best archery bow and arrow set for 8 year old kids

Best Archery Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids Under 8 Years Old

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What are the best archery bow and arrow sets for kids? Archery has many benefits for youngsters, such as the development of hand and eye coordination and safety and responsibility. Plus, it’s a great way to learn the basics of archery and expose kids to new interests as they get older. In a day and age of digital media and entertainment, any opportunity to disconnect kids from screens and get them moving is a good undertaking.

We have a few recommendations to choose from that won’t hurt your wallet. Yet your kids will get off to a great start on a sport for life.

The best archery sets for kids are ones that are reasonably priced but made well enough to hold up. There are plenty of pure junk sets that won’t last more than a pull or two. It’s all too easy to buy a cheap set that will not break the bank, but will break easily!  We’ve sorted through a few options and tried these out. You should find one that will be a solid first step and allow hours of fun.

Many people wonder if its OK to give their toddler a bow and arrow set to play with, and the answer is … sure! It’s fine, but make sure you pick something appropriate.

Best Toy Archery Sets for children under 8 years old

Archery is known as the art, practice, sport and skill using a single bow to shoot arrows. In history, archery was purposely used for hunting purposes as well as in combat. In more recent times however, it has become more of a competitive sport and recreational activity. Children have always loved watching famous archers in films and aspired to become great archers and shooters themselves, and this is why toy archery kits have been created.

Archery kits are a great toy for kids to spend hours with, and they have been popular among children for years. They are perfect for mini competitions among friends and for those learning to improve their shooting skills in general. In this article we will look at 5 of the best archery kits for children currently on the market, and show you which ones are best and you can believe that we have sourced only the best products so you don’t have to.

Bear Archery First Shot Bow Set

For over 80 years Bear Archery have been America’s top No.1 brand in archery. This means their products are only of the highest quality and are sure to provide your children with a good experience. The Bear Archery First Shot Bow Set is a beginner’s bow set which comes with two Safetyglass™ arrows and a paper target included in the deal.

Whether you are looking to get your child into archery or merely allow them some shooting fun, this little archery set by Bear Archery is sure to provide your children with hours of fun. This is also a very easy-to-use and simple-to-get started archery kit which is recommended for children ages 4 to 7 years old; however, it can also be used by older kids as well.


  • Good for beginners
  • Includes 2 Safetyglass™ arrows
  • Armguard and arrow quiver
  • Finger rollers
  • Paper target
  • Strong bow
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple color options


  • In some cases, arrows have been said to be quite light and difficult to fly straight
  • Might be too small for teenagers, and easily outgrown


If you are looking for a good quality archery kit for your child but don’t want to break the bank, then this set by Bear Archery will certainly not disappoint. With an overall length of 36” it is the perfect size for little hands to hold on to, and unlike most archery sets which prove to be on the heavier side, this one is rather lightweight at a weight of 8-12 lbs. This makes it a great option for your young ones to have hours of fun practicing and perfecting their archery skills.

All the extras included

Not only is this archery kit super easy to use and set up, but it also comes with all the extra accessories required, saving you from having to purchase everything separately. This includes: finger rollers which help protect your child’s fingers when drawing the bowstring; a leather arm guard which protects the user’s arm while shooting; an arrow quiver which better contains all the arrows in place; two Safetyglass™ original arrows which are made of the strongest quality; and finally a paper target for shooting purposes (meaning you won’t need to worry about your child targeting the home). Your child will have all the necessary items for a great archery session right away without having to go finding any more extras.

Best beginner kit for young kids

This kit is best suited to young children as it is super lightweight. Unlike the shorter and heavier bows, the 14-16” draw length range makes shooting straight a possibility and can be done with ease. This means your child can hit the target more easily without having to put in too much effort, leaving your child feeling like a true archery champ in no time.

Sleek design

The archery bow comes in a classic ambidextrous riser design, with an overall length of 36”. This is a beautiful bow which can be used over and over again. It is a durable product which features composite limbs and an 8-12 lb. draw weight. There is the possibility to choose from a range of four different colors, giving your child more options to choose from.

The Bear Archery First Shot Bow Set is an archery kit your child will enjoy. It is also a highly popular product on the market which means it does what it says on the package. Many parents have recommended this for their young children and it has received much praise for its ease of use.


Bear Archery Scout Youth Bow Set

Archery kits have been popular with children for years. For 80 years running, Bear Archery have been America’s best brand in youth and institutional archery. Their products are created with the highest quality and are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your young ones.

The Bear Archery First Scout Youth Bow Set is a beginner bow set which comes prepared to shoot including two Safetyglass™ arrows as well as a sight pin.

If your child is looking to get into archery or simply have some shooting practice, this archery set by Bear Archery is sure to do the trick. This kit is extremely easy to set up and use and is recommended for children ages 4 to around 7, with the possibility of older-aged kids using it too.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes 2 Safetyglass™ arrows
  • Armguard and arrow quiver
  • Finger rollers
  • I Pin sight
  • Strong bow
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Durable handgrip


Although advertised for right- and left-handed, the product may not be best for left-handed shooters.


