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Best Starter Crossbows for Your New Hobby

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Getting into any new hobby or activity can often be expensive and time-consuming, so it is essential to choose the best equipment for your experience level. Using a crossbow is no different, but choosing the best starter crossbow can be a bit of a challenge.

As a novice, the options can seem even more overwhelming and discouraging, but by following this guide, you will find the best starter crossbow for you minus the trouble associated with learning a new skill.

How to Choose the Best Starter Crossbow

1. Budget

The first thing to consider when choosing the best starter crossbow is your budget, especially since crossbows can be quite pricey. Your budget should be based upon the frequency with which you plan to use the bow, as well as your main purpose of using the crossbow.

2. Use

As mentioned, the second thing to consider when choosing the best beginner crossbow is your intended purpose for the crossbow. If you plan on mainly using the bow for target shooting, you will need a less powerful crossbow than if you want to hunt for anything more substantial than deer.

What to Look for in a Good Starter Crossbow

1. Durability

The first thing to look for in a good starter crossbow is durability. Since you are just a beginner, you do not want your crossbow to break down quickly, requiring you to purchase another bow after a few practices. While durable crossbows can be a bit pricier, the price boost is well worth it in the long run.

2. Accuracy and Power

Another thing to look for in a good starter crossbow is accuracy and power. No matter what you plan on using the crossbow for, these two components are critical because they will ensure that the arrow will fly and hit the target quickly and efficiently.

Best Starter Crossbows Reviews

1. Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Tactical Crossbow

The Cobra System K-8025 Tactical Crossbow is an 80-pound crossbow that belongs on the lower end of the price scale. The self-cocking feature is a nice addition as it takes some of the complexity out of the user’s hands.

Though this crossbow is on the smaller side in the grand scheme of things, it is in reality quite powerful. When you use the suggested aluminum arrows, the crossbow easily has enough power to enter a standard wooden target up to the feathers. It can also work for small game hunting activities.

Though the Cobra System K-8025 Tactical Crossbow has many features to recommend it, there are some setbacks. Firstly, the provided string is difficult to affix and does not hold up well. You will likely need a new string rather quickly after your purchase.

Another drawback is in the quality of the provided scope. It is not very accurate, which can throw off your aim significantly. Overall, it seems the body of this crossbow is great, but the added pieces need to be replaced after a few uses.


  • Affordable and powerful
  • Self-cocking system
  • High level of firing speed
  • Automatic safety system engagement


  • Inaccurate scope
  • Flimsy string


2. Rogue River Tactical Hand-Held Hunting Crossbow

The Rogue River Tactical Hand-Held Hunting Crossbow is another affordable choice for a starter crossbow. One nice benefit of this crossbow is that it comes with 39 aluminum-made arrows, decreasing the need for more purchases to get started.

This crossbow has the added benefit of simplicity, an especially important feature for beginners. Though a weight of 80 pounds can be difficult to get used to while drawing and loading, setting up the bow is quite straightforward. It is also very easy to replace the string, even for newer shooters.

Unfortunately, the Rogue River Tactical Hand-Held Hunting Crossbow is not perfect. Like the previous option on this list, the string is simply not made to last for long and will need to be replaced, even with attentive care and use.

The other issue with this crossbow comes from the safety function. The safety switch sticks very easily and can be hard to disengage and engage. This can be unsafe for users at any level of experience.


  • Self-cocking system
  • Comes as a complete set
  • Affordable and warrantied
  • Mid-range speed level


  • Poor-quality string
  • Faulty safety switch


3. MTECH USE DX-70 Fiberglass Pistol Crossbow

The MTECH USE DX-70 Fiberglass Pistol Crossbow comes in between the first two options when it comes to price. It is a solid choice for a starter crossbow, and though only three arrows are included, they have a good quality and will last well for target shooting.

The shooting power and self-cocking mechanism are also its standout features. This crossbow certainly has enough power to send the arrow through a wooden target and pack a punch for small game hunting. Also, the self-cocking is easy to use.

Though it has many great features, the MTECH USE DX-70 Fiberglass Pistol Crossbow does have some cons. For one thing, the locking feature is fragile and not as durable as the rest of the construction. It also often breaks, causing much frustration.

Stringing the bow can also pose a bit of a challenge for new and seasoned shooters alike because the bow is simply very stiff.


  • Self-cocking mechanism
  • Mid-range speed level
  • Powerful and durable
  • Free technical support


  • Lock is flimsy
  • Hard to string



When it comes to choosing the best starter crossbow, the variety of options can be daunting and overwhelming. Hence, it is crucial to consider your own needs before making the final decision and buying a crossbow. While one person may love a particular bow for hunting, it may not be the best for your target shooting.

The three choices listed above all offer great features, especially for beginners. However, since safety is paramount, we highly recommend the Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Tactical Crossbow. Apart from its automatic safety mechanism, the crossbow itself does not have any drawbacks, and since it is affordable, you can just replace the provided accessories with higher quality models.

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