke of 2.5 inches, a length of 19.5 inches, a width of 17.33 inches, and a mass of about 1.6 pounds. The unit is made with a compression molded fiberglass limb and an aluminum alloy stock.

It has a track-style trail and is integrated with a cocking mechanism with a  safety lock. To add more, it has a finger guard and an anti-fire trigger. Upon purchase, you’ll get three plastic-made frenzy bolts.


  • A lot of safety features
  • High speed level
  • Precise and powerful


  • Poor-quality bolts



All these crossbow kits are well made and durable, so you won’t be disappointed if you decide to purchase any of them.

For us though, the best budget crossbow is the PSE Viper SS because it has multiple safety features, making it ideal for beginners and children, and its only real drawback is the accessory that can be easily replaced and bought without breaking your bank.

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