On the lookout for and splendid and inexpensive archery kit that will impress your children and at the same time keep them occupied for hours on end? then this set by Bear Archery is worth your attention. With a 33” long ambidextrous bow featuring durable composite limbs, it is the perfect size for young hands to use. It is also sleek and lightweight with a draw weight of 15-18 lbs., making it a great option for your kids to enjoy hours of practicing and improving their shooting skills.

Beginner friendly

Unlike standard archery kits, you will find this one is perfectly suited to beginners and younger kids being introduced to Archery shooting for the first time. The 16-24” draw length range means shooting straight ahead is easily done. This allows your kid to hit targets easier with minimal effort and less concentration. They will become accomplished archers in no time.

Key accessories included

As well as this archery bow being extremely easy to use, the kit also includes a few nice extras to complete the package.

This includes finger rollers helping protect your child’s fingers when drawing the bowstring; a strong leather arm guard that protects the child’s arm when shooting; an arrow quiver to keep arrows in place; two Safetyglass™ original arrows which are strong durable and safe; and finally, a sight pin.

Durable design

The best thing about this archery bow is its durability. The bow comes in a classic ambidextrous riser design, with an overall length of 44”. This is a durable two-wheeled youth bow which can easily transition to a youth compound bow. Another useful feature is the durable hand grip which allows for a comfortable hold when shooting. The bow is also available in a range of different colors, giving your child a wider choice to choose from.

The Bear Archery First Scout Youth Bow Set is a best seller on e-commerce sites, meaning it is a product worth investing in. It is a decent set which is bound to bring a smile to your child’s face. It is also advised that although this set is branded as a toy, caution should always be exercised as shooting arrows can quickly become dangerous if care is not properly exercised.


UteCiA Complete Archery Set for Kids & Beginners

If you are into the more traditional, and classic archery look, this set is sure to be your favorite. Unlike the previous Archery sets, this set by UteCiA is beautifully handcrafted in wood. This is a 22-piece archery set which is specifically aimed at beginners or first-time aspiring archers ages 5 and up; however, it can also be used by other ages as it is pretty safe and easy to use.

The UteCiA complete archery kit is both an outdoor and indoor shooting toy which is bound to provide your little one with many long hours of shooting fun.

If your child is looking to get into archery or simply have some shooting practice, then the complete archery kit by UteCiA is a good choice to make.


  • Beautiful handmade wooden bow
  • Durable design
  • Rubber, flexible arrow tips
  • Matching quiver
  • Lightweight
  • 10 arrows included
  • 10 target sheets
  • 100% money-back guarantee


Arrows shafts were said to be bent upon arrival in some cases.


This is a beautiful archery kit which is sure to bring hours of fun to your child. With 22 pieces included, this has everything your little one needs to get started. The UteCia kit is a perfect beginner’s set to practice and improve their archery and shooting skills, and one which will quickly become a firm favorite with your children. This is also a set which is completely handmade with bamboo, making it a product which can last for years to come.

Handcrafted with fantastic materials

When shopping for an archery set, quality is key, and with this set, you have a product which has come up trumps. The best feature of the bow is the high quality of its design. It is well made with durable 100% bamboo and a strong attention to detail. The overall length of the bow is 34” long, and features a unique design with a hole. This makes it 2 times easier to shoot, allowing your little one to shoot targets with ease. It also includes a strong and solid strap to make sure it always stays in place. The left- and right-handed operation allows for users of both right and left hands to enjoy without having any issues.

Safe and secure

Of course with archery, sometimes parents worry that an arrow may miss the target and end up elsewhere, which sometimes prevents them from buying an archery set for their children altogether. With UteCiA’s set, however, there is no need to worry as the 10 wooden arrows have been specially designed with safety in mind. The tips of the arrows are delicately designed with rubber and are very flexible, and bend rather than pierce, meaning that your child and everyone around them is safe when shooting the targets. This gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are playing with a kit that is 100% safe.

Everything your child needs to shoot

The UteCiA archery set comes with all the necessary extras needed for a good archery session. This includes a beautiful wooden bow, 10 strong and safety proof arrows, 10 paper target sheets which can be stuck up on trees and walls, and a matching wooden quiver to hold arrows in place.

Due to the unique handmade design of this bow, the UteCiA archery bow can be passed down for generations. This bow is guaranteed to keep your children occupied for hours. This is also a very traditional looking bow which is popular right now on the market.


Toysery Kids Toy Bow & Arrow Archery Set

If your child loves archery and is looking for a super modern archery set, then this set is another great one to go for. The bow and arrow archery set by Toysery is a perfect set for beginners and children aged 4 and upwards.

If your child is looking to get into archery or simply have some shooting practice, then this set by Toysery is guaranteed to get them going. This kit is extremely easy to set up and use, and actually helps improve overall hand-and-eye coordination, while at the same time improving concentration for your kids.


