What's the Best Archery Bow and Arrow Sets for kids? Archery has many benefits for youngsters, such as hand & eye coordination, safety and a great way to learn the basics of archery.

 We have a few recommendations to choose from, that won't hurt your wallet.

The best archery sets for kids are ones that are reasonably priced, but well made. It's all too easy to buy a cheap set that will not break the bank, but will break easily!

Many people wonder if its OK to give their toddler a bow and arrow set to play with, and the answer is ... sure! It's fine, but make sure you pick something appropriate.

Best Toy Archery Sets for children under 8 years old 

These bow set's are more entry level for young ones, we will start with 3 to 4-year-old recommendations and go from there.

Ages Between 3 - 4 Years

1. Kiddie Play Archery Set With Target and Stand 

The Kiddie Play is a deluxe child's bow and arrow set.

The arrows are a suction cup type, making it safe for young ones to shoot, as well quiver and target and stand for those looking for a gift idea for a youngster this is a pretty nifty one at an affordable price 🙂

Your kid will enjoy practicing archery with this set, it will help your child with eye & hand coordination. The laser is no longer included with this model due to safety concerns. 

2. Sport Super Archery '51C Children's Kid's Toy Bow and Arrow Dart Playset w/ Suction Dart Arrows 

Here’s another great starter bow for the youngsters who are interested in archery. Any suction cup bow and arrow is great for kids actually.

This kids bow set comes with bow, 3 dart arrows and carrying case so they can be just like mom or dad, as well a target to practice their aim, perfect for any occasion even at your child’s birthday party, safe and fun.

Ages 5 - 8

1. Bear Archery First Shot Youth Bow Set

This is a great set for beginning archers, children who are between the ages of 4 to 7 years old, this set comes with everything you need to learn as a new archer.

The draw length is 14in to 16in, draw weight is 8lb to 12lb, comes with durable composite limbs for right hand or left archers.

It's hard to find a better bow and arrow for 7 year olds, although 5 year olds will love it too and will be fine with it.

The beginner set includes two safety glass arrows, Armguard and arrow quiver though the quiver is cheaply made other than that it’s very affordable.

2. Zing Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow

This bow & arrow is at a great value that is fully functional and durable, the Zing Air is a perfect gift Idea for those children who are interested in archery.

The Zing Air s a great toy for children who are between the ages 5 to 7 years old. The set comes with 1 sparkle-infused cleartek with 2 zonic whistle arrows these arrows shoot 125’ as they are a long-range whistle arrow.

Hook the arrow on the loops and simply pull back as far as you can and release, the farther you pull back the further the arrow goes which is pretty neat Or line up some cans and shoot the arrow at them, making it a fun way to target practice.

The suction cup arrow sticks to almost anything and the zartz arrow.

This is a good compound bow for a starter, I wouldn’t recommend the Bear Archery First Shot Bow set for a younger child due to the length of the draw, depending on the size of your 5yr old he/she might have difficulties with the length of the draw.

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Are Bow And Arrow Sets For Kids Dangerous?

Many of the sets above have been designed specifically for kids, so you don't have anything to worry aobut. However, you should still supervise your child when playing with these sets, because anything involving a projectile, no matter how safe its been made, carries an element of risk.

Hopefully, you have found  what's the best bow and arrow sets for kids, under 8 years old useful.

Here's a video your kid will surely enjoy 😀

If you have any questions/concerns or perhaps you've had an experience that you'd like to share with us, feel free to submit it in comments below as we would love to discuss it with you.

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  1. Beth Bishop

    The bow works for both right handed and left handed shooters and pulls about one pound. The arrows have suction-cups on the front for safety. (We used to let our two and a half year old son shoot our front door and refrigerator with his.) Even though it is a “toy” bow, it should always be treated with respect. Adult supervision is required and all children who are going to shoot this (or any) bow and arrow set should be taught proper bow and arrow safety.

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