  • Great for beginners
  • Includes 3 arrows
  • Quiver and strap
  • Improves concentration
  • Modern design
  • Target
  • Strong bow
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Led light
  • Non-toxic ABS material
  • Durable handgrip


2 AAA batteries not included for LED light-up function


Looking for a fantastic archery set for your child? Then look no further! Toysery archery provides a great little set which will provide your kids with hours of fun. The best feature about this set is that it can be used either indoor or outdoor, giving your little ones a variety of playtime choices. The set also includes a realistic target board which has a sturdy feel and made of high-quality plastic.


The best thing about this archery set by Toysery is the sheer lightness of the bow. This means it is perfect for youngsters to hold without any weight difficulties. To make things even easier, the bow comes with an easy to wear quiver with strap so that all the arrows can be held comfortably in one place.

Safe design

The design of the archery and bow set by Toysery is completely safe and does not include any toxic materials. This bow set is made of high-quality non-toxic ABS material, and with a very smooth surface, This means there is no danger from the suction arrows at all, keeping parents’ minds at peace.

Includes all accessories

The Toysery archery set includes all extras required for a good archery competition among friends. This includes the bow, easy-to-wear quiver with straps to hold arrows in place and finally the targets. It also features a wonderful LED light-up function on the bow which is the only thing requiring extra batteries.


Toysery Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set with Target Outdoor Game

Another great kit by Toysery is their archery bow and arrow set. This set looks like the classic archery bow and arrow kit and is sure to engage your child by providing them hours of shooting fun. It is also able to use indoor and outdoor, so they will have a choice of where to play no matter the weather.

This set is designed with soft shooting power and is made of a very durable materials. The Toysery bow is also very simple to use and recommended for children from age 3 and upwards; however, it can also be used by older children and other family members.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Includes 3 arrows
  • Archery barrel
  • Rubber tips
  • Durable product
  • Strong bow
  • Lightweight
  • Classic design
  • Freestanding target


  • Durability has been questionable
  • Size is particularly small


If you would like to get an Archery set which is of good quality yet don’t want to break the bank, then this set by Toysery will do the trick. Being designed specifically for younger kids, it is the perfect size for little hands to operate, and unlike most archery sets which prove to be on the heavier side, this one is on the lighter side weighing just 1.05 lbs. This is a perfect set to encourage your kids to develop their core aims skills and improve their overall shooting skills!

All the ingredients for a great competitive game

This archery bow set is super easy to use and even comes with all the extras, meaning no extra purchases are needed. This includes the beautiful bow and arrow, arrows which feature a suction design allowing for extreme safe play, and finally a plastic archery barrel to place all the arrows which can be comfortably carried on your child’s back. The set is perfect for first-time shooters and the bow is operated like a real one, so your child will feel like an experienced archer as soon as they get started.

A bow created with high quality

When looking for an archery bow, quality is key, and a good functioning archery bow is what makes the game. The great thing about this bow is that it has been created with durable ABS plastic, making it able to withstand multiple hours of use without any breakage occurring. This makes it a perfect beginner’s archery bow which can be used to start practice shooting and one which is bound to last for many years to come.

Safe play

One of the best features of this bow and arrow set is the safety level it comes with. Many parents worry when purchasing archery sets because of potentially causing damage. With the Toysery set, however, the arrow tips are actually rubber suckers, meaning no damage can be caused. With safe sucker arrows rather than normal penetrating ones, this makes it a very safe option for young kids to use and ideal as they stick to surfaces rather than pierce them, or hurting anyone when things may go off target.



And there you have it! Five of the best archery and bow sets for children currently on the market. If you are shopping on a budget, you are sure to find a good option from all five of our choices, but the best option to not put you out of pocket is the Toysery Kids Archery Bow and Arrow set. This is a great toy for little ones to spend hours of shooting fun and with this set, they are guaranteed to improve their concentration while aiming.

Not only will your kids enjoy playing with these sets, but also the rest of the family as these make a great family game to enjoy for everyone. They are also perfect for teaching children how to safely shoot accurately and not make any mistakes. Invest in a kid’s archery set now and you will be guaranteed many hours of enjoyment.

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Are Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids Dangerous?

Many of the sets above have been designed specifically for kids, so you don’t have much to worry about. However, you should still supervise your child when playing with these sets. Anything involving a projectile, no matter how safe it’s been made, carries an element of risk. Plus, this is a great age to teach your kids about the safety of archery and introduce them to outdoor activities in general.  If they learn to treat a toy that resembles a more serious hunting weapon with respect, they’ll be ready to step up to the next level of activity as they get older.

Hopefully, you have found what’s the best bow and arrow sets for kids under 8 years old useful.

This video is a solid primer for any new archer regardless of age. Even though these sets are just toys, have your child watch this to pick up early tips that turn into good habits.

If you have any questions/concerns or perhaps you’ve had an experience that you’d like to share with us, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

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